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Croma launches year-end campaign-Embrace the New, Ditch the Old

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Croma inaugurates the “Mega Exchange Festival” as part of its Year-end Campaign in the Tamil Nadu Market. Through a series of Digital Video Campaigns (DVCs), consumers are urged to bid farewell to outdated electronics and usher in the future with cutting-edge gadgets. Embrace innovation with Croma and upgrade your electronic lifestyle today

Croma Year-end Campaign

Conceived by Croma’s in-house team, helmed by director S.V. Ashwathram, and brought to life by Useful Garbage Creations, the Digital Video Campaigns (DVCs) add a touch of wit to underscore the importance of embracing the latest technological wonders through Croma’s Mega Exchange.

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The storyline unfolds dramatically with the abrupt entrance of a muscular figure into a household, surprising a child by snatching away an outdated phone. The narrative takes a humorous twist as a super-grandmother takes charge, leading a mission to rid the house of obsolete electronic devices.

Infused with humor, the plot showcases an amusing entourage systematically removing outdated products, leaving the family bewildered. The journey culminates in a jubilant scene at a Croma store, where the family reunites, celebrating their newfound treasures of cutting-edge technology.

The two DVCs sustain the momentum within a household, featuring the super-grandmother guiding her family to embrace the latest tech marvels through Croma’s mega exchange, bringing joy and innovation to Tamil Nadu homes.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Croma launches year-end campaign-Embrace the New, Ditch the Old
Shibashish Roy

Shibashish Roy, Chief Operating Officer, Croma, said, ” We launched our first store in Tamil Nadu in 2009, and since then, we have scaled up to 25 plus stores to cater to the growing demand. We’re aligned with the discerning preferences of Tamil Nadu residents, and our ‘End-of-the-Year’ campaign embodies our dedication to exceptional service, offering a diverse range of gadgets. We’re excited to evolve alongside evolving needs and contribute to the state’s vibrant electronic retail landscape.”

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In conclusion, Croma’s Mega Exchange Festival, brought to life through the creative lens of director S.V. Ashwathram and the innovative execution by Useful Garbage Creations, emerges as a delightful journey of humor and technology. The DVCs, masterfully conceptualized by Croma’s in-house team, resonate with the audience by showcasing the comical yet meaningful process of bidding adieu to outdated electronics. As families unite in the joyous atmosphere of a Croma store, the campaign not only encourages embracing the latest tech marvels but also underscores the importance of laughter and togetherness in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation. It’s more than a mere exchange; it’s a celebration of progress and the joy that comes with ushering in the future through Croma’s Mega Exchange in Tamil Nadu.

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