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Cinthol Launches Easy Wash-Off Body Wash with Automatic Foamer

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Cinthol has recently launched an innovative body wash range that aims to revolutionize how consumers experience bathing. This new product line features a built-in foamer, making washing off significantly easier than traditional body washes.

Key Features of Cinthol’s New Body Wash

The standout feature of Cinthol’s latest body wash range is its built-in automatic foamer, which eliminates the need for a loofah. This innovation addresses common complaints about body washes being difficult to foam and rinse off, requiring more water than soaps. Cinthol’s easy wash-off formula ensures a more convenient and efficient bathing experience.

Cinthol Body Wash Variants: Lime and Original

The new body wash range is available in two refreshing variants: Lime and Original. Both options promise a rejuvenating and clean feeling without the hassle associated with typical body washes.

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CEO Sudhir Sitapati’s Endorsement

Sudhir Sitapati, managing director and CEO of Godrej Consumer Products, shared his personal experience with the product in a LinkedIn post. He expressed his initial skepticism about body washes, citing their slimy texture and difficulty in washing off. However, after trying the Cinthol Foam Body Wash, he became a convert.

“I’ve been a fanatical soap user all these years, mostly because I’ve always found body washes hard to foam, slimy on the skin, and difficult to wash off. That is, until Venkateswara Rao Yadlapalli and Sandeep Naik forced me to sample the new Cinthol Foam Body Wash six months ago. Available in two fragrances – Original and Lime, the body wash comes with an automatic foamer (bye bye loofah!) that feels like a soap bath – only much, much better,” Sitapati said.

He also humorously noted how his enthusiasm for the product has affected his daily routine and interactions, even leading to complaints from his family about the time he spends in the bathroom.

The Marketing Campaign of Cinthol’s New Body Wash

To promote this new product range, Cinthol has launched a vibrant campaign. The 30-second ad film features a young girl bathing under a waterfall, evoking memories of the iconic Liril girl. In a playful twist, CGI monkeys join in the fun, stealing the bottle and enjoying the foam themselves.

The Indian Body Wash Market

Despite the introduction of numerous body wash products, the Indian market remains predominantly focused on traditional bar soaps. Currently, only 9% of Indian consumers use body wash, shower gel, or shower cream as their main bathing product. However, this trend is slowly changing.

A report by MarkNtel forecasts that the Indian body wash market will grow at a CAGR of around 4.68% from 2023-2028. This growth is driven by an increasing emphasis on personal hygiene, rising disposable incomes, and evolving consumer preferences.

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Expanding Competition

Mainstream soap brands in India, such as Lux, Liril, Fiama, Pears, and Santoor, have started offering body washes. Additionally, smaller brands like Biotique and Plum are entering the market, providing consumers with a wide range of options. Despite this growth, body washes are still often viewed as luxury items, with international brands like Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret being popular for gifting.


Cinthol’s new easy wash-off body wash with an automatic foamer is a game-changer in the Indian personal care market. With its innovative design and effective formula, it addresses common issues associated with body washes, providing a convenient and enjoyable bathing experience. As the market for body washes continues to grow, Cinthol is poised to make a significant impact with its latest offering.

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