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boAt Unveils a Women’s Day Campaign Taking a Stand Against Objectification in Music

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In a bold and timely move this Women’s Day, boAt, the esteemed audio wearable brand, has taken a courageous stand against the pervasive issue of women’s objectification in music. Collaborating with the renowned female comedian Aishwarya Mohanraj, boAt seeks to challenge harmful stereotypes and highlight the significance of using respectful and empowering language when referring to women.

boAt Redefining Perspectives on Women in Music:

In a culture where derogatory phrases have become ingrained in everyday conversations, boAt is on a mission to reshape the perspective on how women are portrayed in song lyrics. The campaign specifically addresses well-known phrases like “Tu Cheez badi hai mast mast” and draws attention to the detrimental impact of terms such as “item,” “tandoori murgi,” “butter,” “Pataka,” and “bomb” on the objectification and devaluation of women.

Empowering Lyrics with ‘Ai-tem’:

As a pivotal component of its commitment to positive change, boAt introduces ‘Ai-tem,’ a revolutionary artificial intelligence tool designed to recommend appropriate and empowering language when referring to women in music. Aman Gupta, co-founder, and CMO of boAt, passionately states, “We are committed to leading a movement towards a more positive and empowering portrayal of women in lyrics and music. Harnessing the power of humor, satire, and innovative AI technology, we aim to rewrite the narrative and give women the recognition they deserve.”

Unveiling the Phases: Engage, Educate, Encourage:

The campaign unfolds in various phases, intending to engage, educate, and encourage a shift in how women are discussed and treated in the entertainment industry and beyond. Kicking off the initiative is a satirical standup video featuring Aishwarya Mohanraj, who humorously deconstructs the absurdity of using terms meant for inanimate objects or food to refer to women. This presentation sparks thoughtful conversations about the underlying issue of objectification.

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boAt- Collaborative Amplification

To amplify the campaign’s reach, boAt collaborates with quick commerce apps like Swiggy Food and Zepto. Collaborative content for Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertisements will showcase these brands as the “real items,” drawing a clear distinction between objects and women. This strategic move reinforces the message that women are not commodities but individuals deserving of respect.

In Conclusion: A Symphony of Change:

In conclusion, boAt’s initiative against the objectification of women in songs is a groundbreaking step towards fostering a positive and empowering portrayal of women in the music industry. By combining humor, satire, and cutting-edge AI technology, boAt aims to rewrite the narrative, challenging harmful norms, and celebrating women for who they are. The unfolding campaign sparks a crucial conversation about the need for a respectful perspective in music, offering an alternative that empowers and acknowledges women. It’s time to write the right song—one that reflects the true essence of women and contributes to a cultural shift towards equality and respect.

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