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Brand Battle: – Swiggy Vs Zomato

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As lives are getting fast and hectic, the accessibility of everything is also getting instant and quick. Which also implies to the food industries. The food industry held a very tight grip for the past few years with their popularity of instant and quality delivery, which gave birth to two huge food manias of the time: Swiggy & Zomato.

Swiggy and Zomato are one of the most used food apps in India and their popularity is increasing day by day. Both work on the same function, you can order the yummiest and most desirable food with just a click. But where comes the similarity, there comes rivalry. Swiggy and Zomato have always been at nail-biting fights as the competition is knee-cracking. Both brands have strong games over social media as well. Zomato has given some of the craziest memes of all time, in fact, their Instagram bio says “10% brand page, 90% meme page”. Similarly, Swiggy has also found memes a great source of engagement with the audience.

Both brands are serving for an era but let’s dig a bit deeper into it and find out the roots of them particularly.


Swiggy came into existence in July 2014. Swiggy is not limited only till food delivery but also has its own grocery deliveries called Swiggy Instamart.

Zomato is operated from Gurgaon, and it came into existence in 2008, but at that time Zomato was only meant to map down restaurants, dining, price, menus and other such details. But after 2015, Zomato started functioning as a food delivery app and got a wholesome boost since then.


Swiggy’s headquarter is in Bangalore and Zomato’s headquarter is in Gurgaon.

Types of Company

The huge difference between Swiggy and Zomato is Swiggy is a private sector with $2,776 crore in revenue wherein Zomato is a public trade company with $1,994 crore.


Swiggy goes with a quirky tagline, it says “Swiggy karo, phir jo chahe Karo“, some say this tagline throws shades on Zomato and other food delivery apps howbeit some say its quirky and a witty way of marketing.

Zomato usually doesn’t limit itself to one tagline, its marketing goes with the trend and surprisingly it finds success all the time in engaging its audience.

Social Media Game

Zomato’s social media game is top-notch. They even have their Instagram bio “10% brand page, 90% meme page” and their social media is legitimate proof of that. Not only till social media but their popups game is also top grade.

Swiggy and new trends’ rishta is like rajma and chawal, can’t miss a beat. Swiggy social media game has been serving fire, hot just like their foods. Savage replies on Twitter and crazy pop-ups keep them engaging and with the audience at a higher level.

Delivery Rate/Speed

Swiggy and Zomato both have been very particular about their delivery portals but even here conflicts make their space. Some of the users say Swiggy has a better tracking system and easy operation with the fastest delivery rates and whereas Zomato users say they have better restaurant options with way more flexibility in delivery prices and duration.

A few difference that comes with using these apps are-

  1. While using Zomato you have to turn on your location via using the app the whole time whereas in swiggy you only need to turn on location while ordering which too optional.
  2. Swiggy has a perk feature of “No minimum order” that plays a huge role in its success. Swiggy users enjoy this feature a lot as it gives them the flexibility of ordering as many times as they want which is restricted to them on zomato.
  3. Delivery speed on both is quite different, on Zomato if you want your delivery before 30 minutes you have to pay extra charges whereas swiggy doesn’t ask for a penny extra for early delivery or any sort of urgency.
  4. Both apps are flexible to all modes of payment.

Who wins the battle?

The food industry is very wide and so its opinion is also spread among a wide range in a vast range of people. The parameters for deciding the winner are quite different for both of them. If the customer wants multiple restaurant options, then Zomato is the best option but if you are searching for flexible order limits with no extra delivery charges then swiggy is best for you.

Zomato has a bit slow delivery time whereas swiggy is quite faster, but Zomato surprises you with amazing discounts and offers. Zomato social media game is way stronger but swiggy compensates for it with witty and sarcastic replies on Twitter and also up with patriotic emotions for its country.

If Swiggy has “no minimum order” then Zomato have multiple orders at a time option which is loved by its users.

So, this endless fight “Swiggy Vs Zomato” can never end, so you better order dal makhni from Swiggy and Parathe from Zomato and keep deciding, who wins the battle.

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