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Happy Birthday Sidharth Malhotra: Charting the Actor’s Brand Endorsement Success

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Wishing a very happy birthday to the handsome hunk of Bollywood, Sidharth Malhotra! A man who has had us singing along to his chartbuster songs like ‘Kukkad’ from his debut movie Student of the Year, ‘Disco Disco’ from the movie A Gentleman, and ‘Manike’ from Thank God 2. He has been ruling our hearts and the silver screen with his dashing looks and incredible acting skills since 2012 and is one of the most successful and sought-after actors in the industry today.

Apart from being a stellar actor, Sidharth has also been successful in the brand endorsement game. From being the face of Happilo to Pepe Jeans India to Oppo to Coca-Cola to Onefit Plus, the actor has been associated with many eminent brands. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the advertisements and endorsements that have made Sidharth the success he is today. 

Happilo (2022)

Sidharth Malhotra collaborated with the Happilo International Private Limited. Happilo is a direct-to-consumer health food brand that promotes the concept of snacking on protein-rich, healthy snacks. To popularize this concept, the company finds Sidharth a perfect fit as he is a foodie who believes in staying fit. He is the perfect embodiment of the brand ethos of being healthy and delicious. His commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle makes him an ideal ambassador for the campaign and is sure to resonate with the audiences. In this campaign, Kiara Advani was also featured with Sidharth.

In 2022, he was also seen with other brands like Scottey eyewear, Kloze advance razers & Money Gram.

OneFitPlus (2021)

Sidharth has also teamed up with India’s largest fit-tech company, OneFitPlus. Again in this campaign, along with Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani has been signed on as the brand ambassador for OneFitPlus. Malhotra has been chosen to help promote their personal fitness programs and exercise machines. Malhotra’s determination and rigour make him the perfect fit for this venture. Hence, he is the perfect example of youth fitness, and his partnership with OneFitPlus adds to the brand’s vision of making exercise effortless and helping people in achieving their fitness goals.

The two endorsed India’s first multiplayer fitness gaming version within the Fitwarz app.

Timex (2021)

In 2021, Timex -the watchmaker unveiled its digital brand campaign  – WE DON’T STOP™ featuring Malhotra and global influencers in the brand film. This campaign conveys a message of hope and resiliency as many around the world continue to persevere in the face of difficult circumstances.

At the launch, Sidharth Malhotra said, “I am glad to associate with Timex for this inspiring campaign – We Don’t Stop. It’s so authentic and truly celebrates the pride and determination that people across the world are demonstrating. Really like how the brand is encouraging everyone to challenge the status quo and inspiring them to keep moving forward. I believe that everyone has their own  individual We Don’t Stop story and each story should be shared with the world.” 

Tuborg (2020) 

In 2020, Sidharth was featured in the Tuborg Zero Soda commercial with Kriti Kharbanda.

Pepe Jeans India (2018)

Malhotra partnered with Pepe Jeans India in 2018. He was chosen as the face of the denim brand’s spring-summer 2018 campaign #MadeToCreate. Also being the first Indian ambassador for an international clothing brand, Malhotra was able to gain a lot of engagement from his fans. 

Oppo (2018)

Malhotra was a natural choice for the smartphone brand Oppo when he was gaining rapid popularity in Bollywood. He appeared in a TV commercial for the brand along with Deepika Padukone. The commercial was well received by viewers and helped to further boost Malhotra’s career. 

Again for the same brand Oppo, in 2019 he was seen in Valentine’s special commercial with Kritika Kharbanda.

Coca-Cola (2015)

Malhotra’s brand endorsement success story is incomplete without a mention of Coca-Cola. The actor appeared in Coca-Cola TV commercials in 2015. He was seen with his Student of the Year co-star Alia Bhatt in one of the ads and also promoted Sprite from the Coca-Cola company. 

And, again in 2016 he again came up with another Coca- Cola Ad.

Ponds (2015)

Malhotra entered the brand advertising career almost eight years ago with Ponds Dreamflower talc with Sonal Chauhan. Moreover, it was his first ad and additionally, he was the first-ever actor who endorse a female cosmetic brand.

In conclusion, Sidharth Malhotra has accomplished a great deal in his career as an actor, but it is his success as a brand ambassador that has truly set him apart. His ability to relate to a broad audience and create an aspirational image for his brand partners has allowed him to become one of the most recognizable faces in Indian entertainment. As he turns a year older, one can expect to see Sidharth Malhotra continuing to rise in the world of brand endorsements and make his mark as an icon for a new generation.

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