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Boman Irani with his sons in Legacy Collective Film

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The heartwarming Legacy Collective campaign featuring legendary actor Boman Irani and his sons, Kayoze Irani and Danesh Irani, celebrates the bond between a father and his sons while paying tribute to a father’s legacy. This blog explores the touching moments and significant themes portrayed in the film, emphasizing the importance of family, love, and appreciation.

Legacy Collective: A Father’s Day Surprise

OML Entertainment conceptualized this film to weave a fresh narrative that aims to strike a relatable chord with the audiences. The film opens with Boman Irani waking up on Father’s Day, eagerly anticipating a surprise from his sons. As the day progresses, Boman patiently awaits their arrival but only to face disappointment at every turn. However, the film reaches a heartwarming climax when Kayoze and Danesh surprise him by appearing as Boman’s iconic characters, accompanied by a humorous banner proclaiming “HFD!” (Happy Father’s Day). The film showcases the loving bond between a father and his sons, filled with humor, banter, and sentimental moments.

The Vision of Legacy Collective

Ayaesha Gooptu, Head of Domestic Brown Spirits at Bacardi India & LEGACY COLLECTIVE, commented on the release of the film, “LEGACY COLLECTIVE is a celebration of homegrown brands and stories rooted in Indianness. The latest DVC by LEGACY COLLECTIVE beautifully captures this ethos of the platform through light-hearted yet evocative storytelling. Featuring Boman Irani and his sons Kayoze Irani and Danesh Irani together for the very first time, the Father’s Day exclusive video comes as an authentic celebration of the heartwarming relationship fathers share with their children and the legacy of countless memories that they build together in the process, on this special occasion. 

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Boman Irani’s Experience

Actor and Father Boman Irani shared his experience working on the film. He said,“I really enjoyed working on this film, especially since it was the first time the three of us came together in front of the camera. It so subtly and nicely captures the bond between a father and his sons, while touching upon the legacy that a father creates in his lifetime.”

Symbolizing Love And Appreciation

As the film concludes, a toast is raised to Boman’s legacy, and his sons present him with the Legacy Collective box, a heartfelt gift symbolizing their love and appreciation. This gesture signifies not only their affection for their father but also the importance of shared family memories and experiences.

Celebrating Family Legacies

The Legacy Collective campaign serves as a touching tribute to the power of familial bonds and the legacies families create through love, appreciation, and togetherness. It reminds viewers of the profound influence a father’s love has on his children and the lasting connections that shape their lives. The film’s authenticity and relatability strike a chord with audiences, inspiring them to cherish and nurture their own family relationships.


Boman Irani & Sons in Legacy Collective Heartwarming Film celebrates family legacies and the enduring bond between fathers and sons. With its focus on family, love, and appreciation, the film captures the essence of these relationships, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Supported by Bacardi India & LEGACY COLLECTIVE, the campaign beautifully embodies the platform’s vision of celebrating homegrown brands and stories. Boman Irani and his talented sons, Kayoze and Danesh, have created an authentic and heartfelt portrayal of the father-son relationship, underscoring the profound influence of a father’s love and also the lasting connections that span generations.

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