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The Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. To Follow in 2024

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Navigating the complex world of personal finance can feel overwhelming, especially with endless financial jargon and conflicting advice. But fear not! In today’s digital age, a vibrant community of financial influencers has emerged, ready to empower you with actionable insights and knowledge.

These influencers, across diverse platforms like YouTube, Podcasts, and social media, break down complex financial concepts into bite-sized, engaging content. They offer a fresh perspective, debunk financial myths, and provide practical strategies to reach your financial goals.

So, ditch the dry textbooks and dive into the world of these 15 top U.S. finance influencers, ready to boost your financial IQ in 2023:

Top 15 U.S. Finance Influencers

1. Graham Stephan – @GrahamStephan

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Graham Stephan is a real estate investor who began his career in the industry when he was just 18 years old. In 2016, he launched his YouTube channel, where he shares valuable insights on personal finance, offers guidance on the stock market, and provides investment advice. With a whopping 4.58 million subscribers, his channel has become a go-to resource for many. Aside from his online presence, Graham is also a real estate agent affiliated with The Oppenheim Group. He showcased his real estate expertise on the popular Netflix reality show Selling Sunset.

Throughout his career, Graham has successfully sold over $125 million worth of real estate. Notably, he has worked with several high-profile clients, including celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Chloe Moretz.

2. Dave Ramsey- @DaveRamsey

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Dave Ramsey is a U.S. Finance influencer and money expert known for hosting The Ramsey Show, a popular program with over 18 million listeners each week, and with 2.83 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. With three decades of experience and seven bestselling books, Dave is a well-respected figure in personal finance. He’s been featured on major news outlets like Fox News, CBS This Morning, CNN, and Good Morning America.

Dave’s journey includes overcoming millions of dollars in debt and bankruptcy. Now, he dedicates himself to helping others achieve financial success.

As the CEO of Ramsey Solutions, Dave leads a team of over 5,000 professionals who assist people in areas such as insurance, real estate, taxes, and more. His mission is to empower individuals to build wealth and take control of their money.

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3. Humphrey Yang- @HumphreyTalks

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Humphrey Yang used to work as a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch. In 2019, he started making videos on YouTube to share helpful tips about personal finance for regular folks. Later that same year, he switched to TikTok because he saw there wasn’t much financial advice there.

Now, Humphrey has over 2.7 million followers on TikTok. Besides making videos, he’s been a part of starting up several businesses that made a lot of money—seven figures, to be exact.

What’s cool about Humphrey is that he talks about money stuff in a way that’s easy to understand, breaking down tricky financial ideas to make them simple for everyone.

4. Jim Marous- @JimMarous

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Jim Marous is a highly influential figure in the U.S. financial landscape, distinguished as a speaker, publisher, and podcast host with a keen focus on banking, fintech, and financial services. Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Marous co-publishes The Financial Brand, a premier online platform shaping industry discourse. As the owner of the Digital Banking Report and the host of the Banking Transformed Podcast, he consistently delivers insightful content on the intersection of finance and technology. With a strong presence in both traditional and digital channels, Marous stands out as one of the foremost finance influencers, offering valuable perspectives that resonate across the financial industry.

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5. John Eringman – @JohnEFinance

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

John Eringman is a prominent American entrepreneur and internet personality renowned for his influential presence on TikTok.

Boasting a substantial following of over 1.3 million, Eringman has carved out a niche for himself as a self-development and personal finance guru. His content resonates with a wide audience, characterized by its honesty, transparency, and openness, particularly around the often nuanced subject of money.

Eringman is dedicated to empowering his viewers with the tools and knowledge essential for making informed financial decisions. His impact extends beyond social media, as he has been featured on reputable platforms such as Fincon, Market Watch, and CNBC. Passionate about sharing personal finance tips, John Eringman stands as a trusted guide in the digital realm, helping his million-plus followers navigate the complexities of financial management. He is one of the best finance influencers in the U.S.

6. David M. Brear – @davidbrear

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

David M. Brear, known by the Twitter handle @davidbrear, is a dynamic figure in the financial services industry based in London, England. As the CEO of the multi-award-winning company @11FS, he plays a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of financial services. Brear is also recognized as a host on @FinTechInsiders, showcasing his expertise and insights in the ever-evolving fintech space. His bio reflects a forward-thinking attitude, embodying the spirit of continuous progress.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Brear reveals his passion for football, particularly as a fan of @NorwichCityFC. Overall, David M. Brear stands as a best finance influencer making significant contributions to the transformation of financial services.

7- Dasha Kennedy – @thebrokeblackgirl

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Dasha Kennedy is a financial activist and influential figure in the realm of personal finance, dedicated to empowering African-American women on their financial journeys. Through her platform, The Broke Black Girl, she has successfully assisted over 70,000 women in kickstarting their personal finance journeys with culturally relevant financial education. Kennedy’s impact extends to her empowering Instagram handle, boasting an impressive 254K members. Her mission is clear: to offer non-traditional money management resources and strategies tailored to the unique needs and experiences of women of color. Through her advocacy and online community, Dasha Kennedy is making a meaningful difference in promoting financial literacy and well-being within a diverse and often underserved audience.

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8. Sebastien Meunier- @sbmeunier

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Sebastian Meunier is a distinguished figure in the financial and fintech landscape, branding himself as a ‘slayer of fake news in the fintech world and beyond.’ With a base in New Jersey, U.S., Meunier offers valuable insights into financial services operations, emphasizing a real-world, no-hype perspective. His expertise spans innovation, cybersecurity, privacy, and technology in finance. Renowned for his pursuit of truth and commitment to non-biased reporting, Meunier is a notable finance influencer, providing followers on Twitter with informed perspectives on critical topics in the fintech and cybersecurity realms.

9. Nate O’Brien – @NateOBrien

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Nate O’Brien, an American investor, entrepreneur, and internet personality, manages a YouTube channel focused on personal finance, boasting over one million subscribers and accumulating more than 50 million views.

Forbes acknowledged him in 2021 as one of the top nine Millennial YouTube channels. As a financial influencer in the U.S., Nate is dedicated to assisting millions in attaining financial success.

His channel is distinguished by its commitment to providing straightforward, no-frills content without promotional pitches. O’Brien’s journey involves empowering others with valuable financial insights, contributing to his status as a trusted figure in the realm of financial education.

10. Brian Jung – @BrianJungy

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Brian Jung, a prominent American entrepreneur, investor, and influencer, has gained recognition for his impactful presence in the realms of personal finance, cryptocurrency, and credit cards. His YouTube channel, boasting over a million subscribers and surpassing 40 million views, has solidified him as a leading figure in financial education. Brian is on a mission to guide millions towards financial success, and his channel serves as a valuable resource for those seeking insights into personal finance strategies. As a notable financial influencer in the U.S., Jung’s commitment to empowering others financially distinguishes him as a trusted and influential figure in the field.

11. Scott Trench – @BiggerPockets

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Scott Trench serves as the CEO of BiggerPockets, a renowned education platform specializing in real estate investment. BiggerPockets stands as a comprehensive resource, catering to individuals aiming for success in the realm of real estate investing. Under Scott’s leadership, the platform has become a go-to destination for a global community of investors and homeowners, offering valuable insights and tools.

In addition to his role at BiggerPockets, Scott Trench is one of the notable finance influencers of U.S. on YouTube, where his channel boasts almost 1.15M subscribers. Through his content, he covers a wide spectrum of topics related to real estate investing, providing viewers with expertise ranging from deal analysis to property financing. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Denver, CO, BiggerPockets has established itself as a pivotal player in the real estate community, contributing to the education and success of individuals navigating the complexities of real estate investment.

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12. Ryan Scribner – @RyanScribner

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Ryan Scribner embarked on his online journey in 2016, initially launching his YouTube channel to chronicle his personal investing experiences. Over the years, he has evolved into a significant influencer within the personal finance space, amassing a substantial following of more than 806K subscribers. In 2019, Forbes magazine acknowledged Ryan’s channel as the number one must-watch YouTube channel for money-making, underscoring his impact and credibility as a Finance Influencer in the U.S.

Beyond his YouTube success, Ryan Scribner is the co-owner of Investing Simple, a personal finance blog. His journey from documenting personal investments to influencing a broad audience reflects his commitment to providing valuable insights and guidance in the realm of personal finance.

13. Jack Chapple- @JackChappleShow

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Jack Chapple initiated his personal finance channel on YouTube in 2016, accumulating a substantial following of over 663K subscribers to date. Specializing in real estate and investments, his channel serves as a valuable resource, guiding individuals to master the art of personal wealth and seize control of their finances. Originally from Canada, Jack has not only become a prominent figure in the personal finance space on YouTube but has also extended his influence to Twitter, where he actively engages as a Finance Influencer in the U.S. With a growing audience, Jack Chapple exemplifies a commitment to empowering individuals with financial knowledge and strategies to navigate the complexities of wealth management.

14. Bola Sokunbi – @CleverGirlFinance

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Bola Sokunbi, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, stands as the driving force behind Clever Girl Finance, a leading personal finance platform for women in the U.S. Recognized for her exceptional contributions, Bola received the esteemed 2021 Financial Education Instructor of the Year (FEIY) Award from the National Council of Financial Educators. As a Finance Influencer in the U.S., Bola Sokunbi’s Clever Girl Finance serves as an empowering platform, dedicated to providing women with the essential tools, services, and guidance needed to build genuine wealth. The platform boasts a robust and supportive community, offering a wealth of financial courses, articles, audio content, and more, emphasizing Bola’s commitment to financial education and empowerment.

15. Ramit Sethi – @Ramit

Top 15 Finance Influencers of U.S. to Boost Your Financial IQ

Ramit Sethi is one of the prominent finance influencers in the U.S. and is dedicated to instructing individuals on the art of building wealth through prudent saving and spending practices. Commencing his career in 2004 while studying psychology and technology at Stanford, Ramit faced initial setbacks but transformed those experiences into valuable lessons.

Today, Ramit’s influence extends to over a million monthly readers who benefit from his insightful materials.

With more than 20 programs covering money-making, investing, and online business, he has become a leading authority in personal finance education. Ramit’s philosophy emphasizes that while there may be limits to cutting expenses, there is boundless potential for earning. His journey and teachings underscore the significance of a strategic approach to financial well-being, solidifying his position as a Finance Influencer shaping the financial mindset of individuals across the U.S.

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Wrapping up: Finance Influencers of U.S.

In conclusion, navigating the intricate landscape of personal finance has become more accessible and engaging thanks to the emergence of influential figures in the digital realm. These 15 U.S. finance influencers, spanning various platforms from YouTube to TikTok, offer a wealth of actionable insights and knowledge. From real estate gurus like Graham Stephan and Scott Trench to financial empowerment advocates like Dasha Kennedy and Bola Sokunbi, each influencer brings a unique perspective to demystify financial jargon and provide practical strategies for achieving financial goals. Whether you’re interested in traditional investments, cryptocurrency, or real estate, this diverse group of influencers has you covered. As we venture into 2024, these finance influencers stand ready to empower audiences with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of personal finance and build a path to financial success.

FAQs on Finance Influencers of U.S.

Q. How do finance influencers stay updated on the latest financial trends?

Finance influencers often have access to industry insights, experts, and continuous education to stay abreast of the latest trends.

Q. Are there risks associated with following finance influencers?

Yes, there can be risks, such as potential misinformation. Followers must exercise critical thinking and verify information.

Q. How can I engage with finance influencers personally?

Many influencers are active on social media. Engage through comments, direct messages, or also participate in Q&A sessions.

Q. Do finance influencers provide personalized financial advice?

While influencers share general advice, personalized financial guidance is best obtained from certified financial professionals.

Q. Are finance influencers only for wealthy individuals?

No, finance influencers cater to a diverse audience. Their advice is often applicable to various income levels and financial goals.

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