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Wild Stone CODE Launches Campaign with Vicky Kaushal

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Wild Stone CODE has recently unveiled an exciting new campaign featuring popular Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal as the brand ambassador for its range of body perfumes. This campaign puts the spotlight on CODE Titanium, one of the most popular no-gas body perfumes among men. With three new fragrances set to join the range soon, Wild Stone CODE is committed to enhancing freshness and confidence.

Vicky Kaushal: The Perfect Ambassador for Wild Stone CODE

The new campaign emphasizes the invigorating essence of CODE Titanium, showcasing how it brings an instant burst of freshness and boosts confidence. Vicky Kaushal, a celebrated actor known for his vibrant and dynamic persona, perfectly embodies the modern essence of the brand. This partnership marks his return as the first celebrity to be associated with CODE, reinforcing his strong connection with the brand.

The Campaign: A Celebration of Freshness and Confidence

The advertisement features Vicky Kaushal applying CODE Titanium, highlighting its immediate refreshing effect. It portrays how the fragrance enhances one’s confidence and presence, allowing them to seize the day with renewed vigor. This portrayal resonates with the brand’s message of empowering individuals to exude confidence and freshness in every moment of their lives.

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Insights from the Brand and Vicky Kaushal on Wild Stone CODE

Ankit Daga, Head of Business Development at McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, shared his thoughts on the campaign: “Wild Stone CODE Titanium is designed for those seeking an instant burst of freshness and confidence. Vicky Kaushal perfectly represents the modern, vibrant essence of our brand. He was the first celebrity associated with CODE, and we are thrilled to welcome him back. This campaign celebrates the refreshing impact that CODE Titanium brings to everyday life.”

Vicky Kaushal also expressed his excitement about the campaign, noting, “I am thrilled to be back with Wild Stone CODE, a brand that resonates with my style. CODE Titanium is all about freshness and confidence. I’m excited for everyone to see our fresh approach to showcasing freshness and experiencing the invigorating effect it brings.”

Reaching a Wide Audience

The advertisement is now live across multiple platforms, including television, digital, and social media channels. This extensive reach ensures that the message of freshness and confidence connects with a broad audience, inspiring them to experience the invigorating impact of CODE Titanium.


Wild Stone CODE’s latest campaign with Vicky Kaushal marks a significant step in promoting the essence of freshness and confidence. With the addition of three new fragrances to the CODE range, the brand continues to innovate and inspire. Whether through the captivating advertisement or the empowering message, Wild Stone CODE Titanium is set to redefine freshness for men everywhere.

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