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ICC and Coca-Cola Extend Partnership Agreement to 2031

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On Tuesday, Coca-Cola, a leading beverages company, revealed an eight-year extension of its partnership with the ICC, solidifying its status as the cricket body’s longest-standing brand ally. This commitment extends until 2031, marking an enduring connection between Coca-Cola and the world of cricket.

The whole Story of Coca-Cola Extending the ICC Partnership until 2031

On December 26, 2023, cricket fans around the world rejoiced as Coca-Cola and the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced an eight-year extension of their partnership, solidifying their bond until the end of 2031. This isn’t just any partnership extension; it marks a historic milestone, making Coca-Cola the longest-standing brand associated with cricket, with a total collaboration spanning 13 years (2019-2031).

A Winning Match for Both Sides

This extended partnership is mutually beneficial for both Coca-Cola and the ICC. For Coca-Cola, it provides unparalleled access to a massive and passionate cricket audience, estimated to be over 2.5 billion strong. This global reach allows Coca-Cola to:

  • Boost brand awareness and loyalty: By associating itself with the biggest cricketing events, Coca-Cola cements its position as a beloved beverage enjoyed by cricket fans worldwide.
  • Engage with fans: Through interactive activations, on-ground experiences, and digital campaigns, Coca-Cola can create lasting connections with cricket enthusiasts.
  • Drive sales: Increased brand visibility and positive associations translate into increased sales of Coca-Cola products, particularly during major cricketing events.

For the ICC, Coca-Cola’s financial backing is crucial for:

  • Organizing and promoting major tournaments: The ICC relies on sponsorships to fund marquee events like the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, and Champions Trophy.
  • Developing cricket infrastructure: Coca-Cola’s support helps the ICC invest in grassroots cricket development programs, nurturing future cricketing stars.
  • Promoting the sport globally: Coca-Cola’s global marketing muscle helps the ICC reach new audiences and expand the reach of cricket worldwide.

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A Toast to the Future of Cricket

This extended partnership signifies a shared commitment to the growth and development of cricket. With Coca-Cola’s continued support, the ICC can look forward to:

  • Enhancing the fan experience: Expect innovative activations, immersive viewing experiences, and exciting engagement opportunities for fans at cricket events.
  • Promoting gender equality: The partnership extends to both men’s and women’s cricket, contributing to the ICC’s efforts to bridge the gender gap in the sport.
  • Embracing new technologies: Coca-Cola’s expertise in digital marketing can be leveraged to create interactive experiences and connect with fans through new platforms.

Building on a Strong Foundation

It’s important to note that this eight-year extension builds on a successful existing partnership. In 2019, Coca-Cola initially entered into a four-year partnership with the ICC, already demonstrating their commitment to the sport. During the recent ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup India 2023, Coca-Cola’s Indian brands, Thums Up and Limca Sportz, were the exclusive beverage and sports drink partners. Additionally, Sprite’s captivating “Thand rakh” campaign successfully engaged fans throughout the tournamen

What do experts have to say about this extended partnership?

Coca-Cola Extends ICC Partnership until 2031
Anurag Dahiya

ICC Chief Commercial Officer Anurag Dahiya said: This long-term collaboration ushers in a new commercial era, filled with exciting prospects for the sport. With the Men’s T20 World Cup in the USA and West Indies, and the Women’s edition in Bangladesh just around the corner, we’re poised for unprecedented global growth and engagement. This partnership not only celebrates our sport’s expansion but also promises innovative opportunities to enhance our fans’ experience worldwide.”

Bradford Ross, VP Global Sports and Entertainment Marketing & Partnerships at The Coca-Cola Company, said: “Sports holds immense power to unite people, and this partnership provides us with a unique opportunity to blend our brand affinity with the fervour for the world’s cricketing game. We endeavour to continue to delight consumers with our diverse portfolio and create unique experiences for fans.”

Coca-Cola Extends ICC Partnership until 2031

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In a historic move, Coca-Cola extended its ICC partnership until 2031, becoming cricket’s longest-standing brand partner and securing exclusive beverage rights for major events like the World Cups and Champions Trophies. This mutually beneficial alliance promises to boost brand loyalty for Coca-Cola, fuel the ICC’s financial muscle, and ultimately enhance the cricket experience for fans worldwide through innovative activations and a shared commitment to the sport’s future.

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