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Urban Company Launches ‘Chhoti Soch’ Campaign for a Purpose

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Urban Company, the service connection platform, has just introduced a campaign called ‘Chhoti Soch’, conceptualized by Talented agency. This campaign is all about changing the way people think about certain jobs. It’s a follow-up to their earlier campaign called ‘Chhota Kaam,’ which focused on bathroom cleaners.

What Urban Company’s ‘Chhoti Soch’ Campaign Is About

The new campaign tells the story of a young massage therapist who faces unkind comments from her neighbors. Her own brother’s friends make fun of her job, which upsets her brother. Despite the hurtful remarks, she decides to confront the negative ideas about her work, both for herself and her family.

In the story, we see the protagonist dealing with her emotions. Eventually, there’s a touching moment where her family comes to appreciate and respect her job. Just like ‘Chhota Kaam,’ this campaign also carries a strong message that every job deserves respect.

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Why It Matters

The release of ‘Chhoti Soch’ is happening around International Women’s Day, making it a part of celebrating women’s achievements worldwide. The campaign not only challenges common beliefs about certain jobs but also shows the strength of women in the face of challenges. By featuring a woman who stands up against stereotypes and values her work, ‘Chhoti Soch’ celebrates the empowerment of women and asks viewers to think about the importance of treating everyone equally.

Reflection on Past Success: “Chhota Kaam”

Urban Company’s previous campaign, ‘Chhota Kaam,’ tackled the unfair treatment of bathroom cleaners. It showed a moment where a child asks a bathroom cleaner a hurtful question. Instead of getting upset, the cleaner has a meaningful conversation with the child, teaching the importance of integrity in any job.

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Recent Challenges for Urban Company

However, we can’t ignore the challenges Urban Company faced last year. In June 2023, beauticians protested, claiming they were treated unfairly. They said Urban Company blocked or fired workers without good reasons, like cancellations and low ratings.

Some people on the internet noticed the connection between the campaign and Urban Company’s past problems. While many appreciated the campaign, some users were doubtful and upset about the issues between the company and its workers.


Even though Urban Company’s recent campaigns promote respecting all jobs, we can’t forget the difficulties they faced last year. As the company gets ready for an IPO, people are watching closely. These campaigns are a way for Urban Company to show a positive image, but they also remind us of the challenges and tensions between gig workers and the platforms they work for.

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