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ArtE Mediatech Secures Marketing Mandate of Hero Lectro

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In a move expected to strengthen their position in the Indian e-cycle market, Hero Lectro announced a new partnership with ArtE Mediatech. The leading creative and marketing agency will be responsible for strategizing, managing, and executing Hero Lectro’s brand, social media, and performance marketing efforts.

Hero Lectro X ArtE Mediatech

This collaboration comes after a competitive selection process, and both parties are optimistic about its potential. ArtE Mediatech’s expertise will be directed towards:

  • Elevating brand awareness: Making Hero Lectro a more recognizable name in the e-cycle industry.
  • Enhancing brand recall: Ensuring Hero Lectro remains at the forefront of consumers’ minds when considering e-cycles.
  • Driving customer consideration: Highlighting the unique advantages and value offered by Hero Lectro’s e-cycles.
  • Regaining market share: Repositioning Hero Lectro as a leader within the e-cycle space.

The Power of Partnership

Both Hero Lectro and ArtE Mediatech expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership.

ArtE Mediatech Secures Marketing Mandate of Hero Lectro

Delighted with the announcement, Amit Dhawan, partner & CEO of Art-E said, “We are ecstatic to embark on this new alliance with one of the industry stalwarts. Hero Lectro has been making marks in the industry and redefining mobility in India with unique riding modes. By working together, we are excited to bring our creative ideas and expertise to the forefront and set new boundaries in this industry. I am confident that this partnership will result in great outreach for the brand, and I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.”

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ArtE Mediatech Secures Marketing Mandate of Hero Lectro

Commenting on this partnership, Sriram Sundreson, CEO, Firefox Bikes, said “We are thrilled to onboard the creative nerds of ArtE Mediatech. Their expertise and capabilities in setting revolutionary marketing trends in the industry are seamlessly aligned with our vision to make Hero Lectro e-cycle the most preferred e-cycles in India . We look forward to a healthy collaboration and setting new benchmarks in the industry”


The collaboration between ArtE Mediatech and Hero Lectro signifies a dynamic partnership aimed at not only achieving marketing goals but also redefining industry standards. As Art-E brings its creative prowess to the table and Hero Lectro continues to innovate in the e-cycles sector, this alliance holds the promise of setting new benchmarks and capturing the hearts and minds of consumers across India. Stay tuned as this exciting partnership unfolds, shaping the future of e-cycles and digital marketing in the country.

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