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Complan Launches ‘I’m Complan Boy-Girl’ Campaign Featuring Madhuri Dixit

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Complan has recently unveiled its latest campaign, titled “I’m Complan Boy-Girl,” featuring renowned personalities Madhuri Dixit and South Indian actress Sneha.

Complan ‘I’m Complan Boy-Girl’ campaign

Complan introduces its latest campaign, “I’m Complan Boy/Girl,” featuring Madhuri Dixit and South Indian actress Sneha.

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Within this new communication, Madhuri and Sneha emphasize the crucial role of protein in the growth of children. They recommend Complan, boasting 63% more protein than other leading health drinks for kids, as the optimal solution.

Madhuri takes the lead in representing the campaign in Hindi-speaking markets, while Sneha spearheads the brand’s narrative in the southern regions.

The campaign visuals depict Madhuri and Sneha engaging with mothers and children at a school annual day function. They convey the doctor’s emphasis on the importance of protein during the growing years and the inadequacy of routine daily food. Complan is recommended for its scientifically developed composition, providing 63% more protein than the leading kid’s health food drink and 34 vital nutrients. This ensures 2X faster growth, supports memory, and enhances concentration.

The advertisement concludes with the brand’s iconic tagline, “I’m Complan Boy/Girl,” reinforcing its strong recall value.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Tarun Arora

Tarun Arora, CEO, Zydus Wellness, said,Complan is an iconic brand in children’s health food drink category and contains 100% milk protein. Over the years we have highlighted to mothers the need to provide right quantity of good quality protein for full growth of kids. Madhuri & Sneha are not only known as superstars and acclaimed actresses but also as caring mothers who are completely involved in their kids’ growth & development. Because of this credibility, we decided to partner with them to help educate mothers about criticality of protein in their children’s growing years & to make the right nutritional choice, and therefore, to highlight how Complan is the superior solution to cater to this need.”

Madhuri said, “I’m delighted to be associated with this iconic brand because I’m a ‘Complan mom’. As a mother, I can understand the challenges of other mothers in providing optimum nutrition to their kids for their proper growth. Through this new campaign, we are helping them navigate this challenge so that they make an informed nutritional choice and growth of their kids do not get compromised”

Madhuri Dixit

Sneha said, “Complan as a brand brings a smile to my face because it reminds me of the iconic “I’m Complan Boy/Girl” commercial that I used to watch on TV myself. Now I’m really delighted to associate with the new version of “I’m Complan Boy/Girl” campaign as a “Complan Mom”.  With this new campaign, we are providing solution to every mother for their challenge to provide right nutrition for their growing kids.”  

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In conclusion, Complan’s “I’m Complan Boy-Girl” campaign featuring the dynamic duo of Madhuri Dixit and Sneha not only underscores the critical role of protein in children’s growth but also positions Complan as the go-to solution with its impressive 63% more protein content than other leading kid’s health drinks. With Madhuri and Sneha leading the charge in different regions, the campaign brilliantly communicates the brand’s commitment to providing essential nutrients for 2X faster growth, memory support, and improved concentration. As mothers witness this engaging narrative during school annual day functions, Complan’s scientifically developed composition, comprising 34 vital nutrients, stands out as a reliable choice, echoing the campaign’s memorable tagline, “I’m Complan Boy/Girl,” leaving a lasting imprint on the minds of consumers.

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