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Cadbury Silk Unveils Valentine’s Day campaign #StoryOfUS with Zoya Akhtar and GenAI

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Cadbury Silk, the iconic chocolate brand under the Mondelez umbrella, has once again set the stage for a heartwarming Valentine’s Day celebration with its latest campaign, #StoryOfUS. In collaboration with acclaimed director Zoya Akhtar and the enchanting touch of GenAI, Cadbury Silk aims to redefine the essence of love by delving into the intricacies and cherished moments that shape every romantic tale.

Cadbury Silk Valentine’s Day Campaign: #StoryOfUS

Over the years, Cadbury Silk has carved a niche for itself as the chocolate of choice for expressing love, especially on Valentine’s Day. This year’s campaign, #StoryOfUS, endeavors to spotlight the often-overlooked nuances of relationships, celebrating the small gestures, shared dreams, and mutual understanding that form the foundation of lasting love.

Director Zoya Akhtar’s Creative Influence

The campaign’s creative narrative benefits from the artistic prowess of renowned director Zoya Akhtar, whose vision adds a cinematic touch to the storytelling. Akhtar’s ability to capture the essence of emotions aligns seamlessly with Cadbury Silk’s tradition of being a storyteller of love.

GenAI Magic: Transforming Moments into Gifts

Taking innovation to the next level, Cadbury Silk incorporates the magic of GenAI to provide a unique and personalized gifting experience. The special packaging of Silk chocolates will feature QR codes that, when scanned, allow individuals to upload their most cherished moments. GenAI will then weave these moments into an enchanting AI film, creating an ideal Valentine’s Day gift that encapsulates the essence of the relationship.

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Yukti Malik’s views

“Every Valentine’s Day, Cadbury Silk has gone beyond being just a chocolate, it’s been a storyteller of love, weaving moments that linger in the heart. This Valentine’s Day, we’re turning the spotlight on the often-overlooked, yet priceless, nuances of any relationship. Knowing their dreams, understanding their pet peeves, and acknowledging those small gestures that got you this far in love,” wrote Yukti Malik, brand manager of Cadbury Silk, on LinkedIn.

Cadbury Silk: Historical Technological Innovations

This isn’t the first time Cadbury Silk has embraced cutting-edge technology for its Valentine’s Day campaigns. Over the years, the brand has consistently leveraged trending technologies to create memorable experiences for lovebirds. From augmented reality (AR) messages in 2022 to Spotify playlists in 2021 and Snapchat’s sponsored lens filter in 2020, Cadbury Silk has been at the forefront of integrating technology to enhance the celebration of love.


As Cadbury Silk unveils its latest Valentine’s Day campaign, #StoryOfUS, in collaboration with Zoya Akhtar and GenAI, the brand continues its tradition of innovation and heartfelt storytelling. This year’s initiative not only celebrates the small nuances of relationships, but also invites consumers to actively participate in the creation of a personalized AI film, making their Valentine’s Day celebrations even more special. Cadbury Silk remains a pioneer in merging chocolate, technology, and love, creating a sweet symphony that resonates with romantics worldwide.


Team Mondelez: Nitin Saini, VIKRAM KARWAL, Jonathan Halvorson, MBA, Jennifer Brain-Mennes, Mary Carragher, Yukti Malik, Neha Sadh, Anjali Madan, Yash Desai, Manthan Shah, RANABIR BASU, Sangeetha Kottillil, Thomas Oommen, Vednarayan Sirdeshpande, Sushma Baralay, Arnab Bhattacharya, Anisha Agarwal, Eeshaan Bajpai, Shatrunjay Pundir

Team Ogilvy: Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Kainaz Karmakar, Sukesh Nayak, Hirol Gandhi, Ganapathy Balagopalan, Akshay Seth, Abhijit Dube, Rajneesh Bolia, Ganeysh Nayak, Zaid Warsi, Shikha Gala, Parshuram Mendekar, Saee Takalkar, Abhishek Menon, Pooja Daga, Dishant Malik, Vaishali Mange, Vedant Saxena, Pratik Shringi, Manisha, Bhakti Malik, Namrata Nandgiri

Team Wavemaker: Shekhar Banerjee, Naina Shewakramani, Satish Rajamani, Geeta Vatnani, Nikhita Arora, Pratik Dawda, Krishnaraj Ganesh, Navneet Kabra, Rupesh Shah, Astha Gupta, Chintan Thakker, Jaimin

Technology Partner: ADSMN Interactive
Production House: Caffeine Films 
Director: Aarti Desai

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