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Celebrate 45 Years of Archies with the #ArchiesHaiToCelebrationHai Campaign

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Archies, renowned for its heartfelt greetings and love-filled expressions, commemorates 45 years of spreading joy and forging meaningful connections with a momentous revelation. This revered tradition signifies a fresh phase in Archies odyssey, as it launches the #ArchiesHaiToCelebrationHai campaign and debuts an exclusive merchandise range tailored for children.

Archies 45 years of celebration with #ArchiesCelebration Campaign

Celebratory Announcement:

Archies, renowned for its heartwarming greetings and expressions of love, commemorates 45 years of fostering joyous connections with a significant announcement. This milestone signifies a new chapter in the brand’s journey as it unveils its latest campaign #ArchiesHaiToCelebrationHai and introduces an all-new merchandise collection tailored for kids.

Digital Ad Campaign Release:

In celebration, Archies launches an evocative digital Ad campaign video titled #ArchiesHaiToCelebrationHai, capturing the essence of shared love and moments. This video, embodying the spirit of friendship, love, and companionship, underscores the brand’s ability to evoke nostalgia and heartfelt connections across generations.

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Archies’ Role and Legacy:

The campaign highlights Archies’ longstanding role as the “wing man” for many generations, always present to create and celebrate memorable moments. From birthdays to weddings, from friendship to love, Archies has been a constant companion, marking every occasion with joy and warmth.

Special Merchandise Collection for Kids:

In alignment with the campaign, Archies introduces a special merchandise collection designed for kids. This collection promises to delight young hearts while serving as a medium for them to express their emotions and nurture connections with friends and loved ones.

Significant Milestone in Archies’ Journey:

The launch of #ArchiesHaiToCelebrationHai and the kid’s merchandise collection represent a significant milestone in Archies’ journey, reaffirming its dedication to celebrating life’s every moment with love and warmth.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Archies 45 years of celebration with #ArchiesCelebration Campaign
Varun Moolchandani

Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director of Archies, expressed his delight, stating, “With the launch of #ArchiesHaiToCelebrationHai, Archies continues to embody its commitment to spreading love and joy in every moment of people’s lives. The campaign echoes our dedication to understanding the pulse of every heart and providing a platform for expression and celebration.”


In essence, Archies, an iconic brand synonymous with heartfelt connections and expressions of love, embarks on a celebratory journey marking 45 years of spreading joy. With the launch of the #ArchiesHaiToCelebrationHai campaign and an exclusive merchandise collection for kids, Archies continues to embody its legacy of being the trusted companion in life’s special moments. Through its evocative digital Ad campaign and unwavering commitment to fostering connections across generations, Archies reaffirms its role as the quintessential purveyor of love and warmth, enriching lives with every heartfelt gesture and celebration.

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