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Harsha Bhogle Joins Forces with Atomberg in Latest TVC

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Atomberg unveiled a TVC starring Harsha Bhogle, exploring the essence of fandom. This addition extends their cricket partnerships for India home matches, 2024-26, expanding their universe of collaborations.

Harsh Bhogle features in Atomberg TVC

Atomberg recently introduced a TVC starring Harsha Bhogle, exploring the essence of being a fan. This enhances their existing cricket partnerships for India’s home matches from 2024 to 2026.

Harsha Bhogle, situated in the commentator’s box, directs his focus on an enthusiastic super-fan in the crowd, exclaiming ‘What a Fan!’ The TVC then seamlessly shifts to Atom and Berg, introducing a playful line of questioning. From inquiring about electricity conservation to remote control functionality, the questions leave Bhogle perplexed and the audience amused.

The narrative reshapes the traditional notion of ‘What a Fan!’ by seamlessly integrating Atomberg’s BLDC technology fan. This highlights the fan’s energy-saving capabilities, remote control features, and its potential to reduce electricity bills, aligning the two concepts.

Atomberg’s latest TVC underscores its dedication to providing energy-efficient solutions. The smart fan is showcased with dynamic camera movements, emphasizing its advanced features. The second installment of the ‘What a Fan!’ campaign is set to be released soon.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Harsha Bhogle Joins Forces with Atomberg in Latest TVC
Nikhil Pandey

Nikhil Pandey, category manager- ceiling fans, Atomberg Technologies, said, “We are excited to launch this TVC right after the commencement of our BCCI partnership. The TVC celebrates the spirit of fans; the ‘What a Fan!’ theme captures the joy and energy that fans bring to the game, drawing parallels to the joy we aspire to deliver to our consumers with our range of energy-efficient smart fans. We are super excited for the end product and hope that his stature helps us going forward, given the visibility of the TVC.”


In conclusion, Atomberg’s latest TVC, featuring Harsha Bhogle, not only redefines the conventional understanding of fandom but also seamlessly integrates their innovative BLDC technology fan into the narrative. The playful interaction between Bhogle and the super-fan highlights the energy-saving features, remote control functionality, and cost-efficiency of Atomberg’s fans. This campaign not only underscores Atomberg’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge, energy-efficient solutions but also sets the stage for the upcoming second installment, promising to further captivate audiences with the brand’s forward-thinking approach and advanced fan technology.

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