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Top Automobile Influencers In India

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Vroom vroom! The invigorating sound of cars and bike in motion is universally cherished by all who appreciate the thrill of driving. That’s why we turn to the top automobile influencers, the driving forces behind this passion-fueled community.

These trailblazers have taken the digital realm by storm, captivating audiences with their expertise, creativity, and passion for all things on wheels. With their finger on the pulse of the automotive industry, they steer the conversation and set trends that leave a lasting impact. In this article, we delve into the realm of these top automobile influencers, exploring their journeys, their unique perspectives, and the impact they’ve had on the ever-evolving automobile landscape. Get ready to buckle up and join us as we unveil the powerhouses behind the wheel – the top automobile influencers of India.

Top 10 Automobile Influencers In India

1. Priyanka Kochhar

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Priyanka Kochhar, the driving force behind Bikewithgirl, is a top automobile influencer in India. With a passion for bikes and cars, she creates engaging video reviews, showcasing not only superbikes and Indian bikes but also customized vehicles. Her unique personality and love for two wheels are evident through her statement, “A girl who changes her bikes faster than her clothes. Priyanka Kochhar stands out as one of the top automobile influencers, captivating audiences with her firsthand experiences and testimonies.

2. Faisal Khan

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Faisal Khan, the founder of MotorBeam and FK-R, stands as one of the top automotive Instagrammers in India. Faisal’s passion for bikes and cars, coupled with his love for travel and food, shines through his content. As a TEDx speaker and holder of an MBA in finance degree, he brings a unique perspective to his reviews and discussions. From supercars to vintage wheels, tuk-tuks to ultra-luxury machines, Faisal has driven and reviewed them all, even venturing into unusual vehicles like motorhomes, excavators, and military trucks.

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3. Boopesh Reddy

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Boopesh Reddy, a prominent businessman in India, is not only recognized for his successful ventures but also for his deep love for cars. His passion and dedication towards automobiles have earned him fame and popularity among car enthusiasts.Known for his penchant for purchasing cars from different brands, Boopesh Reddy constantly seeks new and unique vehicles to add to his collection, showcasing his unwavering enthusiasm for the automotive world. Beyond his role as a businessman, Boopesh is also an influential figure, well-respected in the business community as the Managing Director of Bren Corporation Private Limited, headquartered in Bangalore.

4. Deepak Gadhigappa

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Deepak Gadhigappa, widely known as Vahana Priya, is a prominent automobile influencer and enthusiast, capturing the hearts of car and bike lovers alike. With an unwavering passion for both cars and bikes, Deepak has cemented his position as a respected figure in the automotive community. Through his captivating content, he imparts valuable insights, comprehensive reviews, and exciting updates to his devoted followers. Deepak’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the world of automobiles make him a trusted source of information and a go-to guide for enthusiasts and potential buyers.

5. Vishakha Fulsunge

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Vishaka Fulsunge, a prominent automobile and female car influencer, is a multifaceted personality who proudly identifies as a travelpreneur and moto vlogger. Her remarkable achievements include holding five India Book of Records titles, a testament to her dedication and passion. As a solo adventure traveler, Vishaka embarked on unforgettable journeys, with her Mumbai to Ladakh trip gaining recognition and admiration throughout India. With her inspiring journey and relentless pursuit of exploration, Vishaka continues to make her mark as a respected figure in the automotive and travel community.

6. Prabhjot Singh

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Prabhjot Singh, a passionate biker and travel enthusiast, uses his Instagram account as a platform to showcase his profound love for motorbikes. Through captivating posts and videos, he shares his experiences, lifestyle, and travels, providing his followers with a glimpse into his exciting world of two wheels. Prabhjot’s dedication to his craft and his ability to capture the essence of his biking adventures make him a compelling figure in the online motorcycle community.

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7. Ankit Sharma

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Ankit Sharma, one of India’s top automobile influencers, brings his dream of understanding and presenting the world of cars and motorbikes to life. With a deep passion for automobiles, he combines his love for photography and insights to captivate his followers. Collaborating with companies worldwide, Ankit has covered a multitude of brands and destinations, showcasing the beauty and intricacies of man-made machines through his awe-inspiring photography. His presence in the industry has solidified his status as a respected and admired figure, leaving enthusiasts in awe with his captivating content.

8. Candida Louis

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Candida Louis, one of India’s best automobile influencers, rose to prominence through her incredible feat of traveling from India to Australia on a motorcycle, covering a staggering 27,500 km on the road and passing through 9 countries along the way! As an avid adventurist and passionate motorcyclist, Candida’s thrilling journey captured the hearts of enthusiasts and travel aficionados alike. Her solo adventures, including a remarkable trip from Mumbai to Ladakh, have earned her widespread admiration and respect in both the automotive and travel communities.

9. Anam Hashim

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Anam Hashim, a trailblazing professional biker, has made an indelible mark on the automotive world with her awe-inspiring achievements and fearless spirit. One of her remarkable feats includes being one of the first women to conquer the challenging journey to Khardung La, covering a grueling distance of over 2,150 km on a TVS Scooty during the Himalayan Highs expedition. Beyond her personal triumphs, Anam is dedicated to creating a strong community of stunt riders, inspiring and mentoring aspiring riders to embrace their love for biking and stunting.

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10. Gagan Choudhary

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Gagan Choudhary, aka Ghumakkad Gagan, is a renowned Automobile and Travel Influencer, YouTuber, and Social Media influencer. With a focus on creating captivating content related to new motorcars, bikes, and scooters, as well as in-depth reviews and feature detailing, he has earned an impressive following. Gagan’s success as a social media influencer and content creator is a testament to his expertise and passion, captivating audiences with his insights and experiences in the automotive and travel domains, and leaving a lasting impact in the online world.

These were some of the best automobile influencers, but the list doesn’t end here. Let’s steer our car into the lane of some more automobile influencers. Each one adds their own flavor to the mix, showcasing their love for cars, bikes, and everything on wheels. Here we go…

Get Ready To Meet More Eccentric Unique In The Automotive World.


Top Automobile Influencers In India

Mahak Kapoor is the visionary behind Her Garage, India’s first female-owned automobile channel. As a trailblazing automobile influencer, she has carved a niche in the male-dominated industry, dedicating her platform to automobile and motorcycle reviews, comparisons, and walkarounds. With passion, expertise, and a commitment to breaking barriers, Mahak’s channel has inspired countless viewers, celebrating her love for all things on wheels while making a significant impact in the automotive community.

2. Rajni Chaudhary

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Rajni Chaudhary is a renowned travel vlogger, YouTube content creator, and automobile influencer, known for her captivating car reviews and owner experiences on the road. With a rich background in Electronics and Communication Engineering, she showcases her passion for automobiles through engaging YouTube videos. Her car reviews have garnered widespread attention, making her a respected figure in the automotive community. Rajni’s dedication to exploring and sharing her love for cars has inspired fellow enthusiasts, establishing her as a credible source for valuable automotive insights.

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3. Rohith

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Rohith 🇮🇳, a true adventurer at heart, embodies a profound love for bikes and automobiles that runs deep in his veins. To him, these magnificent machines are not just modes of transportation but gateways to endless possibilities and boundless freedom. The thrill of revving up the engine, the wind in his hair, and the open road ahead, all merge into a symphony of excitement and exhilaration that only a true biker can understand. With each ride, he connects with the road, the landscape, and the cultures he encounters, creating memories that last a lifetime.

4. Irfan Choudhary

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Meet the enthusiastic Irfan Choudhary, the proud owner of the exciting channel “MY COUNTRY MY RIDE.” Through his content, Irfan aims to provide valuable insights into the world of preowned cars and bikes, helping his subscribers find the best deals at reasonable prices. With a passion for educating his audience, he guides them on understanding the correct pricing for preowned vehicles.

5. Hani Musthafa

Top Automobile Influencers In India

Hani Musthafa, a dynamic individual with a burning passion for automobiles, is a prominent figure in the automotive world. As the Chief Editor of Flywheel, he drives the conversation forward, exploring and discussing all aspects of the car, automobile, automotive, automotive industry, and automotive marketing.


Top Automobile Influencers In India

Khushal Kumar, the go-to guy for all your car needs, is an expert in car reviews and provides regular updates on the latest models. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for automobiles, Khushal delivers comprehensive and insightful reviews that help car enthusiasts make informed decisions. Whether you’re looking for a stylish sedan or a powerful SUV, Khushal’s channel is the ultimate destination for staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of cars.

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The world of automobiles is a vibrant and exhilarating realm, filled with passionate influencers, thrilling adventures, and endless possibilities. From the daring motorcyclists exploring new horizons to the seasoned automobile enthusiasts sharing their expertise, each personality brings a unique flavor to the community. As we embark on these journeys with them, we witness the power of wheels to ignite dreams, create memories, and unite people with a shared love for the open road. Whether it’s the roar of a powerful engine or the elegance of a classic car, the allure of automobiles continues to captivate hearts and inspire the road warriors of tomorrow. So, let’s fasten our seatbelts and keep driving forward, exploring the wondrous world of automobiles together

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