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Coca-Cola partners with ICC for Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023

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Coca-Cola Joins Forces with ICC for the highly anticipated 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, signifying their ongoing commitment through a four-year global strategic partnership agreement. As part of this exciting collaboration, Coca-Cola will continue as the exclusive non-alcoholic beverage partner of the ICC, showcasing its enduring support for cricket and its fans worldwide.

With Coca-Cola‘s iconic global presence, the brand aims to connect with cricket enthusiasts across the globe, leveraging its wide-reaching influence to foster a sense of unity among fans. Through a series of innovative online and offline activations, Coca-Cola seeks to promote the values of true sportsmanship, inspiring the spirit of fair play and camaraderie throughout the tournament.

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Why Coca-Cola Join Force with ICC

  1. Global Strategic Partnership: Coca-Cola and ICC have established a four-year global strategic partnership agreement, solidifying their commitment to work together on various cricketing events, including the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.
  2. Exclusive Non-Alcoholic Beverage Partner: Under this partnership, Coca-Cola holds the exclusive status of being the non-alcoholic beverage partner of the ICC, allowing them to offer their beverage portfolio during ICC events.
  3. Leveraging Iconic Global Reach: With its iconic global presence, Coca-Cola aims to connect with cricket fans worldwide, leveraging its extensive reach to engage with a massive and diverse audience.
  4. Cultivating Unity and Sportsmanship: Coca-Cola plans to cultivate a legacy of unity and true sportsmanship through both online and offline activations during the World Cup. This aligns with their commitment to promoting positive values through sports.
  5. Engaging Consumers: Coca-Cola aims to actively engage with cricket enthusiasts through innovative offline and online promotions, competitions, and social media initiatives, creating lasting connections with their target audience.
  6. Brand Activations and Experiences: Throughout the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, Coca-Cola will execute various brand activations, including fan engagements, social media campaigns, and promotions, enhancing the overall World Cup experience.
  7. Long-term Strategic Alignment: The partnership strategically aligns both ICC and Coca-Cola for the long term, combining the strength of Coca-Cola’s diversified brand portfolio and worldwide retail reach with ICC’s vision to expand cricket’s footprint globally.
  8. Proven History in Sports Support: Coca-Cola has a rich history of supporting local sporting events and organizations worldwide, exemplified by their decades-long association with the Olympics and FIFA.
  9. Refreshing Difference: The recent association of ThumsUp, a Coca-Cola brand, with the Olympics and Paralympics in India demonstrates the company’s dedication to using sports as a platform to bring people together and create a refreshing impact.
  10. Exciting Cricketing Experience: Anurag Dahiya, ICC’s Chief Commercial Officer, expresses excitement about the partnership, anticipating a refreshing cricketing experience that will captivate audiences and showcase a grand display of emotions during the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.

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What has Expert to say about Coca-Cola Joins Forces with ICC

Arnab Roy

Arnab Roy, Vice President, Marketing Coca‑Cola India and Southwest Asia at Coca-Cola India said, “We believe that the ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest cricket event for the country. Partnership with the ICC provides us with a great opportunity to bring together our customers, consumers, brands, and cricket. Our brand activations will engage consumers through innovative offline and online promotions and create memorable experiences for sports fans”.

Anurag Dahiya, Chief Commercial Officer, ICC said “The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, the pinnacle event in the cricketing calendar, will feature the world’s best teams competing for ultimate glory. We are excited about our partnership with Coca-Cola, which promises to deliver a refreshing cricketing experience set to captivate audiences and present a grand showcase of their emotions.”

Anurag Dahiya


In conclusion, the renewed partnership between Coca-Cola and The International Cricket Council (ICC) for the upcoming 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is a testament to their shared commitment to promoting the spirit of cricket and creating lasting memories for sports enthusiasts. As the exclusive non-alcoholic beverage partner, Coca-Cola’s iconic global reach will bring fans from diverse regions together, fostering unity and promoting true sportsmanship.

Through a myriad of innovative online and offline activations, Coca-Cola aims to engage with its consumers and resonate with them on their favorite sporting passion. The tournament promises a refreshing cricketing experience, celebrating the love for cricket and uniting people worldwide, regardless of borders or cultures. As we eagerly await the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, fans can anticipate exciting brand activations, fan engagements, and memorable moments that will make this event truly extraordinary. Together, Coca-Cola and ICC will create a grand showcase of emotions, exemplifying the enduring power of sports to unite and inspire.

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