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Fastrack Appointed Vijay Devarakonda  As Brand Ambassador

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Fastrack latest #BeBoth campaign, featuring Vijay Deverakonda as their brand ambassador, celebrates the youth’s talent in harmonizing opposing concepts and values. Fueled by his high-energy persona and immense appeal among Gen Z and millennials, Vijay Deverakonda’s collaboration with Fastrack embodies the spirit of youthful enthusiasm and style.

About The campaign of Fastrack Featuring Vijay Devarakonda

The campaign’s video employs a split-screen technique to underscore the contrast between the divergent aspects of youth life. By seamlessly blending real-life and graphic elements, it not only conveys the campaign’s ethos but also ensures its suitability for digital consumption. Phrases like “Subtly Dramatic” and “Seriously Playful” succinctly capture both the product’s aesthetics and the brand’s “BeBoth” ideology.

The choice of descriptive phrases like “Subtly Dramatic” and “Seriously Playful” adds depth to the campaign. These phrases serve as a bridge between the product’s aesthetics and the broader brand philosophy encapsulated in the “BeBoth” concept. “Subtly Dramatic” hints at the idea that even the simplest, everyday items can carry a touch of excitement or style, while “Seriously Playful” suggests that one can approach life with a sense of adventure and fun while still taking it seriously when necessary. These phrases, therefore, capture the essence of Fastrack’s brand identity, which encourages individuals to embrace their multifaceted nature and balance different aspects of life.

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What Is BeBoth?

BeBoth” is the new collection by Fastrack that celebrates the inherent contradictions in the way young people express themselves. It acknowledges that young individuals often embody a mix of seemingly opposing elements in their lifestyles and fashion choices. Fastrack’s campaign aims to become a part of this fashion expression by offering a collection of watches called the “#BeBoth” collection.

This collection features 15 unique watches designed with a combination of design elements that bring together contrasting features. For young men, the watches include options like skeletal automatic, chronographs, and multifunction designs. On the other hand, for young women, there are options like bling rosegold and unique bracelet designs.

The price range for the “#BeBoth” collection varies from Rs 2995 to Rs 9995, catering to different budget preferences. Fastrack has partnered with Vijay Devarakonda, a trendsetter known for his authenticity, versatility, and style, to represent this brand ethos. He serves as the perfect ambassador to embody the spirit of the campaign.

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The campaign is set to be extensive, with a 360-degree approach across various platforms, including digital, social media, out-of-home (OOH), and cinema. It will also heavily involve influencer marketing to reach the target audience effectively. The watches from the collection are available for purchase at Fastrack and Titan World Stores, Multi-Brand Outlets, Lifestyle & Shoppers Stop, and online on their website as well as on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra.

What Do Experts Have to say about this partnership of Fastrack X Vijay Devarakonda?

Ajay Maurya, Head of Marketing and Product, Fastrack said, “With this brand campaign, Fastrack has thrown a spotlight on the contradictions that define the lives of the youth and are integral to the way they express themselves. ‘BeBoth’ hails this aspect of the youth’s lifestyle, making the brand a part of their fashion expression. We are thrilled to partner with the talented trendsetter, Vijay Devarakonda who brings authenticity, versatility, and a lot of style to the campaign, making him the perfect ambassador to represent Fastrack’s new brand ethos.”

Fastrack’s brand ambassador Vijay Devarakonda shares, “I am really kicked about this collaboration with Fastrack. The brand has always picked up the most interesting insights about the youth and continues to do so with this campaign. ‘Be Both’ with its message of celebrating the contradictions in one’s personality and choices resonates very strongly with me. I am particularly excited about the fashionable creative expression that has been given to this unique observation.”


In a world that often insists on conformity, Fastrack’s “#BeBoth” campaign emerges as a quirky and refreshing rebel. It applauds the charming contradictions of today’s youth, the ones who seamlessly blend the serious and playful, the traditional and contemporary. With 15 watches that are as diverse as the lives they adorn, this collection is like a playful wink to the youthful spirit.

But what truly adds a dash of quirkiness is the brand’s choice of Vijay Devarakonda. He’s not just an ambassador; he’s a trendsetter who effortlessly embodies the very essence of “BeBoth.” His ability to be both authentic and versatile, stylish yet real, is the quirky twist that makes this campaign pop. So, as Fastrack’s campaign splashes across screens and streets, don’t be surprised if you find yourself gravitating towards a watch that’s as quirky and unique as you are. It’s time to celebrate your contradictions with Fastrack’s “#BeBoth” collection

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