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The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

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Canada boasts a vibrant financial landscape, and the digital age has given rise to a new breed of influencers who wield significant influence in shaping discussions around personal finance, investments, and economic trends. In this blog, we’ll delve into the lives and expertise of some of the top finance influencers in Canada, exploring how they have become authorities in their respective niches and garnered a loyal following.

Finance Influencers in Canada

1. Preet Banerjee

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on Instagram, LinkedIn, Website, YouTube, Twitter

Preet Banerjee is a renowned personal finance expert, speaker, and author based in Toronto. With a background in Neuroeconomics, Preet brings a unique perspective to financial discussions. He has authored books like “Stop Over-Thinking Your Money!” and is a regular contributor to various media outlets. His blog and YouTube channel offers practical advice on budgeting, investing, and making informed financial decisions. He is one of the best finance influencers in Canada to follow.

2. Rob Carrick

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

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Rob Carrick is a personal finance columnist for The Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s leading newspapers. With decades of experience, Carrick provides insightful commentary on various financial topics. His columns cover a wide range of subjects, from real estate to retirement planning, making him a trusted source for Canadians seeking sound financial advice.

3. Barry Choi

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Barry Choi is a personal finance and travel expert who has established himself as a go-to source for money-saving tips and travel hacks. His blog, Money We Have, covers diverse financial topics, and he frequently appears on TV and radio to share his insights. Barry’s engaging writing style and relatable advice make him a favorite among those looking to improve their financial literacy. So, if you’re looking for money-saving tips Barry Choi is one of the best finance influencers in Canada.

4. Brandon Beavis

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TwitterFacebook, InstagramLinkedIn, YouTube

Brandon Beavis is recognized as a leading finance influencer in Canada, renowned for his expertise in guiding Canadians on effective, long-term stock market investment. As the founder of The Investing Academy and with a background at Beavis Wealth Management, Brandon brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to his online content.

Following Brandon ensures access to valuable insights and educational resources, making him a go-to source for those seeking to navigate the intricacies of the Canadian financial landscape and build a solid foundation for successful investing.

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5. Daniel Pronk

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TwitterFacebook, InstagramLinkedInYouTube

Daniel Pronk, founder of Calgary Pixels and CEO of Stock Unlock, is one of Canada’s top influencers in real estate and investment. On his YouTube channel, he breaks down topics like investing, personal finance, and entrepreneurship in an easy-to-understand way. In 2021, Daniel co-founded Stock Unlock, a platform that helps new investors kickstart their journey. Follow Daniel for straightforward advice and insights into successful investing and stay tuned to one of the best influencers in Canada for tips on real estate and smart financial moves.

6. Nathan Kennedy

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TikTokInstagram, TwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube

Nathan Kennedy has emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of personal finance content creation, particularly on TikTok and Instagram. As the host of the widely followed podcast, “New Money with Nathan Kennedy,” available on various streaming platforms, he has become a trusted voice in financial education.

Nathan’s journey began with a personal passion for finance, and in 2019, recognizing a significant financial literacy gap among young adults, he committed to sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm. Not only does Nathan contribute significantly to the global conversation on personal finance, but he is also a noteworthy finance influencer in Canada.

7. Adiba Ahmed

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow her on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedInYouTubeTwitter 

Adiba is a serial entrepreneur, financial literacy activist, and award-winning finance professional. She started as an agent at World Financial Group, a multi-level marketing company. Now, she owns Phoenix Consulting, her own company.

Specializing in personalized strategies, Adiba is dedicated to helping Canadians build wealth. On TikTok, her most popular platform, Adiba shares no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point personal finance tips.

Utilizing her extensive insider knowledge, she fearlessly covers a wide range of topics, providing viewers with actionable advice for their daily lives. Follow Canadian Finance Influencer Adiba for insightful tips and practical guidance on achieving financial success.

8. Cassandra Melo

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow her on TikTokYouTubeInstagram

Cassandra, a registered nurse with a fervor for personal finance, has cultivated a substantial following on TikTok with her account @moneywithcass. Through her engaging videos, Cassandra delves into essential personal finance concepts while sharing unconventional tips and tricks to cut expenses, boost savings, and navigate investments.

Cassandra’s unique approach makes financial literacy entertaining and accessible to a broad audience. Her commitment to the cause extends beyond social media, as evidenced by her submission of an analysis on poverty among women and girls to the Canadian Journal of Critical Nursing Discourse. So, follow @moneywithcass, famous finance influencer in Canada, for a blend of practical finance advice and an enjoyable learning experience.

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9. Matt McKeever

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on FacebookInstagram, YouTubeLinkedInMatt McKeever

Matt McKeever is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), accomplished real estate investor, entrepreneur, and YouTuber who achieved early retirement at the age of 31 through strategic investments in rental properties, amassing a portfolio of over 120 units. Formerly known as the Matt McKeever Channel, his popular YouTube platform has been rebranded as The Canadian Real Estate Channel.

This channel is dedicated to instructing viewers on investing in multi-unit income properties, implementing renovations for increased revenue, managing tenants and portfolios, and providing insights on property acquisition.

Additionally, Matt has launched a second YouTube channel, Matt McKeever UNFILTERED, where he explores diverse topics such as cryptocurrency, politics, and culture. On his website,, he offers free eBooks and the opportunity for one-on-one consultations, extending his expertise to those seeking guidance in the realms of real estate investment and beyond. So, follow one of the best finance influencer in Canada, Matt for practical advice on real estate, finance, and his unfiltered take on various subjects.

10. Cory Fowler

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow her on TikTokYouTube, InstagramFacebook

Canadian finance influencer, Cory, known as @howtoadultschool on TikTok, is a financial literacy advocate frustrated with the lack of real-world money skills in schools. She started How to Adult School, a blog and personal finance site, offering courses on budgeting, money management, investing, and tax strategies. The site includes a podcast and free weekly finance lessons on YouTube.

On TikTok, Cory shares short, humorous videos highlighting personal finance basics and practical tips. So, follow @howtoadultschool for quick, entertaining insights into taking control of your finances.

11. Adrian Bar

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, YouTube

Adrian Bar is the founder and CEO of the YouTube channel “Canadian in a T-Shirt.” He’s a Canadian influencer breaking down personal finance basics to help people save, invest, and grow their money. On his channel, he covers topics like investing, taxes, cashback credit cards, budgeting, and more, specifically tailored for Canadian millennials. For straightforward advice on managing your money, check out Adrian’s videos on “Canadian in a T-Shirt”.

12. Joseph James Francis

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on FacebookTwitter, InstagramLinkedIn

Joseph James Francis is a financial advisor at Canada Life, handling over 20 million in assets. He’s also the creator of the well-known blog, Budget Boss. Joe strongly believes that budgeting is the foundation for achieving financial independence. On his blog, he covers topics such as maintaining positive cash flow, saving, investing for the future, protecting your livelihood, and leaving a legacy for your loved ones. Since joining Canada Life, he has excelled as one of their top new advisors. And was recognized as one of the Top 25 Financial Influencers in Canada in 2020.

13. Pattie Lovett-Reid

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow her on TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn

Pattie is a well-known money expert, famous for being the top financial commentator at CTV News. And for working 31 years at TD Bank as a Senior Vice President. With her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credentials and bestselling author status, Pattie is all about helping Canadians save money, make their incomes go further, and get the most value from every dollar. As a prominent finance influencer in Canada, her advice revolves around stretching dollars and getting the best bang for your buck.

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14. Jessica Moorhouse

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow her on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, PinterestJessica Moorehouse

Jessica Moorhouse, a finance influencer in Canada, is a certified financial counselor focused on educating millennials about money matters. As an award-winning blogger, speaker, and host of the Mo’ Money Podcast, she’s dedicated to personal finance and balanced living. Jessica’s passion for financial literacy transformed her life, inspiring her to empower others to take control of their lives by managing their money wisely. Additionally, she founded MooreMoney Media Inc, a company offering financial education content and courses tailored for Canadians. Jessica is not just a financial expert but also a influencer making a positive impact in the finance landscape in Canada.

15. Kerry K. Taylor

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow her on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, YouTubeLinkedIn

Kerry Taylor, a finance influencer in Canada, is not just a journalist and blogger but also a speaker and best-selling author. Known for her popular blog, Squawkfox, she guides readers on reaching financial independence through smart investing, reducing debt, boosting savings, and increasing earnings. Her award-winning blog offers practical, evidence-based advice with a touch of humor and realism. Kerry is also a contributor to the CBC show On The Money. Recently, she launched a new podcast, The Cash and Kerry Podcast, available on various streaming platforms. So, as a finance influencer, Kerry is making a positive impact by sharing valuable insights with her audience.

16. Charlee Wayne

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube

Charlee Wayne is a YouTube personality, helping Canadians on their journey to financial freedom. Not a finance expert, he’s just a regular guy sharing personal finance basics inspired by his own journey of improving financial literacy. Covering credit, saving, investing, taxes, and more, Charlee addresses the need for better financial education in Canada through his YouTube channel. So, Charlee Wayne is a valuable finance influencer in Canada, making financial education more accessible for everyone.

17. Mike Gap

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TikTokYouTubeMike Gap

Mike, growing up in a less affluent part of Toronto, was determined to accumulate wealth after feeling frustrated about financial disparities. Over time, he taught himself how to create online businesses and passive income streams, using credit effectively to scale his ventures. Additionally, on his TikTok channel, @mikegapofficial, he shares secrets, tips, tricks, and hacks for building a successful online business and generating passive income. Additionally, Mike guides using credit and credit cards wisely. Meanwhile, his YouTube channel delves more into the realms of crypto and the NFT space.

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18. Tom Drake

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTubePinterest

Tom is a finance expert who wears many hats – he’s a financial analyst, blogger, YouTuber, and podcaster. He’s the brains behind Canada’s most-read personal finance blog, MapleMoney, which also has a YouTube channel and podcast. Tom started the blog to help Canadians take charge of their money and reach financial independence. On MapleMoney, he covers topics like making more money, saving, investing, using credit cards wisely, and overall smart spending.

Through his company, Drake Media, Tom either owns or partners with other personal finance websites such as Financial Highway, Get Rich Slowly, and Retire Happy. You might have seen Tom featured in major media outlets like The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business, and Global News.

19. Robin Haney

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on YouTube

Robin Haney, once a web developer, is now a personal finance content creator, known for his self-named YouTube channel. He mainly focuses on dividend investing and creating passive income streams. In the past, Robin taught people how to make and sell online courses, and he’s the brains behind the well-received Udemy course, “Javascript for Beginners: Learn Javascript from Scratch.” On his YouTube channel, Robin shares his own journey in dividend investing, offering monthly updates on his stock portfolio. Furthermore, his most popular video is about starting from $0 and reaching $100,000 using Wealthsimple Trade, completely from scratch.

20. Stephen Weyman

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TwitterFacebook, LinkedInYouTube

Stephen Weyman is a money expert who runs a blog called, where he shares smart ways to save while maintaining a good quality of life. The blog, now rebranded as Money Genius, covers everything related to personal finance, including credit card comparison tools and various financial resources.

Stephen is also the co-founder of Credit Card Genius, a popular website helping Canadians pick the right credit card. His expertise has landed him features in major media outlets like CBC, Globe and Mail, and Financial Post. He is one of the best finance influencer in Canada to follow.

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21. Andrew Hallam

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TwitterFacebook, LinkedInYouTubeAndrew Hallam

Andrew Hallam is an educator and best-selling author known for books like Millionaire Teacher and Global Expatriate Guide to Investing. As one of the best finance influencers in Canada, he shares his financial wisdom through his personal blog and as a finance journalist for major outlets like The Globe and Mail. Andrew’s story is inspiring – achieving financial independence and becoming a millionaire while earning a teacher’s salary of just $28,000.

22. Robb Engen

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow her on TwitterFacebook, InstagramLinkedIn

Robb, co-founder and head writer of the popular personal finance blog Boomer & Echo, is one of the best finance influencers in Canada. Since 2010, he has been sharing his journey to financial independence and valuable lessons on the blog. Covering topics like saving, investing, and retirement planning, Robb is a certified Qualified Associate Financial Planner offering fee-only financial advice.

This means he looks at your overall financial situation holistically, providing guidance on reaching goals faster and saving on fees.

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23. Elijah Kirchmaier

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TikTok, LinkedInFacebook

Elijah, a licensed and certified wealth management and financial planning professional, co-founded Up Financial, offering financial planning services. As a famous finance influencer in Canada, known as @elithemoneyguy on TikTok, he breaks down complex topics like investing, wealth management, business structure, and finance basics in short, easy-to-understand videos. Elijah also takes the time to debunk bad advice and misconceptions, making finance more accessible for his audience.

24. Bridget Casey

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow her on TwitterFacebook, InstagramLinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest

Bridget Casey, a female finance influencer in Canada, is the founder of Money After Graduation, a website offering financial literacy content. She helps Canadians save more, pay off debt, boost incomes, and invest in the stock market. With an MBA in Finance from the University of Calgary, Bridget is considered a millennial finance expert. She often appears on media outlets like BNN and CBC. In 2016, she was recognized as one of Alberta’s Top Young Innovators.

25. Sam Lichtman

The Top 25 Finance Influencers in Canada To Follow in 2024

Follow him on TikTokLinkedInYouTube

Sam, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with extensive experience in banking and investing, now runs Achieve Wealth Management, his own firm providing financial planning and investment services for working Canadians. As the best finance influencer in Canada, he also advocates for financial literacy on TikTok through his platform Millennial Money Canada.

There, Sam simplifies complex investing principles, explains Canadian investment tools, and dispels outdated advice. Additionally, he hosts the Millennial Money Canada podcast, where guests share insights on personal finance through case studies and hypothetical situations.

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Wrapping up: Finance Influencers in Canada

In the dynamic landscape of Canadian finance, these influencers stand out as beacons of knowledge, offering diverse perspectives and expertise to guide individuals on their financial journeys. From seasoned columnists and authors to self-made entrepreneurs and social media mavens, each influencer brings a unique blend of insights and practical advice to help Canadians navigate the complexities of personal finance, investments, and economic trends. So, whether you’re looking to build wealth, invest wisely, or simply enhance your financial literacy, following these influencers is like having a team of mentors at your fingertips, ready to share their wealth of experience and empower you on your path to financial success.

So, stay tuned to their blogs, social media channels, and podcasts for a continuous flow of valuable information that can shape and optimize your financial decisions in the ever-evolving world of Canadian finance.

FAQs on Finance Influencers in Canada

Q1: Who are some prominent finance influencers in Canada?

A1: Canada boasts a diverse array of finance influencers, including Preet Banerjee, Rob Carrick, Barry Choi, Brandon Beavis, Daniel Pronk, Nathan Kennedy, Adiba Ahmed, Cassandra Melo, Matt McKeever, Cory Fowler, and many more. These influencers cover a range of financial topics, offering valuable insights and also advice.

Q2: How can I improve my financial literacy in Canada?

A2: To enhance financial literacy in Canada, consider following reputable finance influencers, reading their blogs, and engaging with their content on social media. Additionally, explore educational resources provided by financial institutions, attend workshops or seminars, and stay informed about the latest economic trends and investment strategies.

Q3: What areas of personal finance do these influencers cover?

A3: Finance influencers in Canada cover a wide range of topics, including budgeting, investing, real estate, travel hacks, credit management, and entrepreneurship. Their expertise spans diverse areas of personal finance, catering to audiences with varying financial goals and interests.

Q4: Are there finance influencers focused on specific demographics, such as millennials or young adults?

A4: Yes, several influencers, like Nathan Kennedy, Charlee Wayne, and Mike Gap, specifically target younger demographics. They address the unique financial challenges and opportunities faced by millennials and young adults, providing relatable content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Q5: How can I stay updated on financial trends in Canada?

A5: To stay updated on financial trends in Canada, regularly follow the blogs, social media channels, and podcasts of finance influencers. Additionally, subscribe to reputable financial news sources, read industry reports, and consider joining online communities where financial discussions take place.

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