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Top 15 Marathi Influencers in India to Follow in 2024

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Marathi content has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, thanks to some talented influencers and bloggers creating engaging content in the language. From lifestyle to entertainment, food to travel, some great Marathi-language creators are making an impact online.

In this blog, we list the top 15 Marathi influencers you should follow in 2024 for great content. Whether you want to keep up with trends, discover new recipes or learn about Marathi culture – these are the top names creating content in Marathi today.

Top Marathi Influencers in India

1. Shiv Thakare

Shiv Thakare, the winner of Bigg Boss 2 Marathi and Top 6th contestant of Jhalak Dhiklaga Season 11, is not just a reality show star but also an amazing choreographer.

Hailing from a middle-class background, Shiv’s journey reflects determination and resilience. His ability to make people dance to the beats without them realizing it makes him a must-follow personality.

2. Rachana Ranade

Top 15 Marathi Influencers in India to Follow in 2024

Rachna Ranade Phadke is a prominent CA Marathi influencer with 10+ years of auditing experience. She has taught over 10,000 students in classrooms and 1 lakh+ students through online courses. Rachna’s valuable insights have been featured on CNBC-TV18’s “Smart Money” show.

Additionally, her workshops on ‘Forensic Auditing’ have made a positive impact on ICAI members. She is a recognized entrepreneur and a respected figure in the CA community.

3. Urmila Nimbalkar

Urmila Nimbalkar is a prominent Marathi influencer known for her impactful presence in the digital space. With a keen eye for content creation, she has successfully carved a niche for herself in the Marathi social media landscape. Urmila engages her audience with a diverse range of content, spanning from lifestyle and fashion to cultural insights and travel experiences. Her authenticity and relatable approach have earned her a dedicated following, making her a respected figure in the Marathi influencer community. Urmila Nimbalkar continues to inspire and connect with her audience through her vibrant and enriching content.

4. Sharayu and Aniket

Sharayu and Aniket, a dynamic digital duo, have carved their niche as a beloved Marathi comedy couple, spreading laughter across social media platforms. Beyond their humorous content, this talented pair has seamlessly transitioned into being influencers, offering glimpses into their vibrant lifestyle and also exciting travel adventures. With a perfect blend of humor, relatability, and an eye for exploration, Sharayu and Aniket have captured the hearts of their Marathi-speaking audience, making them not just comedy sensations but also sought-after lifestyle and travel vloggers in the digital realm.

In the company of other influential Marathi personalities, Sharayu and Aniket add to the rich tapestry of Marathi content creators who bring joy, cultural nuances, and engaging narratives to their followers. Together with these Marathi influencers, they contribute to the vibrant and diverse landscape of digital content emanating from Maharashtra.

5. Jay Dudhanu

Known as the chocolate boy of Marathi influencers, Jay Dudhanu first captured attention on Splitsvilla. Beyond his charming looks and cutesy personality, Jay is a gym freak and proudly owns a gym in Thane, Maharashtra.

His magnetic charm has garnered a substantial following, making him a popular figure on social media. So, follow Jay for a delightful mix of charm, fitness, and glimpses into his life in Maharashtra.

6. Twinkle Kapoor

With a massive following of over 5. million, Twinkle Kapoor is considered a doll model by her fans. Rising to fame through TikTok, she later became the lead in the Telugu horror movie ‘Banjara.’ Twinkle’s success story is a testament to the power of social media, where she transitioned from a TikTok sensation to a renowned Hollywood actress hailing from Maharashtra.

7. Eesha Agarwal

Eesha Agarwal, a stunning model and aspiring actress, has captured the hearts and attention of over 153K people on Instagram. Besides winning the title of Miss India International in Thailand, Eesha is making her mark in Bollywood and Tollywood films. Follow this Marathi influencer for a glimpse into the glamorous world of modeling and cinema.

8. Jahnavi Kiran Killekar

An Indian soap opera actress, Jahnavi Kiran Killekar, is celebrated for her roles in Marathi television. Born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, she made her television debut with ‘Shree Gurudev Dutt’ in 2019, earning adoration from the audience and paving the way for a successful television career.

9. Parth Kendre

Hailing from Mumbai, Parth Kendre has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of Marathi content creation. With a passion for storytelling, Parth’s engaging narratives, showcased on both Instagram and YouTube, have garnered him a loyal fan base. His versatility extends to the world of music videos, where he has left an indelible mark, making Parth Kendre a rising star and a cultural ambassador for Marathi traditions.

Parth’s ability to seamlessly connect with his audience in the Marathi language reflects a deep appreciation for the cultural tapestry of Maharashtra. So, as his popularity continues to soar, Parth Kendre is poised to become one of the leading influencers, leaving an enduring impact on the landscape of Marathi content creation.

10. Prafullata Patil

Prafullata Patil has swiftly risen as a notable Marathi influencer, gaining popularity for her unique content in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niche. With a substantial following of over 336K on Instagram, Prafullata has become a vibrant presence in the Marathi content creation landscape. Her videos, marked by an entertaining and informative flair, showcase her dynamic personality, and her lip-sync performances are a delightful addition that never fails to bring a smile to her audience.

Beyond her talent in content creation, Prafullata is also recognized for her impressive dance moves, often incorporating them into her videos. This multi-talented influencer has captivated viewers with her natural storytelling and authentic portrayal of lifestyle elements. So, Prafullata Patil’s creativity and passion for fashion and beauty make her a rising star, promising to make a significant mark in the world of Marathi influencers in the years ahead.

11. Prasad & Deepika

Prasika, meaning Prasad and Deepika, is a channel that chronicles the journey of a couple from school to marriage. They primarily share videos of various food recipes on the channel. Prasika currently has over 730K followers. In addition, they have individual followers and followers on YouTube as well.

The couple shares videos about their everyday lives, which makes their content relatable to viewers. The couple’s videos are well-edited and entertaining, which keeps viewers hooked. Plus, the couple’s passion for food is evident in their videos, which makes them enjoyable to watch. The couple is not afraid to be themselves, which makes them relatable to viewers.

12. Ankita Pramod Prabhu Valavalakar

Top 15 Marathi Influencers in India to Follow in 2024

Ankita Pramod Prabhu Valavalakar, also known as kokanheartedgirl, is a girl hailing from the Konkan region. She is a versatile individual with multiple roles – she is a food blogger, an entrepreneur running a restaurant, a traveler, a model, and additionally, she is also an influencer. Ankita excelled in her studies, holding a degree in engineering. At the age of 25, Ankita has more than three lakh followers. She particularly shares daily life anecdotes through videos.

13. Vinayak Mali

Dadus, Sheth… such names identify Vinayak Mali. Vinayak hails from Panvel. He has gained popularity on Instagram as well as YouTube. Initially, Vinayak worked with the Wipro company. However, after completing his LLB, Vinayak faced opposition from his own home, which is why he never revealed it himself. Nevertheless, his videos went so viral that he even received approval at home. Vinayak initially created videos in Hindi, but he did not receive much response. That’s when he started making videos in his native language, and that’s where he shone.

Aged 28, the eccentric Vinayak has more than nine lakh followers. Apart from this, Vinayak also aims to establish his own hotel. He has also worked in web series.

14. Mangesh Kaakad

Mangaji, also known as Mangesh Kakad, goes by the intriguing alias “Oh Pappa… Patil.” Mangesh originally hails from Nashik. Before becoming an influencer, he is an engineer and concurrently a theater artist. Mangaji has earned the love of 941K people on Instagram. Beyond his engineering career, Mangesh chooses to spend his life pursuing his own passion.

Before venturing into the world of being an influencer, he had established himself as a theater artist. As an engineer, Mangesh has managed to carve out a niche for himself, earning the affection of a large following on Instagram. Let’s continue to shower Mangaji with our love as he continues to follow his passion in life.

15. Atharva Sudame

In Pune, true Punekars are represented by Atharv Sudame, a graduate in commerce from Pune. The distinctive feature that defines him as a true Punekar is the subject matter of Atharv’s content, which revolves around the essence of Pune. Personally, I also enjoy his videos on this theme. At the age of 24, Atharv has garnered more than 1.4M followers on Instagram. What sets Atharv apart is that he not only aimed to become an influencer but also pursued his passion for acting, with a touch of a unique charm. Even during the challenges posed by COVID, Atharv maintained his passion. In addition to being an influencer, Atharv Sudame has also worked in series available on YouTube.

Wrapping up: Marathi influencers in India

In the vibrant landscape of Marathi influencers, these remarkable individuals stand out for their creativity, authenticity, and cultural contributions. From the laughter-inducing escapades of Sharayu and Aniket to the dynamic storytelling of Parth Kendre and the glamorous world explored by Twinkle Kapoor and Eesha Agarwal, each influencer brings a unique flavor to the Marathi content scene. As we embark on a journey through the digital realm, these personalities not only entertain but also serve as cultural ambassadors, showcasing the richness of Maharashtra. Follow along for a delightful blend of humor, lifestyle, travel, and a celebration of Marathi culture, making 2024 an exciting year to stay connected with these top Marathi influencers.

FAQs – Marathi Influencers in India

Who are some popular Marathi influencers in India?

Marathi influencers come from various fields and have gained popularity on different platforms. Here are a few examples:

  • Fashion and Lifestyle: Urmila Nimbalkar (Instagram, YouTube)
  • Comedy: Prajakta Koli (mostly known as Mostly Sane) (Instagram, YouTube)
  • Entertainment: Shiv Thakare (Bigg Boss Marathi winner, choreographer) (Instagram)
  • Modeling: Twinkle (Instagram)

Where can I find Marathi influencers?

Several platforms can help you discover Marathi influencers, including:

  • Social media: Look for hashtags like #MarathiInfluencer, #MarathiBlogger, or search by category (e.g., #MarathiFashion).
  • Influencer marketing platforms: These platforms allow searching for influencers based on various criteria, including language.
  • Articles and blog posts: Search online for articles or blog posts listing “Top Marathi Influencers” or similar.

How can I collaborate with Marathi influencers?

The process of collaborating with influencers is similar regardless of their language. Here’s a general guideline:

  1. Identify your target audience and campaign goals.
  2. Research and shortlist relevant Marathi influencers.
  3. Contact the influencer and discuss the collaboration opportunity.
  4. Negotiate the terms and conditions, including compensation.
  5. Execute the campaign and track its performance.

What are some things to consider when working with Marathi influencers?

  • Engagement rate: Look beyond follower count and consider the influencer’s engagement rate with their audience.
  • Content style and brand alignment: Ensure the influencer’s content style aligns with your brand and target audience.
  • Transparency and disclosure: Ensure the influencer clearly discloses any sponsored content or collaborations.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, and new influencers are constantly emerging. By following these tips, you can effectively connect with the right Marathi influencers to reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

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