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Women Who Explore: Celebrating Female Travel Influencers Who Inspire Adventure

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Traveling is a transformative experience that can broaden our horizons, challenge our assumptions, and inspire us to explore the world with an open mind. For women, in particular, travel can be a powerful tool for personal growth and empowerment. Female travel influencers have emerged as a vibrant and influential community, sharing their adventures, insights, and perspectives with millions of followers around the globe. From solo backpackers to luxury jet-setters, these women are breaking stereotypes, pushing boundaries, and celebrating the diversity and beauty of our planet. 

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your next trip or looking to connect with like-minded travelers, female travel influencers offer a unique and valuable perspective on the joys and challenges of exploring the world as a woman. In this blog, we will highlight some of the most inspiring and impactful female travel influencers and explore the lessons and insights they have to share.

In this blog, we’ll have a look at some of the most inspiring female travel influencers who have captured our hearts and inspired us to travel.

1- Veidehi Gite 

Instagram – thekrazybutterfly

Veidehi Gite is an award-winning luxury travel blogger from Mumbai, India, who quit her job as Head of Communications at WPP, the world’s largest advertising company, to follow her passion for travelling. She has been to over 20 countries and has documented her travels through her blog, Krazy Butterfly, where she shares stories of different destinations, restaurants and hotels from around the world to help fellow travellers.

Veidehi travels at least once a month to national and international destinations, toggling between slow and fast-paced travel. She has won multiple awards, including Holidify’s Top Solo Woman Travel Influencer of India Award. In her travels, she has climbed Sigiriya Rock Fortress, zip-lined on a cruise, and participated in adventure sports. The biggest lessons from her years of travelling are patience and embracing spontaneity, making her an extremely flexible person with time.

Veidehi also has a blogging website Krazy Butterfly where she covers travel and lifestyle topics. 

2. Kamya Buch- 

Instagram – wanderingkamya

Kamya Buch is a travel writer, digital nomad, and entrepreneur from the UK. She has been living a nomadic lifestyle since 2015, and has traveled to over 20 countries since then. She has created a successful blog, which she uses to share her experiences and thoughts on travel, spirituality, environmental awareness, drug awareness, and lifestyle topics.

Kamya is also the founder of Healing Planet Earth, an NGO that focuses on organizing plastic clean-up drives and raising awareness about environmental issues. Kamya is the person who prefers solo travelling to travelling with a group. She enjoys her own space and freedom, and detests the idea of travelling with a group. She has met people she loves on the road, and has gone places with them, but she ultimately prefers her own company.

Kamya’s primary spiritual homes are the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, and the UK where she is from. Whenever she needs to slow down, she usually stays put somewhere for a few weeks. Kamya’s mission is to use her platform to share content that means something to her, whilst also making use of the numbers to create change in society. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering others and looks forward to continuing her journey of self-discovery.

3. Neelima Vallangi- 

Instagram- neelimav

Neelima Vellangi is an Indian travel writer and photographer, who left her job as a programmer to become a digital nomad. She is passionate about offbeat and adventure travel, preferring to explore remote corners in search of extraordinary stories. Neelima is also a strong advocate for responsible tourism, writing extensively about reducing plastic waste in the mountains.

Neelima’s website, “The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales,” features her travel stories, guides, and photo essays, with a particular focus on the Himalayas and Western Ghats. Her header menu helps readers find posts from each of the Indian states she has visited.

Neelima’s Instagram account showcases her stunning photography, with breathtaking images of landscapes, people, and cultures from around the world. Her monsoon trail stories are particularly inspiring, encouraging readers to explore India’s rainy season and embrace the beauty of the season.

Neelima’s work as a female travel influencer has helped promote responsible tourism and inspire others to travel off the beaten path. She is a testament to the power of following your passions and pursuing a life of adventure and exploration.

4. Shivya Nath- 

Instagram- shivya

Shivya Nath is an award-winning female travel influencer, writer, photographer and digital nomad. In 2011, she quit her 9-to-5 corporate job with a dream of travelling the world, and in 2013 she began living on the road full-time. In 2015, she turned vegan and pledged to cut out all animal products from her diet and lifestyle. This decision has had a huge impact on her travel experiences, as she has found ways to explore the world as an ethical vegan traveller.

Shivya is a passionate advocate for sustainable travel and has worked with tourism businesses to measure their environmental impact and develop community-led tourism projects. She has also released The Shooting Star Collection – sustainable travel-inspired clothing that raises funds to grow forests in Uttarakhand – and co-founded Voices of Rural India, a platform that creates digital storytelling opportunities for rural communities affected by the tourism shutdown following Covid-19.

In 2020, Shivya was awarded gold for best communicator at the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards India and was featured among 15 travel trailblazers by Travel + Leisure India and South Asia. Shivya’s mission is to inspire people to travel the world, embrace local ways of life, spend time with local communities and minimize their environmental impact. 

5. Ankita Kumar– 


Ankita Kumar, better known as Anki, is a popular travel blogger from India. She is an adventurer who loves to explore new places, cultures, and cuisines. Her blog, Monkey Inc, is a treasure trove of travel stories, tips, and experiences. Anki has a deep passion for vibrant colours, unusual foods, and chilling out. Her travels have taken her to some of the most breathtaking locations in the world, from the plateaus of Peru and Bolivia to the Himalayan peaks and valleys of her home turf.

Anki’s travel photos have a unique style that showcases the beauty of the places she visits, along with her love for colourful clothing. Her Instagram account is full of postcard-like images that capture the essence of her travels. Whether she’s in Ladakh, wearing a bright orange jacket against the snowy mountains, or in Bangalore Palace, in a vibrant pink dress against the ornate interiors, her photos always have a cohesive and distinct style.

Anki’s travel experiences are not just about the thrill of adventure, though. She also has a keen eye for the everyday life of people in different parts of the world. Her blog posts often highlight the little nuances that make each place unique, from the traditions and customs to the architecture and landscape.

6. Kritika Goel-

Instagram-  kritika_goel

Kritika Goel is a popular female travel influencer from Vellore, India. She is a postgraduate diploma holder in Advertising and Marketing Communications from the Xavier Institute of Communications. She completed her graduation in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

Kritika started her professional journey as an account executive at Lowe Lintas & Partners in Bengaluru, India, in November 2013. After working in four different companies, she decided to quit her 9-to-5 job to pursue her passion for travelling and become a full-time content creator in 2017.

Kritika started her travel journey in 2016 with a trip to Bali and started creating vlogs and blogs on her experiences. She faced criticism while travelling and vlogging, but she didn’t stop and kept on sharing her travel stories. With her hard work and dedication, her Youtube channel now has more than 530K subscribers.

Kritika plans her international trips two months prior and loves to explore different countries in the future. In 2022, she travelled over 16 countries. Isn’t that amazing?

Apart from travelling, Kritika’s hobbies include photography, reading books, and watching movies. Kritika is an inspiration to many young girls who want to pursue their passion for travelling and explore the world. 

7. Lakshmi Sharath- 

Instagram- lakshmisharath

Lakshmi Sharath is also a female travel influencer based in Bangalore, India, who has made a name for herself in the crowded travel industry with her immersive and informative travel content creation. Her journey started in 2005 when she decided to marry her two passions, writing and travel, and started travel blogging. Since then, Lakshmi Sharath has been weaving stories of people, places, myths and legends, food, arts, crafts, and more to create a strategic brand fit for her clients.

Her unique selling point is her storytelling ability, which sets her apart in the cluttered travel space. Her content is not always focused on herself, but on the fascinating stories that she comes across during her travels. She believes that stories make a place, and she strives to tell them in quirky, funny, hard-hitting, emotional, or interesting ways.

In addition to being a travel blogger, Lakshmi Sharath has had a successful career in media, where she launched FM radio stations across South India and worked as a TV producer. Lakshmi Sharath is known for creating offbeat and useful travel stories that are relatable to her audience. Overall, Lakshmi Sharath is an immersive, informative travel content creator who has made a name for herself in the crowded travel industry with her storytelling ability.

8. Priyanka Chandola- 

Instagram- desigirltraveller

Priyanka Chandola is a popular Indian travel vlogger known as DesiGirl Traveller. Her YouTube channel boasts more than 3 million views, and her videos offer amazing visual storytelling, capturing her travel experiences in a unique and captivating way. In addition to travel, her videos also offer budget food and shopping hacks, making them helpful for all travel enthusiasts.

Chandola has a diverse educational and professional background, including a B Tech from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bangalore, a PGD in Digital Marketing from Delhi, and an MBA in Marketing from Kathmandu University. She worked for Mahindra Satyam and UNICEF Nepal before becoming the Marketing and Communication Manager for Delhipedia, one of India’s largest online communities for cities. With over nine years of experience, Chandola decided to start her own YouTube channel in 2017, where she documents her travel experiences, offering viewers a virtual tour of various destinations. Priyanka’s videos are highly elaborate, providing a detailed guide to travel and are a treat for all travel enthusiasts.

Overall, Priyanka Chandola is an inspiring and successful female travel vlogger who has made a mark in the digital content creation industry with her talent, passion, and hard work.

9. Ami Bhat-

Instagram- amibhat

Ami Bhat is a post-graduate marketing professional turned full-time travel blogger and writer. She is passionate about travel and believes in planning a getaway for every long weekend that comes up throughout the year. When she’s unable to travel physically, she travels virtually through her words on her travel blog- Thrilling Travel. Ami is a heritage buff, nature enthusiast, adventure adrenaline junkie, and wildlife lover. She stops counting the number of places she has traveled to because she believes that the best way to open oneself to the world is to immerse oneself in every possible experience a place has to offer.

Ami’s expertise extends to branding, product management, brand communication, marketing communication, market research, market analysis, competition analysis, strategic planning, sales analysis, digital marketing, social media optimization, and search engine optimization. She is also an avid photographer and sports enthusiast who enjoys playing badminton, swimming, and running. With her restless spirit and love for travel, Ami Bhat is a travel blogger and writer who inspires others to explore the world around them.

So, female travel influencers are leading the way in the travel industry, inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds to explore the world around them. Through their stories and adventures, they are breaking down stereotypes, pushing boundaries, and celebrating the diversity and beauty of our planet. Whether they are solo backpackers, luxury jet-setters, or somewhere in between, these women offer a unique and valuable perspective on the joys and challenges of exploring the world as a woman. We hope this blog has highlighted some of the most inspiring and impactful female travel influencers, and that their lessons and insights will continue to inspire and empower women to explore the world with confidence and curiosity. So, let’s pack our bags and set out on our next adventure, inspired by the incredible women who have come before us.

Stay tuned to us as we are going to feature different stories to celebrate women in the upcoming days.

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