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Blissclub’s New Campaign Inspires Women to Prioritize Self-Care

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Blissclub, the revolutionary activewear brand, is taking a bold step forward with its latest campaign, “Move Uninterrupted.” This empowering initiative encourages women to reclaim their time, break free from external distractions, and prioritize focused workouts. In this blog, we’ll delve into the campaign’s key messages, the creative approach, and its overarching goal of fostering equality in domestic responsibilities.

Blissclub: “Move Uninterrupted” Campaign

Blissclub, known for reconnecting women to the joy of movement, has introduced a sequel to its groundbreaking BitchClub campaign. “Move Uninterrupted” advocates for a cultural shift, urging women to familiarize themselves with the liberating experience of undistracted workouts. The campaign challenges societal norms, drawing attention to the disparity between men and women in terms of uninterrupted time for self-care and fitness.

Chore Wars Transformed into ‘Aliens Vs Bitches’

Before the official launch, Blissclub created a pre-buzz on LinkedIn with a playful take on Star Wars, renaming it ‘Chore Wars.’ The brand ingeniously used the hashtag #AliensVsBitches, transforming men into aliens to draw attention to the absurdity of traditional gender roles. This creative approach sets the stage for the campaign’s main message – if men can be considered extraterrestrial for engaging in household chores, then why not women for prioritizing uninterrupted workout time?

The Cosmic Mystery of Finding Uninterrupted Time

Blissclub sheds light on the cosmic mystery women face when trying to carve out uninterrupted time for self-care and focused workouts. The campaign emphasizes the need for partners to share equal responsibilities in household chores, addressing the root cause of women’s struggle to find time for themselves. By flipping the script, Blissclub challenges societal expectations and advocates for a more balanced approach to domestic responsibilities.

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Minu Margeret’s views

Minu Margeret, founder-CEO, Blissclub said, “As we launch Move Uninterrupted, our mission is clear: we’re not just breaking a sweat; we’re breaking through the atmosphere of societal expectations and sparking conversation about equality in responsibilities within the household . If men can believe household chores are alien, then ladies, prepare for lift-off because we’re turning ‘me-time’ into a must have adventure. It’s time for women to reclaim their workout space, and gentlemen, let’s make ‘shared chores’ the new universal norm. Together, let us redefine societal norms, break down stereotypes, and create a space where everyone can thrive without interruptions.”

“Move Uninterrupted” campaign – Fostering Equality in Self-Care

Blissclub’s Move Uninterrupted campaign is a call to action, urging partners to take on their fair share of domestic responsibilities. The goal is to inspire women to break free from external distractions and deepen their connection with their bodies. The campaign aligns with Blissclub’s mission to make ‘shared chores’ the new universal norm, fostering equality in both household responsibilities and personal well-being.


As Blissclub pioneers a cultural shift with its ‘Move Uninterrupted’ campaign, it challenges stereotypes, promotes equality, and empowers women to prioritize self-care. So, by turning the spotlight on the cosmic mystery of finding uninterrupted time, the brand invites individuals to join the movement towards a more balanced and liberated future. It’s time for lift-off – time for women to reclaim their workout space and make ‘shared chores’ the new universal norm.

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