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Piramal Finance’s new campaign weighs the value of “Neeyat” over “Kagaz”

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Piramal Finance has come up with a new campaign where they are talking about the value of “Neeyat” over “Kagaz”. “Your economic status is not eligible for us to provide you a loan, sorry we can’t give you a loan.” Such a statement was very common back in those days when EWS category people were restricted to their economic status to have a loan, but Piramal Finance’s new campaign launches benefits and support in providing loans to unprivileged and EWS category sections of India.

To support this campaign, Piramal Finance has come up with 2 ad films, conceptualized by ad agency Womb. They launched their two ad films under the title ‘Hum Kagaz se zyaada neeyat dekhte hai(We see intentions more than paper). The ad film captures two different lives of unprivileged people who are going through the roadblocks of their life and trying to avail of loans for a better lifestyle. Piramal Finance shows how they stand firm with such sections in their time of misery and help them to pursue happiness.

The highlight of the campaign was to showcase Piramal Finance’s tailor-made product offerings in the form of home loans, personal loans, Business loans, and other support by not keeping consumer credit history/documents as a major eligibility but prioritizing their objective, honesty, intent, and integrity.

The first ad film shows a little girl looking at the leak on the roof of his house and asking her dad “can we get a new house?”, where her mother supports her statement and tell her father to apply for a home loan. But due to a lack of papers and documents, her father hesitates to apply for a loan. When Piramal Finance comes into the frame to highlight this situation under the tagline “We look for intent beyond papers”.

Piramal finance posted this ad film on their social media platform, Instagram.

The second ad film was also drawn over the platform of “Intent over paper”. We can see an agent of Piramal Finance approaching a blacksmith working where the blacksmith assumes that the agent is here to reject his loan approval as he doesn’t have any paper related to his work. But the agent assures him that he’ll definitely get a loan as Piramal Finance looks for people’s intent beyond papers.

Arvind Iyer, Head of Marketing, Piramal Capital and Housing Finance, said, “There are a lot of people in our country who are unserved and underserved and aren’t deemed credit-worthy for a whole host of reasons, and they have to face many roadblocks even before they begin their loan journey. At Piramal Finance, we aim to innovate and develop flexible solutions to fulfill the credit needs of this customer segment and help them achieve their financial goals and aspirations.” 

“Our customer is pivotal to how we engage in business, and we are incredibly thrilled to launch our maiden campaign ‘Hum Kagaz se zyaada neeyat dekhte hain’. The maiden campaign conveys a strong and positive message that consumers with the right intent to repay their loan can avail themselves of services from Piramal Finance. The campaign marks the birth of our customer brand Piramal Finance, as an NBFC-HFC, serving the needs of the Bharat customer. By giving them simple financing options that build optimism and a sense of abundance, enabled by our solutions.”

Kawal Shoor, Founding Partner, of The Womb, said,Real India works in its shops and lives in modest homes. This real India or Bharat in marketing lingo hasn’t yet seen the fruits of financial inclusion. The loan narrative in Indian advertising has always brought alive aspirations of white-collar India – “travel abroad”, “study abroad”, “own house just around marriage”, and so on, which are alien and unrelatable dreams for the real India that is still struggling for stability and some growth. This India works harder and earns sweat money.

“Many in this India are still outside the tax bracket. Others earn legitimate income but in cash, and hence they don’t have the documentation required by large financial loan providers. What the striving blue-collar/pink-collar/grey-collar workers have in abundance though, is character and honest intentions. ‘Neeyat’ as a thought encompasses these virtues in a phrase that means so much more but doesn’t totally translate into English. ‘Hum kaagaz se zyaada, neeyat dekhte hain’ as the brand idea captured the essence of Piramal Finance’s proposition with not just accuracy, but heart. And that’s what we launch the campaign with – soulful stories of struggle, character, and optimism.”

Akshat Trivedi, Creative Lead, The Womb, said, “Often you get exciting briefs and sometimes you get a soulful brief too. ‘Neeyat’ as a space gave us a path to deep dive into relevant human stories. Here is a couple of them to begin with. Shot in a real authentic location with as much real possible execution. We are prepared to touch our audience not only through stories but through a thoughtfully crafted integrated campaign around the theme.”

The company also unveiled the new logo for the customer-facing brand ‘Piramal Finance’ and this new logo will be used for the leading business and all the branches across India.

People Involved

Agency: The Womb

Founding partners: Kawal Shoor and Navin Talreja

Creative team: Akshat Trivedi, Sohil Wadhwania, Makarand Berde, Hrishikesh Paranjape

Planning team: Sneha Raina, Varchas Sinha

Account management: Dhaval Jadwani, Rajat Pandey and Deepshikha Dutta

Production house: Chrome Pictures

Director: Hemant Bhandari

Producer: Daniel Amanna

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