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Brand Associations That Happened This Week: January 29th – February 5th

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Welcome to our Weekly Round-up of Brand Ambassadors for the period of January 29th to February 5th. Discover the latest buzz as we unveil the notable celebrities who have been chosen as brand ambassadors for various brands during this week. Dive into the exciting world of endorsements and explore which familiar faces are now representing prominent names in the industry.

Weekly Round-up of Brand Ambassadors

1. Akshay Kumar- Brand Ambassador of SG Mart

Weekly Round-up of Brand Ambassadors: January 29th - February 5th

SG Mart, a top B2B platform for building materials, just teamed up with popular actor Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador. The goal? Make SG Mart the go-to choice for building stuff by being strong, reliable, and well-liked. SG Mart is all about India, making and delivering quality materials nationwide. With Akshay Kumar on board, they’re set to spread the word through ads on TV, print, outdoors, and in stores. SG Mart’s leader, Shiv Bansal, is thrilled about this, seeing Akshay as a perfect match to showcase their top-notch products for the growing construction projects in the country.

2. Madelyn Cline- Global Brand Ambassador of Revlon

Weekly Round-up of Brand Ambassadors: January 29th - February 5th

Revlon, the famous American beauty brand, just named Madelyn Cline as its global ambassador. You might know her from Netflix’s Outer Banks. Madelyn, at 26, is now the face of Revlon’s beauty products worldwide. With a massive social media following of 25 million, she’s not just an actress but also a style icon and a go-to person for beauty tips. In her words, partnering with Revlon is a dream come true, and she’s thrilled to inspire women to live boldly. Revlon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Martine Williamson, praised Madelyn’s confidence and self-love, calling her an ideal role model.

So for Revlon India, this collaboration with Madelyn marks a big moment, as her influence is expected to inspire people in India and worldwide to embrace their unique beauty with confidence.

3. Vijay Varma- Brand Ambassador of YCOM

Weekly Round-up of Brand Ambassadors: January 29th - February 5th

YCOM, the mobile accessories brand, proudly welcomes acclaimed actor Vijay Varma as its brand ambassador for the #ApniSuno campaign.

In collaboration with TheAdCafe, the campaign introduces YCOM’s latest range of smart gadgets and mobile accessories, featuring Varma in interactions with young artists and athletes.

The narrative, aimed at resonating with India’s youth, underlines the brand’s commitment to offering affordable yet premium smartphone gadgets. Vijay Varma, known for his versatile roles, expresses genuine enthusiasm for representing a brand synonymous with youth power. YCOM, leveraging Varma’s strong resonance with the Indian audience, aims to establish itself as a trendsetter in the smart gadgets and mobile accessories market, targeting both digital and BTL platforms.

4. Rishabh Shetty- Brand Ambassador of Ramraj Cotton

Ramraj Cotton proudly announces actor ‘Kantara’ star Rishabh Shetty as its brand ambassador, a move aimed at boosting brand awareness in the Indian market. In a traditional Indian wedding setting, the new campaign featuring Shetty serves as a tribute to the dynamic cultures of India, showcasing Ramraj Cotton’s exquisite range of dhotis, shirts, and kurtas. The brand, with Shetty’s endorsement, aims to bring its high-quality, sustainable traditional and ethnic wear to a broader audience, reinforcing a profound message about the harmonious tapestry of diversity woven by the threads of traditions and heritage across the nation.

Wrapping up

So, as we wrap up this week’s Brand Ambassador Round-up, Akshay Kumar strengthens SG Mart’s reliability, Madelyn Cline becomes Revlon’s global icon, Vijay Varma champions YCOM’s youth appeal, and Rishabh Shetty brings cultural vibrancy to Ramraj Cotton’s lineup. Stay tuned for more star-powered updates in the world of brand partnerships!

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