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Coca-Cola Unveils a New Ad with Marvel Heroes Featuring Animated Avatars

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Coca-Cola and Marvel Comics, two globally renowned brands, have joined forces in an unprecedented collaboration named “Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes.” This innovative venture brings beloved Marvel characters to the forefront of Coca-Cola’s iconic beverage packaging, captivating audiences worldwide.

Coca-Cola X Marvel Heroes

The announcement of the collaboration between The Walt Disney Company and Coca-Cola has stirred anticipation among fans. Launching simultaneously in 50 countries, Marvel Comics’ characters will be prominently featured on Coca-Cola bottles and cans, adorned with striking color schemes of white, red, and black.

Consumers are in for a treat with Coca-Cola’s augmented reality feature. Each can boasts a scannable element, offering an immersive experience through Coca-Cola’s website. This interactive aspect adds a new dimension to the enjoyment of Coca-Cola products, enhancing the connection between fans and their favorite Marvel heroes.

A Heroic Campaign of Coca-Cola X Marvel Heroes Unfolds:

The global campaign accompanying this collaboration spans various media channels, including television, cinema, digital platforms, and out-of-home advertising. A captivating TV spot features Marvel superheroes such as Daredevil, Falcon, Black Widow, and Colossus, uniting to thwart the menacing Juggernaut. The inclusion of Deadpool adds an element of humor, further engaging audiences.

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Prizes Fit for Super Fans:

Fans have the opportunity to win an array of exclusive prizes, courtesy of Disney and Marvel. From the Ultimate Fan Experience to Disney Cruise trips and movie screenings, the prizes promise unforgettable experiences. Collectible influencer boxes, memorabilia, and subscriptions to Disney+ add to the excitement, rewarding fans for their loyalty and enthusiasm.

Collaboration Behind the Scenes:

GUT spearheads the collaboration, with support from Coca-Cola’s agency partners, including WPP Open X, VML, Ogilvy, BCW, Momentum, and Forpeople. Notably, this collaboration builds upon previous partnerships between Coke and Marvel, including a Super Bowl ad in 2016 and an Avengers tie-in in 2019. Coca-Cola’s enduring relationship with Disney, spanning six decades, adds further depth to this collaboration.

Fan Excitement and Social Buzz:

The announcement of the Coca-Cola x Marvel collaboration has ignited excitement among fans, with social media abuzz with conversations. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate collecting superhero-themed Coke cans and bottles, expressing their fascination with animated Marvel superheroes. Some fans even hope for a crossover movie featuring these iconic characters.

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Celebrating Heroes Through Storytelling: Coca-Cola x Marvel

The Heroes is set to captivate audiences worldwide, uniting fans in a celebration of their beloved heroes. The collaboration signifies a blend of rich storytelling between Coca-Cola and Marvel Comics, offering fans a unique and memorable experience.


As Coca-Cola and Marvel Comics embark on this collaborative journey, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the release of superhero-themed Coke cans and bottles. With immersive augmented reality experiences and exclusive prizes up for grabs, Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes promises to be an unforgettable celebration of iconic heroes and the enduring bond between Coca-Cola and Marvel Comics.

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