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Cadbury Celebrating 200 Years by Recreating the Iconic ‘Mum’s Birthday’ Ad

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In the ever-evolving world of advertising, few brands stand the test of time and capture the hearts of generations. Cadbury, the renowned confectionery company founded by John Cadbury in 1846, has achieved the remarkable feat of reaching its 200th year. To commemorate this milestone, Cadbury has revisited its iconic “Mum’s Birthday” ad from 2018 in the United Kingdom, bringing a touch of nostalgia and innovation to the celebration.

Cadbury: The Nostalgic Journey

Originally crafted by the creative agency VCCP and directed by Frederic Planchon, the 2018 ad featured a heartwarming scene set in the 19th century. A young girl, armed with plastic rings and buttons, purchases a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar for her mother’s birthday. Fast forward to 2023, and Cadbury breathes new life into the same ad, with the same agency, director, and cast – albeit a grown-up version of the little girl. Digital trickery preserves the essence of the original while reflecting the passage of time.

A Time-Traveling Tale of Cadbury:

The recreated ad unfolds with the mother and daughter revisiting the same store. As the mother makes a call at a telephone booth, the daughter enters the shop to buy a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar for her mum’s birthday. In a mesmerizing 60-second journey, decades pass by in subtle moments, marked by changes in the packaging of the iconic chocolate bar and the attire of the ever-welcoming shopkeeper. Despite the time travel, the shopkeeper graciously accepts the girl’s knick-knacks as currency, showcasing the enduring spirit of Cadbury’s timeless values.

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Cadbury’s Rich Legacy:

John Cadbury’s vision in 1846 laid the foundation for one of the world’s most famous confectionery brands. On February 2, 2010, Cadbury became a part of Kraft Foods, later rebranded as Mondelez in 2012. The brand’s journey from a small Birmingham establishment to global recognition is a testament to its commitment to quality and innovation.

Print Spot and Glowing ‘200’:

Complementing the reworked ad is a visually striking print spot, notably featured in The Times newspaper. The Cadbury logo, set against a deep purple backdrop – the brand’s iconic color – proudly displays the ‘200,’ glowing like gold within. This symbolic representation encapsulates two centuries of Cadbury’s sweet success and enduring legacy.

Media Planning by Publicis Media:

The intricate planning and execution of the birthday campaign fell under the purview of Publicis Media, as reported by Ad Age. Their expertise ensured that Cadbury’s 200-year celebration resonated across various media channels, creating a widespread impact.

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Global and Indian Milestones:

While celebrating its bicentennial globally, Cadbury also marked its 75th year in India in 2023. To honor this occasion, the brand distributed a limited-edition collection of Cadbury Dairy Milk bars adorned with packaging reminiscent of bygone eras, capturing the attention and appreciation of the creative community.


As Cadbury steps into its third century, the recreation of the ‘Mum’s Birthday’ ad serves as a poignant tribute to the brand’s enduring legacy. Through innovation, nostalgia, and a commitment to timeless values, brand continues to sweeten the lives of generations, proving that some things – like the joy derived from a simple chocolate bar – only get better with time. Cheers to Cadbury, a true confectionery icon, on 200 years of crafting moments of joy and celebration!

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