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Sara Ali Khan has become the brand ambassador of Drools

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Drools Pet Food Pvt. Ltd. has launched its newest campaign, “Back of the Pack,” aimed at promoting awareness of pet nutrition. As a key element of this initiative, Drools has appointed actress Sara Ali Khan as its latest brand ambassador. Encouraging pet owners to carefully review and understand listed ingredients on pet food packaging for vital nutrients is the campaign’s primary focus. Sara, alongside other Drools ambassadors, will play an active role in driving this initiative forward.

Sara Ali Khan as the Brand Ambassador of Drools

Campaign Announcement:

Drools Pet Food Pvt. Ltd. has introduced its latest initiative, the “Back of the Pack” campaign, aimed at promoting informed pet nutrition. This campaign also marks the appointment of actress Sara Ali Khan as the brand ambassador. It encourages pet owners to carefully examine and understand the ingredients listed on pet food packaging to ensure essential nutrients for their pets.

Campaign Objectives and Guidelines:

The “Back of Pack” campaign by Drools underscores the significance of comprehending pet food ingredients to enable owners to make well-informed nutritional decisions for their pets. It stresses the importance of identifying real chicken and eggs as primary ingredients while avoiding vague terms like “meat meal” or “by-products.” The initiative aims to guide pet owners towards optimal nutrition choices tailored to their pets’ specific needs, thereby addressing potential health concerns associated with unhealthy by-products.

Engagement Strategy:

To engage pet owners and raise awareness, Drools has initiated the “Read the Back of Pack Challenge.” Participants are encouraged to create videos on Instagram, flipping the pet food pack and reading aloud the ingredients list. They are required to tag the brand and use hashtags #DroolsIndia, #MissionBOP, and #ReadtheBackOfPackChallenge, urging their followers to participate. The contest runs from February 20, 2024, to March 10, 2024.

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Contest Prizes:

Winners of the “Read the Back of Pack Challenge” will be selected based on the number of likes on their videos. The top 10 contestants will win an international trip, while the subsequent 10 will receive a year’s supply of DROOLS Pet Food & Treats. Additionally, the next 80 contestants will be rewarded with a generous three-month supply of pet food.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Sara Ali Khan has become the brand ambassador of Drools
Dr. Shashank Sinha

Speaking on the campaign, Dr. Shashank Sinha, CEO & Veterinarian, Drools Pet Food Private Limited, said, “It is crucial to check pet food ingredients just as diligently as we do with our food, ensuring the well-being of our furry friends. At Drools, we believe in transparency and empowering pet owners with the knowledge they need to make informed choices for their beloved pets. The ‘Back of Pack’ campaign, supported by our new brand ambassador Sara Ali Khan, aims to educate and inspire responsible pet ownership.”

“We invite pet lovers to join the ‘Read the Back of Pack Challenge’, decode ingredients, and choose a pet food with real ingredients and zero by-products for the well-being of their beloved companions. We are looking forward to the enthusiastic participation of pet owners across the country”, Dr. Sinha further added.

Speaking about this collaboration, Sara Ali Khan said, “I’m super excited to partner with Drools on their ‘Back of the Pack’ campaign! All us pet parents understand the importance of pet nutrition and hence Drools’ dedication to using real food ingredients deeply resonates with me. I’m looking forward to helping pet parents understand food labels and choose the best for their furry friends!”

Sara Ali Khan has become the brand ambassador of Drools
Sara Ali Khan

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In conclusion, Drools Pet Food Pvt. Ltd.’s “Back of the Pack” campaign, spearheaded by brand ambassador Sara Ali Khan, not only highlights the importance of informed pet nutrition but also empowers pet owners to make educated choices for their furry companions. By advocating for the understanding of pet food ingredients and offering valuable guidelines, Drools aims to improve the overall well-being of pets and mitigate potential health issues. Through engaging initiatives like the “Read the Back of Pack Challenge,” Drools continues to foster awareness and participation among pet owners, ensuring a healthier and happier life for pets everywhere.

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