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Ariel Unveils a New Campaign on Sharing the Mental Load

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Ariel’s latest film has sparked discussions on women’s mental load in households and promotes husbands as allies in sharing household duties. Now in its ninth year, the Ariel campaign aims to foster equality within households by encouraging couples to work as a  Team at Home as a HomeTeam.

Ariel Changing Perceptions

The company explains that for the past nine years, it’s been talking about how chores at home aren’t split fairly, and it’s been encouraging more men to help out with household tasks using #ShareTheLoad. As society has moved forward, more men have realized the importance of supporting their partners equally. Since they started this in 2015, fewer men think that chores, like laundry, are only for women – it’s dropped from 79% to 25%.

Ariel Campaign- Encouraging Equal Partnership

However, recognizing the need for further improvement, Ariel is pushing the conversation forward to encourage men not only to handle the physical tasks of household chores but also to work together as a team at home to share the mental burden. This joint effort will greatly help men gain the trust of their partners by stepping up, ensuring that she can confidently engage with the world outside. This year, Ariel asks a question: “How strong is your HomeTeam?” By encouraging men to #ShareTheLoad, Ariel aims to promote a culture where both husbands and wives equally take ownership and responsibility for household chores, integrating both the physical and mental aspects of managing a household seamlessly.

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Ariel ‘HomeTeams #ShareTheLoad’ campaign

In Ariel’s latest film, men are presented with a poignant question through the story of Aisha, a professional juggling career and home responsibilities. When Aisha is offered a work trip to Singapore, her hesitation arises from doubts about her ‘team’s’ capability to manage without her. Like many women, she hesitates to voice her concerns about her partner’s inability to handle household responsibilities in her absence. The ‘team’ she refers to is the one at home.

This scenario mirrors a common dilemma for women, as research indicates that more than half occasionally turn down work-related travel due to concerns about their partners’ ability to handle household chores. However, Aisha’s boss provides a heartening perspective by encouraging her to utilize her “HomeTeam” as effectively as her work teams. This emphasizes the potential for achieving greater objectives through teamwork, both personally and professionally.

The film showcases how some men may need a gentle push to realize their role in sharing household responsibilities. In this instance, Aisha’s husband’s realization is triggered by overhearing her conversation with her boss about her apprehensions regarding the trip to Singapore and the management of the household in her absence. This moment highlights how small interactions can lead to significant shifts in perspective.

It serves as a testament to men who, with just a nudge, can genuinely aspire to be equal partners but might be held back by societal norms or a lack of awareness. The film emphasizes the transformative power of such moments in fostering equality within relationships and households.

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Words from the Leaders:

Mukta Maheshwari

Mukta Maheshwari, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India, and Vice President – Fabric Care, P&G Indian subcontinent said, “In response to the evolving dynamics within households, driven by the increasing representation of women in the formal sector, we recognize the need to adapt our approach to laundry care. With higher incomes, increased mobility, and growing aspirations, households are experiencing changes in laundry patterns, time constraints, and a heightened demand for convenience. At Ariel, we are committed to creating an ecosystem at home that empowers women by easing their domestic responsibilities. Our mission goes beyond providing superior cleaning products; we aim to foster genuine partnership and equality within households. By understanding the evolving needs of consumers, we strive to rewrite the narrative of gender roles and empower both men and women to share responsibilities equitably.

“This year. We are attempting to spotlight the never-ending to do lists, a sign of the mental load, that women continue to disproportionately bear. Together, through initiatives like #ShareTheLoad, our aspiration is to cultivate households where it’s equally common for men and women to not only share the physical chores like laundry but also share the mental load of household responsibilities.”

Josy Paul

Josy Paul, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India, said #ShareTheLoad is not just an advertising campaign; it’s a silent revolution that’s changing the way Indian society perceives household chores between couples. Each year we uncover a hidden truth. Our deep listening process, in collaboration with the team at P&G Ariel, helps us sense the mood of the nation, the home, and the individual. This year we are hearing more and more women say they are giving up on growth opportunities because of the mental and emotional load of domestic responsibilities. This holds many women back and stops them from achieving their full potential. But things are changing. There are so many moments in the film that show us this reality and how the shift is happening. In the end, the film captures the realization of the husband and the effort he puts in to ensure his wife doesn’t have to take a step back at work. A giant step for equality at home.” 


Ariel’s campaign is not just an advertising initiative but a silent revolution challenging gender roles in Indian society. By encouraging couples to share the mental load, it aims to create a more equitable and supportive environment within households.

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