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Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

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India has emerged as a thriving startup ecosystem, fueled by the passion and ingenuity of countless entrepreneurs. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has become a powerful platform for these visionaries to showcase their ventures, connect with like-minded individuals, and inspire others. In this blog, we celebrate the success stories of the top 15 Indian LinkedIn entrepreneurs who are making waves across diverse industries.

Top Indian LinkedIn Entrepreneurs

1. Sneha Biswas

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Sneha Biswas, an associate of IIT Mumbai and a graduate of Harvard, is the founder of “Early Steps Academy,” an educational platform dedicated to empowering children. Her groundbreaking work has impacted thousands of young minds, setting them on a path towards success.

2. Ajay Yadav

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Ajay Yadav, a prominent LinkedIn influencer, is the co-founder of “Simplified,” a graphic design firm dedicated to streamlining the design process for users. True to its name, Simplified aims to make graphic design intuitive and hassle-free. With its exceptional features, Simplified has emerged as a formidable competitor to industry giants like Canva. Ajay’s innovative contributions have earned him recognition from Forbes, further solidifying his status as a influential figure in the LinkedIn community.

3. Ayush Shukla

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Ayush, a prominent LinkedIn entrepreneur, is the founder of “Finnet Media,” a leading influencer marketing and media management company. With a focus on collaboration, Finnet Media has partnered with hundreds of influencers, offering them comprehensive managerial support. Through strategic partnerships and effective management, Ayush enables influencers to maximize their impact and reach their full potential. Ayush’s entrepreneurial expertise and commitment to empowering influencers make him a valuable asset within the LinkedIn community.

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4. Ragini Das

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Ragini Das, a prominent LinkedIn influencer, is the co-founder of “Leap Club,” an all-encompassing social platform designed exclusively for women. Leap Club serves as a comprehensive networking platform where women from diverse backgrounds gather inspiration and support. Members of Leap Club have the opportunity to broaden their professional networks and explore transformative opportunities within the community. Ragini’s leadership in establishing this empowering platform highlights her influence within the LinkedIn community, inspiring women to connect, collaborate, and thrive in their respective fields.

5. Shivanshi Verma

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Shivanshi, a recognized LinkedIn influencer, is the co-founder of “Health Trick,” an innovative platform designed to assist users who are apprehensive about weight loss. Health Trick stands out as one of the leading solutions in the market, offering effective strategies and tools for achieving weight loss goals. By prioritizing user empowerment and promoting healthy lifestyle choices, Health Trick has garnered success in delivering optimal results. Shivanshi’s role in this venture underscores her influence within the LinkedIn community, inspiring others to prioritize their health and wellness journey.

6. Harish Uthayakumar

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Harish, a respected LinkedIn influencer, heads “Blue Learn,” a dynamic platform tailored for the Gen-Z demographic. Blue Learn serves as a community hub where young individuals enhance their skills and engage in collaborative learning. Through the platform, users not only acquire new skills but also foster valuable social networks and discover professional opportunities. So, Harish’s leadership in driving this innovative initiative underscores his influence within the LinkedIn community, inspiring young professionals to embrace continuous learning and networking for career growth.

7. Shivangi Narula

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

“Skilldify” stands as a remarkable entrepreneurial endeavor, offering a substantial technical platform for individuals to bolster their hard skills and excel in their careers. Spearheaded by CEO Shivangi Narula, a self-made entrepreneur, Skilldify has amassed a vast workforce adept at managing the platform’s extensive offerings. Through Skilldify, members have access to valuable resources for enhancing their professional competencies, underscoring Shivangi’s commitment to facilitating career advancement on a significant scale.

8. Aditya Arora

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Aditya Arora, the CEO of “Faad Network Pvt. Ltd.,” has pursued his passion for angel investing, leveraging his expertise to empower emerging businesses financially. Through Faad Network, Aditya has played a pivotal role in nurturing hundreds of startups, enabling them to establish a solid foothold in their respective industries. So, his dedication to supporting budding entrepreneurs has contributed to fostering sustainability and innovation within the industry over the years.

9. Shruti Chaturvedi

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Shruti deserves immense admiration for her visionary initiative, the “India Action Project.” This project is dedicated to uplifting rural areas across India, transforming them into centers of thriving employment opportunities. Additionally, the project endeavors to instigate crucial civic reforms, which hold the potential to revolutionize societal sustenance nationwide on multiple fronts. So, Shruti’s commitment to driving positive change underscores her invaluable contribution to the betterment of Indian communities.

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10. Arjun Vaidya

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Arjun Vaidya is a master at managing diverse ventures with finesse. He is the proprietor of “Dr. Vaidya,” a modern Ayurvedic enterprise dedicated to enhancing both spiritual well-being and physical health. Additionally, Arjun is a co-founder of “V3 Ventures,” an investment firm that has extended crucial financial backing to numerous Indian startups, including KuKuFM, Go Zero,, among others. Additionally, his remarkable achievements have earned him recognition, including a coveted spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Arjun’s entrepreneurial prowess and commitment to innovation continue to inspire and uplift the business landscape in India.

11. Shreedha Singh

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Shreedha Singh serves as the CEO and Co-founder of “The Ayurveda,” a thriving micro-business based in Gurgaon, Haryana. The Ayurveda specializes in retailing personal health and hygiene care products, offering essential items for individuals seeking a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Under Shreedha’s leadership, The Ayurveda has established itself as a trusted brand, catering to the needs of customers in Haryana and beyond. So, Shreedha’s dedication to promoting well-being has positively impacted countless lives, making her a driving force for positive change in the community.

12. Swati Dhawan Bhargava

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Swati, a notable LinkedIn entrepreneur, oversees Cash Karo and Earn Karo, India’s largest coupons and cashback platform. Backed by investments from prominent figures like Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital, and also Korea Investment Partners, this platform has garnered significant success. With a commitment to transparency, Cash Karo and Earn Karo have effectively supported millions of users, offering them lucrative deals while ensuring integrity in their operations. Swati’s entrepreneurial acumen and leadership have played a crucial role in the platform’s growth and impact, solidifying her position as a influential figure within the LinkedIn community.

13. Akash Gupta

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

As a prominent LinkedIn entrepreneur, Akash Gupta oversees “Zypp Electric,” an innovative startup focused on electric vehicle delivery services. Zypp Electric supports various industries including pharmaceuticals, food, and others, to streamline their delivery systems and efficiently meet customer demands. By leveraging electric vehicles, Zypp Electric contributes to sustainability efforts while providing reliable delivery solutions. Additionally, his leadership at Zypp Electric exemplifies his entrepreneurial vision and commitment to driving positive change in the logistics sector.

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14. Ankit Agarwal

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Ankit, a prominent LinkedIn entrepreneur, has achieved success with his comprehensive career information platform, “UNSTOP.” Designed for Indian professionals and students, UNSTOP offers a wide range of services including career counseling, CV enhancement, skill development, and direction setting. So, by providing valuable resources and guidance, UNSTOP empowers individuals to make informed career decisions and progress towards their goals with confidence. So, Ankit’s entrepreneurial vision and dedication to supporting career growth have made UNSTOP a valuable asset for the LinkedIn community.

15. Neeraj Tyagi

Top 15 Indian Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to Follow

Neeraj, a dynamic LinkedIn entrepreneur, is a multitasker who co-founded “We Founder Circle” and “Avinya Ventures.” These investment startups serve as invaluable platforms for investors, offering not only investment opportunities but also opportunities to develop and expand their professional networks. Through these ventures, Neeraj empowers investors to make informed decisions while fostering collaboration and growth within the investment community. Neeraj’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to facilitating connections make him a respected figure within the LinkedIn ecosystem.

Wrapping up

So these 15 Indian LinkedIn Entrepreneurs are testament to the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation and progress in India. Their ventures span diverse sectors, from education and health to technology and social impact, leaving an indelible mark on their respective industries. So, by leveraging the power of LinkedIn, these visionaries have built robust professional networks, gained valuable exposure, and attracted invaluable opportunities. So, their stories serve as inspiration for countless aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging them to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

FAQs for Top 15 Indian LinkedIn Entrepreneurs Blog

Who are some of the top Indian LinkedIn entrepreneurs featured in the blog?

The blog highlights 15 inspiring entrepreneurs including Sneha Biswas (Early Steps Academy), Ajay Yadav (Simplified), Ayush Shukla (Finnet Media), Ragini Das (Leap Club), and many more.

What industries do these entrepreneurs represent?

The entrepreneurs come from a diverse range of sectors including education (Sneha Biswas), design (Ajay Yadav), influencer marketing (Ayush Shukla), social networking for women (Ragini Das), health and also wellness (Shivanshi Verma), and many more.

How can I connect with these entrepreneurs on LinkedIn?

Searching for their names or their company names on LinkedIn should lead you to their profiles. You can also try searching for relevant keywords and hashtags related to their industries.

Is there anything upcoming for these entrepreneurs or the Indian startup scene?

Following these entrepreneurs and relevant organizations on LinkedIn can keep you updated on their latest ventures and industry trends. Attending conferences or webinars focused on the Indian startup ecosystem can also provide valuable insights.

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