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Akshay Kumar Faces Backlash For Appearing In Vimal Ad Again Despite Prior Apology

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Akshay Kumar is once again receiving strong backlash for his appearance in what appears to be a fresh Vimal Elaichi ad, alongside Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan. This backlash follows the disapproval he faced for his 2022 Vimal Pan Masala ad. On Sunday evening, Akshay Kumar left the internet perplexed. Despite his latest film, “Mission Raniganj,” struggling to gain traction at the box office, he grabbed everyone’s attention by featuring in an ad, which appeared to be a surrogate promotion for a pan masala brand he had previously apologized for endorsing.

Why Is Akshay Kumar Facing Backlash For Vimal Ad ?

Akshay Kumar is facing backlash for his involvement in a Vimal Ad due to several reasons. The controversy started when, during an ICC World Cup match between India and Australia, a new commercial for a pan masala brand featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, and Akshay Kumar aired. The issue is that Akshay had previously publicly apologized for promoting a tobacco brand and had announced that he would step back from such endorsements. However, his appearance in this new commercial raised questions about his commitment to that promise, leading to criticism from netizens who called out his perceived hypocrisy.

This backlash is not new for Akshay Kumar regarding Vimal ads. In 2022, he faced criticism for his first Vimal Elachi ad, which conflicted with his image as a fitness icon and someone who promotes a healthy lifestyle. Many of his fans were disappointed that he was endorsing a product that is detrimental to health, given his public persona.

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In response to the negative feedback, Akshay Kumar issued an apology on social media, stating that he respects everyone’s opinions and would not endorse the product further. He also mentioned that he would donate the endorsement fee to a worthy cause and that the ads would continue to air until the contract expired.

How Did People React To The Hypocrisy of Akshay Kumar?

People’s reactions to Akshay Kumar’s perceived hypocrisy in featuring in Vimal ads after publicly apologizing for endorsing a hazardous-to-health brand have been generally critical. Here are some common reactions:

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In conclusion, Akshay Kumar’s involvement in Vimal ads after publicly apologizing for endorsing a hazardous-to-health brand has sparked a wave of criticism and disappointment among the public. The backlash has been fueled by perceptions of double standards and a sense of betrayal, as many expected a greater sense of responsibility from a well-known figure promoting a healthy lifestyle.

This incident underscores the influence that celebrities wield over their audience and the ethical responsibility they bear when endorsing products. It serves as a reminder that public figures have a duty to align their actions with their public personas, especially when it comes to issues as critical as public health.

Furthermore, the public’s strong reaction highlights the power of social media and the collective voice of netizens in holding celebrities accountable for their actions. It remains to be seen how this controversy will impact Akshay Kumar’s image in the long run, but it undoubtedly underscores the importance of authenticity and consistency in celebrity endorsements and the expectations of the public they serve

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