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Arthan “She The Change” Women at Work conference.

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Arthan Women at Work conference, ‘She the Change: Empowering Voices, Enriching Workplaces,’ is a pioneering event that promotes gender equity and inclusion in the development sector. With a primary keyword of “She the Change,” this conference brings together leaders, experts, and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to foster dialogue, knowledge exchange, and networking opportunities. Our aim is to create communities of practice centered around diversity, inclusion, and gender equity in the workplace.

Key Highlights

  • Empowering Voices: The conference features inspiring keynote addresses from renowned speakers, Ms. Renana Jhabvala and Ms. Shrayana Bhattacharya, who share their insights on creating a conducive workplace environment and the importance of asserting one’s voice.
  • Landscape Study: Arthan presents key highlights from a landscape study that explores gender equity practices in nonprofits and their impact on women’s workforce participation and leadership. The study uncovers critical findings on gender integration in organizational strategies and practices, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • She the Change: Showcase: We shine a spotlight on organizations that have institutionalized gender integration and equality. Through presentations by leading organizations such as CFAR, Goonj, Good Business Lab, and TARSHI, we showcase their best practices that have contributed to positive change.
  • Panel Discussions: Two engaging panel discussions provide a platform for diverse perspectives on building gender equity at the workplace and incentivizing gender-intentional organizational behavior. Experts delve into topics like intersectionality, policy framing, and the importance of collaboration.
  • Networking Session: Our networking session, ‘Behind the Networking Scenes: Real Experiences, Real Impact,’ equips participants with valuable skills and strategies to enhance their networking abilities. Led by industry experts, participants gain practical insights into effective networking techniques.

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Key Speakers At The Women At Work Conference

Renowned experts, Ms. Renana Jhabvala and Ms. Shrayana Bhattacharya graced the stage as the key speakers at Arthan’s Women at Work Conference. Their insightful keynote addresses provided valuable perspectives on creating inclusive workplaces, empowering women’s voices, and addressing the unique challenges of the social impact sector.

Aim of The Conference: She The Change: Empowering Voices, Enriching Workplaces

Arthan’s Women at Work Conference, titled “She the Change: Empowering Voices, Enriching Workplaces,” had a clear mission of promoting diversity, inclusion, and gender equity in the development sector. The conference aimed to bring together organizational leaders, gender experts, and thought leaders to facilitate knowledge exchange, share good practices, and foster networking opportunities. By nurturing dialogue and forming communities of practice, the conference sought to drive positive change and create a more inclusive and supportive work environment for all.

Throughout the conference, attendees had the opportunity to engage in panel discussions, explore best practices showcased by leading organizations, and participate in networking sessions designed to enhance their professional growth and collaboration. By joining forces and embracing the vision of “She the Change,” participants were encouraged to play an active role in shaping a gender-equitable future within the development sector.

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The Women at Work Conference successfully served as a platform for empowering women, amplifying their voices, and driving meaningful change in workplaces across the sector.


In conclusion, Arthan’s Women at Work Conference, “She the Change: Empowering Voices, Enriching Workplaces,” successfully promoted diversity, inclusion, and gender equity in the development sector. The conference brought together leaders, experts, and thought leaders who shared valuable insights, showcased best practices and facilitated meaningful networking opportunities. By fostering collaboration and empowering individuals to drive positive change, the conference created a platform for building inclusive and empowering workplaces. Moving forward, it is essential to sustain the momentum generated by the conference and continue the journey towards a gender-equitable development sector by implementing shared insights and best practices, breaking barriers, and creating an environment where women can thrive in their careers.

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