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Cadbury 5 Star Extends ‘Do Nothing’ with new film

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Cadbury 5 Star collaborates with Ogilvy India for a new ‘Do Nothing’ campaign, infusing humor into the narrative for a lighter perspective on embracing leisure.

Cadbury 5 Star ‘Do Nothing” campaign – Part 2

Cadbury 5 Star and Ogilvy India have once again joined forces to launch a whimsical “Do Nothing” campaign, adding a humorous twist to the brand’s proposition. Over the years, the chocolate brand, in collaboration with Ogilvy, has expanded on this concept through various creative endeavors. These include unique initiatives such as hijacking Google Assistant with a ‘Do Nothing Mode,’ riding the crypto trend with ‘Nothingcoin,’ executing a highly visible ad campaign with minimal budget, and most recently, establishing a ‘Nothing University’ aimed at preparing individuals for an AI-powered future. The focus is on encouraging people to embrace the art of ‘Doing Nothing’ and welcome AI rather than fearing it.

The latest advertisement, titled ‘Elevator,’ narrates the tale of an individual whose phone rings at an inconvenient moment. However, engrossed in savoring their Cadbury 5 Star, the person opts to do nothing about the interruption. Directed by Prasoon Pandey (Corcoise Films) and conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the ad brings a lighthearted touch to the brand’s messaging.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Cadbury 5 Star Extends 'Do Nothing' with new film
Sukesh Nayak

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India said, 5 Star is back with another crazy interpretation of ‘Do Nothing’. Over the years, the brand’s counter-culture stance has resonated strongly with the youth, with each piece adding to the campaign’s massive popularity. We hope our latest avatar continues to surprise and entertain people.”

Speaking about the new ad, Nitin Saini, VP, Marketing, Mondelez India, said, “Cadbury 5 Star has always been synonymous with indulgence and joy. With the new TVC we wanted to recapture that feeling of pure indulgence, where even the most insistent interruption can’t break the spell of enjoying a delicious 5 Star. This campaign is a playful reminder that in a world obsessed with doing more, slowing down and savoring the simple pleasures can be the ultimate act of chilling. We’re confident that this dramatic and quirky ad will connect with chocolate enthusiasts nationwide, further enhancing the distinct identity of Cadbury 5 Star as the champion of ‘Doing Nothing.”

Cadbury 5 Star Extends 'Do Nothing' with new film
Nitin Saini

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In conclusion, the collaboration between Cadbury 5 Star and Ogilvy India continues to evolve with their whimsical “Do Nothing” campaign, showcasing a creative journey that spans hijacking Google Assistant, riding the crypto trend, and establishing a ‘Nothing University.’ The latest ad, ‘Elevator,’ directed by Prasoon Pandey and conceived by Ogilvy India, humorously reinforces the brand’s proposition by portraying a scenario where the simple joy of enjoying a Cadbury 5 Star takes precedence over an inconvenient phone call. This ongoing campaign exemplifies the brand’s commitment to fostering a lighthearted approach and encouraging individuals to embrace the art of ‘Doing Nothing’ in the face of advancing technology.

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