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Ananya Panday Embraces Joyful Moments in Timex Latest Campaign

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Timex, the renowned American watch brand, has unveiled the newest edition of their ‘Waste More Time’ initiative starring their brand ambassador, Ananya Panday. This global campaign urges individuals to set aside the rush and rediscover themselves by indulging in activities they truly cherish, even if deemed frivolous by others. The campaign’s third digital film underscores that a Timex watch transcends mere timekeeping; it narrates your journey and prompts you to prioritize your time.

Ananya Panday in the latest Timex campaign

Timex, the American watch brand, has launched the latest installment of their ‘Waste More Time’ campaign featuring their brand ambassador, Ananya Panday. This global initiative encourages individuals to disconnect from the daily hustle and reconnect with themselves by dedicating more time to activities they truly enjoy, even if considered frivolous by others. The campaign’s third digital film emphasizes that a Timex watch goes beyond timekeeping; it tells your personal story and encourages you to reclaim your time.

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Ananya’s Role in the Campaign: In this latest rendition of the campaign, Ananya Panday takes center stage, effortlessly gliding around her bookshelf, engrossed in her work. The ad then shifts gears, showcasing Ananya’s unique approach to ‘Wasting More Time’ by joyfully balancing books on her head while breaking into a lively dance. Her portrayal embodies the campaign’s message of balancing productivity with moments of unabashed joy.

Campaign Philosophy: Ananya Panday embodies the ethos of the ‘Waste More Time’ campaign by seamlessly blending work and play. This initiative encourages individuals to defy societal norms and pursue their passions without hesitation. It celebrates the analog life, urging everyone to slow down, savor the present moment, and fully embrace their true passions. Timex’s launch of the third ‘Waste More Time’ film marks a significant milestone, reflecting the brand’s commitment to innovation and style that resonates with fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Deepak Chhabra

Deepak Chhabra, MD, Timex India, shared his views about the latest campaign, “The success of the ‘Waste More Time’ campaign —which celebrates the idea of investing time in yourself and realising that is indeed time well spent — is evident through the love our consumers have been showering on Timex. The iconic brand, now in its 170th year, continues to regale consumers with its timeless designs and its belief in the importance of doing more of what brings you joy.”

Actor and brand ambassador Ananya Panday shares her experience, “I’m really excited about this third campaign collaboration with Timex. This is not just a campaign, it’s a way of life and I see myself more aligned to life’s little joys, no holds barred. Here’s to those who live life on their own terms — let Timex be a reminder to Waste More Time.”

Ananya Panday


Timex’s latest ‘Waste More Time’ campaign, featuring Ananya Panday, not only promotes the brand’s ethos of cherishing personal moments but also encourages individuals to embrace leisure and passion in their daily lives. By blending playful spontaneity with the elegance of timekeeping, the campaign underscores Timex’s commitment to celebrating life’s joyful moments and inspiring people to reclaim their time, all while staying stylish and connected.

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