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Shruti Acharya: Mom Influencer Unleashing Creativity

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In a world where creativity is essential, it’s no surprise that more and more parents are seeking ways to engage their children in artistic activities. That’s where Shruti Acharya comes in. As the founder of Artsy Craftsy Mom, an award-winning blog dedicated to children’s art and creativity, Shruti has become a valuable resource for parents and educators seeking inspiration and guidance. Let’s take a closer look at her journey and what inspires her to help others unleash their creativity.

About Shruti Acharya

Shruti Acharya is a Mompreneur based in Bangalore, India, who started her journey with Artsy Craftsy Mom in 2012. The blog began as a way for her to chronicle her experiences crafting with her daughter and as a way to engage her in a meaningful way. Since then, it has grown into a treasure trove of ideas, information, and inspiration for parents and educators looking to make art and craft accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Early Life

Shruti Acharya (Bhat) currently lives with her daughter and husband in Bangalore, India. Her passion for art and creativity goes back a long way. Even as a child, she enjoyed exploring her artistic side, and this love for all things creative only grew stronger.


She holds a degree in Computer Engineering but decided to pursue her passion for art and creativity after her daughter was born. She worked as a Lead Quality Analyst at Oracle until the end of 2016 before deciding to focus full-time on Artsy Craftsy Mom.


Artsy Craftsy Mom has come a long way since its inception.

  • Received multiple awards and mentions from well-established sites and print media, including Times of India, Women’s Web, Timeout Mumbai, and Timeout Delhi.
  • Shruti’s crafts have been regularly featured in leading children’s magazines such as Child Magazine and Mother’s World by Mahindra Retail.
  • Additionally, collaborated with leading brands and organizations to promote art and creativity among children, including Faber-Castell, Kidsstopress, and Play-Doh.
  • Has inspired and empowered thousands of parents and children to explore their creativity and also develop new skills through her blog, workshops, and other initiatives.

What Inspired Shruti Acharya to Become a Content Creator?

Shruti’s inspiration for starting Artsy Craftsy Mom was her desire to spend more time with her daughter and engage her in a meaningful way. Crafting with her child became their bonding time. And Shruti wanted to share her experiences and inspire other parents to do the same. Through her blog, she aims to make art and craft accessible and also enjoyable for everyone.

Suggestions for Budding Mommy Entrepreneurs

Shruti stated, “Be passionate, genuine, and helpful. Don’t lose hope. Like I always say ” Entrepreneurship is not a 100-meter dash, it’s a marathon”

Forgive yourself – Some days my house is spic & span but I feel like I’ve really failed as a blogger, some days my blog is amazing and I feel like I’ve failed as a mother. It’s okay, we are humans. 

Tomorrow is another day.”

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Content Creators That Shruti Acharya Follows

Here are some content creators that inspire Shruti, along with their areas of focus:

@stylemeupwothsakshi – Inspires body positivity and self-love.

@preethiprabhudotcom – Shares amazing interior design ideas and inspiration.

@whiskaffair – Provides foolproof and yummy recipes for people to try out in their kitchens.

@hellowonderful_co – Shares wonderful and creative kids’ craft ideas for parents and educators to try out with their children.

Work-Life Balance

Shruti manages her work-life balance by dedicating weekends to family time and setting aside a specific time and space for work during the week. She also puts her phone on airplane mode during work hours to minimize distractions.

Artsy Craftsy Mom Blog

On the Artsy Craftsy Mom blog, Shruti shares ideas, information, and inspiration to encourage parents and educators to enjoy and share art & craft with the kids in their lives. The blog features several posts a week on kids’ art ideas, seasonal crafts, and family fun activities. It’s not just about making crafts with and for children; there are also handy parenting tips on everything from throwing a birthday party to book recommendations and recipes. However, holiday craft posts are particularly popular.

The blog has about 22,000 web subscribers and gets as many as 50,000 page views on holidays. Additionally, in a month, Shruti gets about 3 lakh page views, making it a fulfilling journey for her.

Challenges and Pet Peeves

As with any business, Shruti has also faced challenges as a mommy blogger. She finds managing finances, paying taxes, and registering her company to be challenging. She also finds it difficult when people are not willing to pay to be featured on her blog task for free or for very low compensation.

Additionally, Shruti’s pet peeve is receiving unsolicited emails or messages from people asking her to promote their products or services for free. She also believes that bloggers and content creators should be paid for their time and effort, just like any other professional.

Shruti Acharya’s brand collaborations




How to reach Shruti Acharya







Shruti Acharya’s Artsy Craftsy Mom blog is a valuable resource for parents and educators looking to engage kids in art and creativity. Through her blog, she has inspired countless parents spend quality time with their kids and also foster creativity in their lives. Her journey as a mommy blogger shows that with passion, dedication, and hard work, anything is possible.

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