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Pidilite’s Roff TVC: Tackling Tile Troubles with Humor

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Pidilite Industries, a leading manufacturer of construction and specialty chemicals, has recently launched a new television commercial (TVC) for its tile adhesive brand, Roff. The TVC, creatively crafted by Ogilvy, brings a touch of humor to highlight the exceptional qualities of Roff tile adhesive while addressing common tile installation issues faced by customers. With its entertaining visuals and engaging storytelling, the TVC aims to showcase how Roff triumphantly tackles these challenges, offering a reliable and durable solution. So, let’s delve deeper into this delightful and innovative campaign by Pidilite.

Roff TVC: ‘Magar ki Jakad’

The TVC brilliantly captures the frustration experienced by customers when faced with cracked tiles, debonding, falling tiles, and unaesthetic appearances resulting from the use of cement. These issues are not only time-consuming but also compromise the overall aesthetics and durability of the tiled surfaces. In TVC, the clever use of ‘Magar ki Jakad’ delivers the message that the Roff tile adhesive is the superior solution to common tile troubles, surpassing cement. With its unexpected twist, the TVC highlights Roff’s reliability and establishes it as the ultimate choice for durable tile installation.

What Pidilite’s Team Is Saying About TVC

Sudhanshu Vats, the Deputy Managing Director of Pidilite Industries, said, ” At Pidilite, pioneering in emerging categories is a core value that drives us. Our brand Roff is aimed at transforming the way tiles are fixed in India. The nationwide launch of our new Roff TV commercial underscores our unwavering commitment to raising awareness and enhancing customer experiences. Roff products embody cutting-edge technology, blending global expertise with local intelligence. They enable contractors, architects to create long-lasting beautiful tile and stone creations without any worry. Through this initiative, our objective is to inform and empower customers to make well-informed choices.”

Piyush Pandey, chairman of global creative & executive chairman, India, describes the Roff TVC as a great innovative product that effectively demonstrates its benefits in a consumer-friendly and entertaining fashion. By incorporating humor into the TVC’s narrative, Pidilite ensures that the message resonates with the viewers in a memorable way. Humor has the power to captivate audiences, making the commercial relatable and engaging, and increasing the chances of creating a lasting impression.

Wide Visibility and Reach

To ensure maximum visibility and reach, Pidilite plans to air the Roff TVC on major television networks, digital platforms, and social media channels. This multi-channel approach enables them to connect with a diverse audience actively seeking reliable and superior tile-fixing solutions. By leveraging the power of digital platforms and social media, Pidilite can extend the campaign’s reach to a wider consumer base, further enhancing brand awareness and engagement.

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Pidilite’s Roff TVC showcases the company’s dedication to providing innovative solutions to customers in the construction industry. By addressing common tile installation issues with humor and creativity, Pidilite effectively conveys the superior qualities of Roff tile adhesive. Through this entertaining and consumer-friendly approach, Pidilite aims to inform and empower customers, allowing them to make well-informed choices when it comes to tile fixing solutions. With its wide visibility and reach across television networks, digital platforms, and social media channels, the Roff TVC is set to leave a lasting impression on consumers seeking reliable and superior tile adhesive options.

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