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Top 20 US Food Influencers to Follow in 2024

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Craving culinary inspiration? Look no further than your phone! The world of US food influencers on Instagram is brimming with diverse voices, mouthwatering visuals, and delicious discoveries. From Michelin-trained chefs to home cooks extraordinaire, these creators offer a smorgasbord of content to tantalize your taste buds and broaden your culinary horizons.

But with so many accounts to choose from, where do you start?

We’ve curated a list of 20 top US food influencers on Instagram, catering to various palates and interests. So, grab your fork, scroll down, and get ready to follow some foodie gems:

Top US Food Influencers on Instagram

1- Joshua Weissman

Top 20 US Food Influencers to Follow in 2024

Joshua Weissman’s love for cooking began when he was just three years old, inspired by his mom’s cooking. This early introduction sparked a lifelong passion for food. Starting from those moments in the kitchen with his mom, Joshua devoted himself to becoming an exceptional chef.

With a strong dedication to food and cooking, Joshua identified his true calling at a young age, propelling him to become one of the world’s most renowned chefs. Beyond his impressive culinary journey, he solidified his expertise by writing the book “Texture Over Taste.” This further showcases his deep knowledge and skill in the world of cooking.

2. Olivia Tiedemann

Top 20 US Food Influencers to Follow in 2024

Olivia Tiedemann, a prominent US food influencer on Instagram, has captured a large audience with her engaging cooking videos. Known for simplifying complex culinary techniques, she offers an ideal platform for businesses seeking to promote their products through visually appealing and informative content. Olivia’s unique approach and extensive following make her a standout choice for brand promotion and engagement with a diverse audience.

3. Ryan Alexander

Ryan Alexander, a leading US food influencer, has amassed an impressive following of over 1.4 million on TikTok and 374K on Instagram. Renowned for his inventive cooking content, he adds a creative twist to culinary classics, featuring unique creations like Taki quesadillas and Fruity Pebble corndogs.

Embracing food challenges, Ryan infuses fiery and spicy elements into his bold culinary experiments since his TikTok debut in August 2020. Collaborating with fellow foodie Albert Cancook, he demonstrates a commitment to pushing culinary boundaries and offering a fresh perspective on food trends.

For brands looking to connect with a diverse and adventurous audience, partnering with Ryan, a dynamic US food influencer, offers an outstanding platform to showcase innovative products. Explore the flavorful world of Ryan’s culinary adventures!

4. Kevin Lee

Former Michelin-trained chef Kevin Lee brings a wealth of culinary expertise to the Instagram food influencer scene. Specializing in French and Italian cuisine, he skillfully incorporates elements from his Korean heritage, creating a unique fusion of flavors.

Kevin not only shares his culinary creations but also offers insights into his inspirations and career journey. His blend of influences and culinary prowess resonates with a diverse audience.

For businesses looking to partner with a sophisticated US food influencer known for his creative approach, collaborating with Kevin presents a prime opportunity to showcase products or services in an elevated culinary context. Explore the world of flavors with Kevin Lee!

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5. Gustavo “Guga” Tosta

Gustavo “Guga” Tosta, the creative force behind Guga Foods and Sous Vide Everything YouTube channels, is a culinary trailblazer who loves pushing the boundaries of barbecue and cooking. Despite not planning to be a YouTube personality, Guga’s unexpected journey began with a video that quickly gained over 20,000 views, launching his YouTube stardom.

Guga’s proactive approach in collaborating with brands and recognizing his value as a content creator is a crucial lesson he shares with aspiring creators. His experiences, documented in his book “Guga: Breaking the Barbecue Rules,” provide valuable insights on seasoning, grilling, and lessons learned. Businesses can collaborate with Guga to leverage his unique culinary expertise and connect with a dedicated and engaged audience. Discover the world of innovative cooking with Guga Tosta, a prominent US Food Influencer!

6. Brian Cant

Brian Cant, a New York-based food and lifestyle content creator, seamlessly blends his love for food and travel, crafting an enticing culinary journey. Raised in a Jamaican household, he developed a deep appreciation for Caribbean cuisine. Juggling a daytime role as a financial analyst with his nighttime persona as a food influencer, Brian brings a unique perspective to the table.

As one of the prominent US Food Influencers, Brian’s quest for exceptional food and memorable experiences makes him an ideal collaborator for businesses. His authentic engagement with a diverse audience provides brands with a compelling opportunity to showcase their culinary offerings and connect with a broad and engaged consumer base. Partnering with Brian is a strategic move for businesses looking to reach food enthusiasts interested in delectable experiences, both locally and while traveling. Join Brian on a flavorful adventure and elevate your brand in the world of US Food Influencers!

7. Nina Berezin

Nina Berezin is your go-to guide for the ultimate New York City dining experiences, specializing in a delectable journey through the city’s culinary landscape, with a particular love for sushi. She shares insightful guides on what and where to eat, ensuring her audience gets the most from their dining adventures.

For businesses aiming to promote their culinary offerings in the bustling NYC scene, collaborating with Nina can be a game-changer. So, as one of the notable US Food Influencers, her expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local dining scene can help brands connect with a discerning audience and elevate their presence in the competitive food market.

8. Katie Belly

Katie Belly, a versatile foodie influencer from NYC, brings a delightful mix of restaurant reviews, home cooking, and culinary travel adventures to her engaged audience.

For businesses in the food industry, partnering with Katie is a strategic move for brand promotion. With diverse content and a dynamic following, Katie connects directly with a food-savvy and travel-oriented audience.

Collaborating with Katie allows brands to expand their reach, resonate with culinary enthusiasts, and increase visibility in the competitive food market. Katie Belly stands out among US food influencers, offering a flavorful journey for both audiences and brands alike!

9. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, widely known as “FullyRaw Kristina,” stands as a prominent figure among U.S. vegan influencers, boasting an impressive 18-year journey on the vegan path. Her dedication to the lifestyle goes beyond personal choice, as she actively promotes health, healing, and compassion through her platform. Kristina’s mission to cultivate a fruit orchard in Hawaii not only showcases her commitment to sustainability but also aligns perfectly with her belief in food as medicine.

As a seasoned advocate for the vegan lifestyle, Kristina offers online programs and recipes through her app, making her a valuable partner for promoting vegan brands. Her focus on the transformative abilities of plant-based nutrition for the mind, body, and spirit resonates with her extensive following. Collaborating with Kristina provides vegan brands with a unique opportunity to tap into her dedicated community and benefit from her commitment to a healthier, more abundant life.

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10. Amanda Le

Amanda Le, a rising star among U.S. food influencers, embraces a beautifully simple health philosophy centered on nourishing the body with fresh, natural, and unprocessed foods. Her transformative journey into veganism in March 2014 marked a turning point in her relationship with food. Amanda adopted a nutrient-dense diet, emphasizing fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, bidding farewell to empty calories, cravings, and mindless snacking.

Driven by her passion for this wholesome lifestyle, Amanda created a space dedicated to sharing plant-based recipes, promoting healthy habits, and documenting her personal experiences. What started as an Instagram account for personal accountability has blossomed into a platform inspiring others to embrace intuitive, healthy eating. Amanda’s genuine hope is that, regardless of one’s dietary path, visitors to her website will find inspiration and valuable takeaways, making her a valuable voice among U.S. food influencers.

11. Sonny Hurrell

Sonny Hurrell began his culinary journey at 16, serving his first dish in 2004. He honed skills in a dozen global restaurants, establishing a private cooking venture.

During the pandemic, he strategically shifted to social media, solidifying his online presence. Sonny, a “Master in the Making,” is an ideal collaborator for brands and home cooks alike.

His culinary expertise and digital transition make him a standout figure among U.S. food influencers.

12. Aaron Maternowski

Aaron Maternowski, a social media luminary, boasts 3.4 million followers on Instagram. His captivating food content includes engaging videos and step-by-step guides. With a football background at the University of Wisconsin, his commitment shines through.

So, businesses aiming to boost online presence can collaborate with Aaron, a key figure among U.S. Food Influencers. His visually appealing content resonates with a wide audience on Instagram, offering valuable exposure for brands seeking culinary inspiration.

13. Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith, with over 11 years in sales and marketing, excels in surpassing targets and leading high-performing teams.

His robust communication and negotiation skills have fostered strong client relationships, defining his career achievements. Beyond corporate success, Christopher’s “Meatlicious” on Instagram showcases his talent for crafting remarkable food content.

His dual expertise in sales and content creation makes him a potent asset for food brands seeking collaboration.

So, collaborating with Christopher means leveraging a seasoned professional who can bridge the gap between marketing strategies and mouthwatering content. Christopher Smith stands out among U.S. Food Influencers, offering a unique blend of corporate prowess and culinary creativity.

14. Miguel Raya

Miguel Raya, the face behind daily recipes and cooking videos, offers a fresh and relatable perspective to the culinary scene.

Not a professional chef, Miguel’s passion for exceptional food shines through every post, tracing back to a humble BBQ attempt five years ago. Originally from Mexico, now in California, Miguel’s diverse background and family-oriented approach resonate widely.

Hence, for businesses promoting food brands, collaborating with Miguel provides access to an engaged and diverse audience.

His authentic and relatable content serves as a powerful channel, enhancing brand recognition and trust. So, Miguel Raya is a standout among U.S. Food Influencers, blending passion for cooking with family values.

15. Danielle Cochran

Danielle Cochran, a renowned recipe creator and brand ambassador, specializes in crafting delightful gluten-free and also dairy-free recipes. Based in North Carolina, her culinary passion extends globally, with Italy as her go-to dining destination and Australia for thrilling adventures.

In her home, shared with her husband and rescue dogs, Stitch and Tank, Danielle’s love for food, entertaining, and crafting cocktails fuels her joy for hosting memorable gatherings. So, for businesses seeking to promote food products, Danielle’s expertise and engaging content offer a valuable resource. Her ability to create delectable, dietary-conscious dishes resonates widely, making her a strong advocate for enhancing brand recognition and encouraging culinary exploration.

As one of the notable U.S. Food Influencers, Danielle Cochran brings a unique blend of dietary expertise and global culinary inspiration.

16. Kiley O’Donnell

Passionate about health and wellness, Kiley O’Donnell merges her nutrition interest with a sporting background in her journey. Focusing on a wholesome life and well-balanced diet, Kiley assists others in their pursuit of health. With an active lifestyle, she not only engages in intense workouts but also shares her experiences on her wellness-focused Instagram page. This platform showcases healthy meal alternatives and lifestyle practices, inspiring those on a journey to a healthier life.

So, the businesses promoting health and wellness products, Kiley’s expertise and engaged following make her an influential partner. Hence, collaborating with her effectively reaches an audience dedicated to well-being, leveraging her insights to enhance brand recognition. As a notable figure among U.S. Food Influencers, Kiley O’Donnell brings a unique blend of nutritional knowledge and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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17. Maryanne Cabrera

Former pastry chef turned influencer, Maryanne Cabrera, is your go-to source for delectable dessert and bread recipes.Her expertise and passion revolve around the art of baking, desserts, and beverages, specializing in treats that add sweetness to life. Hence, for businesses in the baking industry, Maryanne is a valuable collaborator, promoting your baking goods brands.

Her engaging content and culinary knowledge cater to a niche audience seeking perfect ingredients and inspiration for delightful treats. Partnering with Maryanne effectively taps into this niche, enhancing brand visibility and connecting with a community that shares her love for all things sweet. So, being a notable U.S. Food Influencer, Maryanne Cabrera brings a blend of baking expertise and a passion for crafting delightful treats.

18. Michelle Lopez

Michelle Lopez, the creative force behind Hummingbird High, is a versatile baker, blogger, and photographer.

Her journey, initially a way to share recipes and escape corporate monotony, evolved into a thriving community of 100,000+ aspiring bakers and dessert enthusiasts. For brands seeking growth and recognition, Michelle’s influential presence is a valuable resource.

Her platform and dedicated following directly connect with a passionate baking and dessert community. So, collaborating with Michelle extends brand reach, connects with a devoted audience, and elevates visibility in the baking and dessert industry.

Michelle Lopez, a prominent U.S. Food Influencer, brings a dynamic blend of baking expertise and a thriving community to collaborations.

19. Sarah Kieffer

Sarah Kieffer’s content is a delightful mix of baking recipes, heartwarming kitchen moments, musings, and occasional poetic reflections.

Her love for baking, especially the rhythmic pan-banging of chocolate chocolate chip cookies, serves as a source of solace and connection. Originally created to document a food history for her family, Sarah’s blog and social media presence have transformed her culinary journey.

For businesses, collaborating with Sarah is an opportunity to convey the emotional depth of food and its role in bringing people together. Her ability to showcase not just products but the heartfelt experiences and connections they enable can be a powerful asset. So, in the realm of U.S. Food Influencers, Sarah Kieffer stands out, offering a unique blend of culinary expertise and emotional storytelling.

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20. Jenna Barnard

Jenna Barnard, the creative mind behind Butternut Bakery, seamlessly combines her love for baking and photography. Her journey started as a way to share the joy of classic baking, celebrating flour, butter, and sugar.

A year into her blogging adventure, Jenna’s gluten and dairy sensitivity fueled her passion for crafting desserts suitable for all dietary needs. Butternut Bakery now features a harmonious blend of traditional and modified recipes, offering a treat for every sweet tooth.

For businesses, collaborating with Jenna opens doors to a diverse and health-conscious audience. Additionally, her expertise in creating delectable desserts for various diets makes her a valuable partner for enhancing brand visibility and catering to a wide range of customers. So, Jenna Barnard stands out as a prominent US Food Influencer, offering a unique blend of baking mastery and a commitment to diverse dietary needs.

Wrapping up

Embark on a culinary adventure with these top U.S. food influencers on Instagram and let your taste buds savor a diverse array of flavors. Whether you’re seeking innovative recipes, restaurant recommendations, or a glimpse into the vibrant world of food culture, these influencers have you covered. Follow them, explore their unique content, and get ready to be inspired in the kitchen. From gourmet chefs to everyday cooking enthusiasts, each influencer brings a distinctive flavor to the table, offering a delightful journey through the ever-evolving landscape of food and gastronomy. Join this community of food enthusiasts, and let the gastronomic exploration continue!

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Q1: How can I collaborate with these influencers for brand promotion?

A1: Most influencers provide contact information in their profiles. Reach out with a personalized message expressing your interest in collaboration.

Q2: Are these influencers suitable for promoting vegan products?

A2: Absolutely! Influencers like Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and Amanda Le have a dedicated following interested in the vegan lifestyle.

Q3: Which influencers focus on baking and desserts?

A3: Maryanne Cabrera, Michelle Lopez, Sarah Kieffer, and also Jenna Barnard are prominent influencers with expertise in baking and desserts.

Q4: How can I approach these influencers for collaborations?

A4: Craft a compelling email or direct message expressing your brand’s values, explaining why you think it aligns with their content, and proposing a mutually beneficial collaboration. Be clear about what you’re offering and what you hope to achieve.

Q5: Are these influencers open to trying new and innovative products?

A5: So, many of these influencers are known for their adventurous approach to food. It’s worth reaching out to discuss unique and innovative products that align with their content and audience.

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