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The Trend of Podcast ft Influencers

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The culture of the Podcast is spreading wider, day by day. People are finding podcasts crisp, entertaining, informative, and engaging, all in a short time. Podcasts became a great medium to engage with the audience and make a closer connection with them. Nowadays people are switching more towards podcasts because in this fast life, reading and watching are quite restricted, but you can hear a podcast anywhere anytime.

There was a time when people were in love with the audio medium of entertainment and infotainment, that was radio, and the podcast has given us this opportunity to relive the beauty of audio. Podcasts have become a new trend in everybody’s day-to-day life nowadays and apps like Spotify, Apple, and YouTube has given a high rise to podcast culture.

Creators who have been serving entertainment through videos are proceeding to the world of audio essence.

This trend of podcast has given content creators a huge panel of entertainment where they can maintain a closer and wider connection with their audience. Many content creators and influencers have tried their luck in podcast and are doing great in it.

Here is the list of influencers who started their own podcast channel.

1. Kritika Khurana

Social media influencer and Fashion blogger Kritika Khurana started her own podcast channel with her sister Deeksha Khurana with the name “What’s Up Sister?”. Both sisters have been a huge part of the digital community especially when it comes to YouTube and Instagram. Kritika has already been a giant name in the fashion blogging sector and people look at her as an inspiration. Her podcast channel usually consists of content related to emotions, feelings, fashion, lifestyle, mental health, and all sort of relatable emotions to which her audience can relate. People really love her outspoken attitude and how she channeled her experiences as a lesson for her audience.

2. Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia aka BeerBiceps aka The OG of podcasters created a huge base of podcasts in India. Ranveer Allahbadia is a social media entrepreneur, Influencer, YouTuber, motivational speaker, leadership coach, digital marketer, investor, podcaster, and soon-to-be author. In short, there’s nothing that Ranveer can’t do, and that too with perfection and determination. Ranveer welcomes his Podcast channel with the name “The Ranveer Show.” The format of the podcasts is designed to bring information, knowledge, and value from all over the globe to the viewers’ life. The podcast revolves around facts, mythology, health, mystery, lifestyle, information, technology, and anything that you can think on way much wider range. From Bollywood celebs to huge spiritual gurus to lifestyle coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, and famous personalities of different sectors, Ranveer has done a podcast with everybody. There would be no wrong to call Ranveer one of the smartest podcasters in India.

3. Sanyam Sharma

Sanyam Sharma is a well-known name as a comic content creator on Instagram. With 580k followers on Instagram, Sanyam has built a troop of funny people on earth who understands and love his humor a lot and eagerly wait for his new projects. This love from his audience has motivated Sanyam to start his own podcast channel where he can be one more step closer to his audience. With his fellow comic content creator Rrajesh Yadav, Sanyam started his podcast channel with the name Genuine Bande. His first episode was with Meme market and our favorite Shark from Shark tank, Ashneer Grover. His first episode reached around 1.5 million views on YouTube.

4. Satshya

Satshya is known for her relatable sketches and fun content. She is popular among youngsters for her fun-loving presence, relatable content, colored hair, Malayali-north India fusion comedy, and the way she ends her video by saying “Ezzzzyyyy“. Satshya find podcast a very good medium to get a closer connection with her audience. She started her podcast, Chumma conversations, where she collab with other content creators and talks on topics like lifestyle, fun, and emotions. In an interview, she said, “I want to allow the audience to get to know the content creator beyond what you can see on your screen and understand the person behind the personality. It’s also a great opportunity for me to pick the brains of people whose work I admire and discuss things as peers and friends.”

5. Meethika Dwivedi

A 16-year-old young girl from Lucknow who’s making everybody go stomach-paining laughter by serving relatable humor in her UP accent. Her content went so viral that she is crowned as one of the best youngest comic creators with 2.4 million followers on Instagram. People loved Meethika’s Up accent and speaking style so much that this motivated her to start her own Podcast channel. Meethika started her podcast on Spotify, Meetha aur Teekha with Meethika. Meethika says “Mere podcast mein hamlog ek specific topic uthate hai aur ek guest bulate hai jaise koi content creator yaa influencer jisse hum us topic ke upar baat karte hai and hamlog ye dhyaan rakhte hai ki jo topic ho wo guest ke hisaab se relevant ho.“(In my podcast, we raise a specific topic and call a guest, such as a content creator or influencer, who talks about that topic and we keep in mind that the topic is relevant to the guest.).

If you are also somebody who is stuck in a fast and rush life but doesn’t want to feel out of entertainment, then the podcast is the best medium for you to switch for. Also, let us know which is your favorite podcast in the comment section below.

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