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Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can’t Miss in 2023

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Ever noticed how your favorite brands sometimes get a makeover? Well, in 2023, a bunch of them did just that. From changing logos to giving their look a whole new vibe, these brands are making waves. But why? What’s the secret sauce behind these changes? Join us as we break down the coolest brand makeovers of 2023 and figure out what’s making them click with us.

1. Mirinda

Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

Mirinda’s logo got a makeover with a brighter green, sharper edges, and cleaner lines. The new cans proudly showcase a big ‘M’ across them. But it’s not just the logo – the colors of Mirinda have been totally revamped. Each of the 50 flavors now has its own special color combo, making the cans a vibrant mix of contrasting shades. Plus, the illustrations on the cans use different swirling shapes, each with its own cool pattern, to show off the variety of flavors. It’s like Mirinda got a colorful and fun upgrade! This is the one of the most colorful brand makeovers of 2023.

2. Baskin Robbins

Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

Baskin Robbins, the iconic ice cream brand, also revealed a brand-new look that perfectly captures its fun and delicious personality! The fresh logo reflects the brand’s humor, dedication to fantastic taste, and high-quality standards. With this exciting change, Baskin Robbins aims to attract a younger crowd of ice cream enthusiasts seeking a fun and delightful experience.

Every detail in the new logo has been carefully designed to create a playful and whimsical vibe that’s sure to make you smile. The lively colors and modern designs have been thoughtfully chosen to make you feel right at home. And don’t worry, the famous promise of 31 flavors, one for each day of the month, is still very much a part of the Baskin Robbins experience!

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3. 7Up

Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

One of the big makeovers this year was the redesign of the 7Up logo. Pepsico gave its lemony soda a whole new look, not just for the logo, but also on the bottles, merchandise, and in ads around the world. The new logo stands out because it doesn’t follow the current trend of simple designs; instead, it’s all about 3D. The logo has layers of cool details like bubbles, a bright green pop, and a sleek-looking 7. They kept the familiar green color but added citrusy shades to remind us of the soda’s flavor. The result? It’s a success!

The 7Up logo teaches us how to rebrand right. They made the logo simpler, but kept what makes it special. The famous 7 is still there, the colors are still the ones we know, but there are enough changes to make it feel new and exciting. We think the changes are absolutely beautiful, and this rebrand is definitely one of our all-time favorites.

4. Johnson & Johnson

Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is giving its brand a makeover by combining its meditech and pharmaceutical parts under one name, Johnson & Johnson. They’ve introduced a new logo, replacing the old one that’s been around since 1887. The fresh design is seen as modern and was made in a single pen stroke to add an element of surprise. Even though they’re keeping the classic red color, they’re aiming for a more up-to-date look by creating both long and short versions of the logo. This change will happen across everything – from materials to product packages and all their branding stuff.

According to us, simplifying a brand with a rich history and story, often through a shift to minimalist design, may risk diluting the brand’s personality and legacy. Some express concerns that the trend towards extreme simplicity, driven by a desire for a more digital aesthetic, could lead to a loss of the unique character that sets a brand apart. It reflects an ongoing tension between contemporary design preferences and the importance of preserving the individuality and the narrative that make a brand memorable and distinctive.

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5. Porsche

Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

Porsche didn’t make many changes when they updated their logo, and that’s a good thing. They stuck to the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” They kept their classic logo but made the colors stronger and the letters more noticeable. While other car brands are going for simpler logos, Porsche is proud of its iconic Stuttgart emblem.

The colors in the logo are richer, but they toned down the shine a bit. The result? It’s a hit! Redesigning old logos is tricky because people don’t always like change, even if the design is good. Porsche did something smart here: they didn’t change just for the sake of it. They had a good reason behind the update. Since Porsche wasn’t making big changes as a company, a small refresh was all they needed, and it worked well.


Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

If you’re a millennial, you likely remember Nokia for its robust mobile phones with everlasting batteries. However, when smartphones took over and Nokia couldn’t keep up, it lost ground to Apple and Samsung, and its once-revered logo became outdated.

But now, Nokia has revamped itself, and the proof is in its brand-new logo. The redesigned angular logo is sharp, modern, and refreshing. The use of negative space strokes gives it a futuristic and authentic vibe.

According to us, it’s a hit! When a business undergoes significant changes, it’s crucial to update the visual identity, and Nokia has done just that with a stunning new wordmark that’s both thrilling and exciting. This change in logo design signals that something big is happening with the company.

7. Twitter

Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

What do you think? Twitter’s new logo is a hit or a miss?

Elon Musk’s decision to replace Twitter’s iconic blue bird logo with a simple “X” has sparked a debate, with some praising the move as a modern and minimalist update and others criticizing it as uninspired and lacking in personality. While it is still too early to determine whether the new logo will ultimately be a success or failure, the initial reaction suggests that it is a divisive change. Only time will tell whether the new logo can win over the hearts and minds of Twitter users.

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8. BalleBaazi as SportsBaazi

Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

BalleBaazi, the sports gaming platform, is undergoing a transformation and rebranding itself as SportsBaazi. This change reflects the company’s dedication to elevating the sports scene in India. Along with the rebrand, a new logo is introduced, accompanied by the launch of the “LIVE Mein Hai VIBE” campaign. This initiative brings forth the exciting “Watch and Play” skill games category, designed to enhance user engagement. The strategic shift aims to revolutionize the way fans interact with and experience sports, providing innovative formats and immersive experiences.

9. TrueCaller

Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

In September 2023, Truecaller unveiled a revamped brand identity and upgraded AI identity features. The new brand identity, orchestrated by Interbrand, reflects a renewed focus on consumer privacy and enhanced communication safety. It features a refreshed logo with the signature “True blue” color, maintaining brand recognition while establishing a distinct identity. Additionally, Truecaller introduced an anti-fraud feature called Search Context, which alerts users if a number’s name has been recently changed or is frequently changing. These changes aim to empower Truecaller users to make informed decisions about their communication interactions.

10. Burberry

Chasing Innovation: The Coolest Brand Makeovers You Can't Miss in 2023

Burberry, after experimenting with minimalism, has returned to its heritage by bringing back its iconic Equestrian Knight logo, complete with a serif typeface. The new antique logo features a vintage serif font with handmade letters that are less sharp, providing stability and variable casters. Notably, the Knight symbol undergoes changes, making details more prominent and clear.

So, Burberry’s decision to embrace its heritage and reintroduce intricate details sets it apart in a landscape where many luxury brands have moved towards simpler, sans-serif designs. The vintage-inspired logo not only reflects Burberry’s legacy but also suggests a trend where other fashion brands might revisit their archives for a similar revival.

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What Can You Learn from All These Brand Makeovers of 2023?

1) Adaptation to Modern Trends

The brand makeovers of 2023 indicate a significant trend toward modernization and staying relevant in the ever-evolving market. Whether through vibrant color schemes, playful designs, or sleek 3D elements, brands are adapting to contemporary aesthetics.

2) Appealing to New Audiences

Several brands, like Baskin Robbins and Mirinda, are redesigning their image to attract a younger audience. The emphasis on humor, vibrant colors, and modern designs reflects a strategic effort to connect with new consumers while retaining the essence of the brand.

3) Balancing Change and Tradition

Brands like Porsche demonstrate the importance of balance. While they refreshed their logo, they didn’t deviate drastically from the iconic design. This suggests that changes should have a purpose and respect the brand’s history to avoid alienating existing customers.

4) Embracing Innovation

Nokia’s logo redesign signifies a larger shift within the company. When a business undergoes significant changes, updating the visual identity is crucial. The new logo reflects a commitment to innovation and signals that something transformative is happening with the brand.

5) Consumer Privacy and Safety

Truecaller’s rebranding emphasizes a renewed focus on consumer privacy and communication safety. This aligns with a growing consumer demand for secure and trustworthy services. Brands should stay responsive to societal concerns and adapt accordingly.

6) Heritage and Revival

Burberry’s return to its heritage suggests a trend where brands revisit their archives for a nostalgic revival. This move contrasts with the shift towards minimalism in the luxury sector and highlights the enduring appeal of intricate, vintage-inspired designs.

7) Divisiveness of Change

The reaction to Twitter’s logo change shows that not all makeovers are universally accepted. Changes should be carefully considered to gauge their potential impact on the existing user base. A balance between modernization and maintaining brand personality is crucial.

8) Strategic Rebranding in Sports

BalleBaazi’s transformation into SportsBaazi is not just a change in name but a strategic shift to revolutionize the sports gaming experience. This emphasizes the importance of aligning rebranding efforts with broader business strategies and goals.

Wrapping up: Brand Makeovers of 2023

In summary, successful brand makeovers involve a careful balance between modernization and tradition, a keen understanding of target audiences, a commitment to innovation, and a responsiveness to societal trends and concerns. Each brand’s journey is unique, but these common themes provide valuable insights for businesses considering a makeover.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Brand Makeovers of 2023:

Why do brands undergo makeovers?

Brands undergo makeovers for various reasons, including staying relevant in the market, adapting to evolving consumer preferences, repositioning in the competitive landscape, and signaling significant internal changes within the company.

What elements of a brand are typically revamped during a makeover?

Brand makeovers often involve changes to visual elements, such as logos, color schemes, and packaging. However, they can also extend to messaging, brand voice, and overall brand strategy.

How can brands balance modernization with maintaining their identity?

Striking a balance between modernization and maintaining identity involves thoughtful design choices, clear communication of the brand’s values, and a gradual transition to avoid alienating existing customers.

What challenges do brands face during makeovers?

Challenges include the risk of alienating existing customers, maintaining consistency across various platforms, adapting to changing consumer preferences, transparently communicating the reasons for the makeover, ensuring digital accessibility, and being culturally sensitive.

How long does it take for a brand makeover to show results?

The timeline for seeing results from a brand makeover varies. While some changes may have an immediate impact, the full effects on consumer perception and market positioning often take time and require a long-term perspective.

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