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Black Friday Marketing Campaigns That Owned the Spotlight

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Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and it’s no wonder that businesses go all out with their marketing campaigns. Over the years, we have seen some truly creative and innovative campaigns that captured the attention of shoppers and helped businesses drive sales. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Black Friday marketing campaigns from the past and present.

Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

1. Puma India – Influencer Doppelgangers

Puma’s Black Friday Sale 2022 campaign took a bold and witty approach, captivating audiences with a clever twist. Leveraging doppelgangers of its renowned brand ambassadors and creating a simulated cyberattack on its website, Puma aimed to underline the authenticity of its Black Friday deals. The brand modified its official site, replacing brand ambassador images of Virat Kohli, Mary Kom, Yuvraj Singh, and Sunil Chhetri with their look-alikes, sparking confusion and intrigue on social media. This innovative strategy not only garnered attention but also prompted engaging reactions from netizens. Puma’s quirky move extended to physical stores, featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sunil Chhetri, and Yuvraj Singh in key locations. The campaign successfully blended online and offline elements, culminating in a digital movie featuring influencers and amplifying the buzz. Puma’s Black Friday Sale 2022 proved to be a standout success, leaving an indelible mark on consumers with its unique and captivating marketing approach.

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Digital movie of Black Friday Sale

2. Google – #BlackOwnedFriday

Google’s impressive Black Friday campaign hit all the right notes with its ingenious approach. Instead of just focusing on typical sales, Google shifted the spotlight to an important social justice cause, transforming Black Friday into #BlackOwnedFriday. This initiative aimed to support black businesses and shops during the holiday season.

The standout feature of the campaign was a captivating commercial, essentially a ‘shoppable’ film starring T-Pain, Normani, and Desi Banks. The video showcased numerous products from black-owned businesses, all available for purchase on the campaign website. In essence, Google’s campaign went beyond traditional promotions, making a meaningful impact by championing diversity and inclusivity in the holiday shopping experience.

Google’s exceptional Black Friday campaign not only features a compelling commercial but also includes a clever search marketing element. Viewers are encouraged to search for “black-owned shops near me,” and the results are tailored to highlight relevant links and content, boosting the visibility of black-owned stores and businesses in each location. This marks the campaign’s second year, and we eagerly anticipate what Google has in store for next year’s theme.

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3. Walmart – #Unwrapthedeals

Walmart’s TikTok campaign for Black Friday was a hit among marketers. They transformed the sales experience into a fun game using a shoppable TikTok filter. Customers could virtually “unwrap” deals and find surprises, sharing their experiences with the #Unwrapthedeals hashtag. If users liked what they won, they could click straight to Walmart’s website and make a purchase. The campaign achieved massive success, with over 5.5 billion hashtag views and also an impressive 18.4% engagement rate, surpassing TikTok’s benchmarks for Hashtag Challenges.

4. IKEA – #BuybackFriday

IKEA went beyond traditional Black Friday discounts by aligning its brand values with consumer concerns about sustainability. Introducing the #BuybackFriday campaign across 27 countries for a week, IKEA allowed customers to return used furniture and receive credit vouchers worth up to 50% of the item’s value. Unsellable items were either recycled or donated to communities in need. This unique approach not only provided genuine discounts to customers but also demonstrated IKEA’s commitment to its brand values, making Black Friday a meaningful celebration of sustainability.

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5. Gymshark- Black Friday wish list guide

Gymshark’s training leggings stole the show last Black Friday, becoming bestsellers on Shopify. In addition to sharing engaging gym-related content on social media, the sportswear brand crafted a helpful guide to maximize Black Friday. The guide not only highlighted expected discounts but also provided a step-by-step tutorial on creating a wishlist to snag the best deals. Gymshark’s approach combined fun content with practical tips, making it a standout in the Black Friday frenzy.

6. Cartier- Extended Returns Policy

Cartier, the luxury jewelry brand, showcased its confidence in customer satisfaction by extending the Black Friday returns window to an impressive three months. This generous offer allowed shoppers who availed themselves of the holiday discounts until January 15 to return any unwanted items, serving as a remarkable goodwill gesture. This customer-friendly approach not only reassured those on the fence but also positioned Cartier’s Black Friday campaign as one of the best, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to an exceptional shopping experience.

Cartier includes a banner promoting its holiday returns deal at the top of every web page.

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7. Sephora- Free shipping

Sephora offered customers free shipping throughout the entire Black Friday weekend.

Just like Cartier, Sephora aimed to make Black Friday shopping hassle-free for customers. The beauty brand sweetened the deal by providing free shipping throughout the entire weekend, coupled with a generous 50% discount on various products across the store.

This enticing offer not only attracts new shoppers but also leverages the potential of impulse buying, making Sephora’s Black Friday event a standout in the beauty industry.

8. Patagonia – “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign

Patagonia, known for its focus on sustainability, took a unique approach to Black Friday with its “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign. Instead of following the usual trend of massive discounts, the outdoor brand actively urged shoppers not to make any purchases. The goal was to prompt consumers to pause and consider the environmental impact of consumerism, emphasizing the importance of reducing, reusing, and repairing existing items rather than continuously buying more. Patagonia’s campaign aligned with its commitment to longevity and sustainability, encouraging a mindful approach to consumption.

Patagonia launched its Black Friday Don’t Buy This Jacket campaign in The New York Times.

9. Space Camp – Buy now, experience later

Black Friday deals are typically instant for products, but what about services or future events? Space Camp has found a solution by offering early registration to summer camps and seminars at discounted Black Friday prices. This strategy allows them to secure bookings and revenue well in advance. If you’re selling a service or workshop for the future, consider using Black Friday to offer special prices for advance bookings, tapping into the excitement of the shopping season.

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10. Bed Bath & Beyond – For the house

The golden rule in marketing? Understand your audience. Bed Bath & Beyond nailed it with a fun Black Friday commercial that literally dives into the minds of its customers. The ad shows a shopper eyeing tempting deals but hesitating because she’s supposed to be gift shopping, right? Enter her subconscious, embodied as a helpful sales clerk, suggesting it’s all “for the house.” Brilliant move! The ad cleverly taps into the guilty pleasure of Black Friday shopping, offering customers a guilt-free way to indulge in what they really want. Smart marketing at its best!

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Let’s wrap up: Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

In conclusion, the landscape of Black Friday marketing has witnessed remarkable creativity and innovation over the years. As the biggest shopping day of the year, businesses have gone above and beyond to capture the attention of consumers and drive sales. From Puma’s clever use of doppelgangers to Google’s socially conscious #BlackOwnedFriday, and Sephora’s enticing combination of free shipping and discounts, these campaigns have left a lasting impact.

As we reflect on these standout Black Friday marketing campaigns, it’s evident that successful strategies often involve a blend of uniqueness, customer-centric approaches, and a thoughtful understanding of societal trends. Brands like Cartier and IKEA showcased their commitment to values, while Bed Bath & Beyond’s playful dive into the subconscious resonated with the guilty pleasure of shopping.

For those planning their Black Friday campaigns, understanding the principles that made these campaigns successful can guide businesses in crafting their strategies. This ensures they stand out in the crowded marketplace and make the most of this significant shopping event.

FAQs on Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an annual shopping extravaganza that occurs on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Serving as the kickoff for the Christmas shopping season, this day is characterized by retailers offering substantial discounts and promotions, enticing consumers to seek deals both in-store and online. The term “Black Friday” stems from the idea that retailers shift from being in the red (operating at a loss) to being in the black (profitable). It has evolved into one of the busiest shopping days of the year, attracting eager shoppers in search of bargains across a wide range of products.

What makes a Black Friday marketing campaign successful?

Successful Black Friday marketing campaigns often combine creativity, uniqueness, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior. Engaging content, customer-centric approaches, and alignment with brand values contribute to success.

How can businesses balance discounts with brand values during Black Friday?

Businesses can maintain brand integrity by offering discounts that align with their values. For instance, sustainability-focused brands may emphasize eco-friendly practices, while luxury brands can focus on exclusive offers.

How can smaller businesses compete with larger ones during Black Friday?

Smaller businesses can stand out by emphasizing their unique selling points, offering personalized deals, and leveraging social media to connect with their audience. Creativity and a focus on customer experience can be powerful differentiators.

How can businesses prepare for Black Friday in advance?

Advance preparation is key. Businesses should plan their campaigns well in advance, ensuring inventory is stocked, websites can handle increased traffic, and marketing materials are ready to launch.

What should businesses consider when choosing influencers for Black Friday collaborations?

When selecting influencers, businesses should ensure alignment with their brand values and target audience. Authenticity, engagement levels, and previous collaborations are also important factors to consider.

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