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Linen Club launches Sankranti campaign #LetGoForNew

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Linen Club, part of the Aditya Birla Group, introduces its Sankranti campaign, celebrating Andhra Pradesh’s annual festivities. The campaign, featuring a film and a new song, beautifully encapsulates the spirit of the festival, highlighting the cultural importance of ‘Letting go off the old’ during the harvest season in the state.

Linen Club Sankranti campaign #LetGoForNew

Being the most widely celebrated event in Andhra Pradesh, the campaign eloquently spotlights the Bhogi spirit, an ancient custom signifying fresh starts in Sankranti. Post-harvest, farmers celebrate their payday with an annual shopping spree. Preceding this is the Bhogi ritual, where old belongings are ceremoniously discarded into the fire, creating space for new acquisitions. This marks the first-ever campaign of such magnitude by any textile fashion brand in the country. It is a comprehensive 360-degree initiative, activated across digital platforms, offline media, brand stores, and radio, inviting everyone to share what they resolve to ‘let go off’ for a new beginning.

Interpreting the Bhogi ritual not merely as a custom but as a valuable life lesson, Linen Club imparts the wisdom to evolve and embrace the new in life by letting go of the old. Seamlessly incorporating this idea into a thoughtful and heartwarming campaign, Linen Club’s slogan, “It’s only when you let go of the old that you can wear the new,” balances a progressive statement with rooted family values, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to aligning with customer sensibilities.

Complemented by the melodious festive song ‘Linen Club Sankranti Sambaralu,’ capturing the festival’s essence, making it relatable for audiences of all ages. A unique initiative by a fashion brand, it presents a local folk melody, joining customers in celebrating their most significant annual festival. The song is performed by popular award-winning singers Geetha Madhuri and Lolla Venkata Revanth Kumar Sharma.

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Further, the campaign vividly brings to life the festival’s authentic aesthetics and Linen Club’s expertise and range, showcasing a diverse array of fabrics and apparel. Helmed by Nirupam Paritala and Surya, the TVC instantly resonates, signifying celebration, prosperity, and new beginnings.

The film depicts a typical Sankranti morning with a family preparing for the Bhogi ritual. The grandfather instructs the grandson to discard an old item into the Bhogi fire, prompting the curious grandson to inquire about its significance. The grandfather explains the importance of letting go of the old to make space for the good. The child playfully questions if throwing his grandfather’s anger into the bonfire could bring back his aunt. Touched by his grandson’s wisdom, the grandfather decides to let go of the grudge and accepts his daughter and her husband.

This Sankranti campaign beautifully captures Linen Club’s passion, authenticity, and expertise in creating the finest linen fabrics and apparel, making way for the new while resonating with an evolving customer base.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Linen Club launches Sankranti campaign #LetGoForNew
Satyaki Ghosh

Expressing his excitement, Satyaki Ghosh, CEO, domestic textiles, Grasim Industries, Aditya Birla Group, said, Sankranti is all about letting go of past habits and adopting something new. Opting for natural fabrics like linen makes for an excellent choice as they are high on comfort, distinctiveness, and festive fervour while being sustainable. This festive season adopts purity of linen with purity of conscience.” 


Linen Club’s Sankranti campaign emerges as a groundbreaking celebration of tradition and rejuvenation, skillfully intertwining the cultural richness of the Bhogi ritual with a poignant life lesson — the importance of letting go of the old to embrace the new. As the first-of-its-kind initiative in the textile fashion industry, the 360-degree campaign spans diverse media platforms, inviting everyone to share their resolutions for a fresh start. The accompanying festive song, ‘Linen Club Sankranti Sambaralu,’ bridges generations, while the film, directed by Nirupam Paritala and Surya, vividly brings forth the festival’s authentic aesthetics and Linen Club’s expertise. Beyond linen, the campaign embodies the brand’s passion, authenticity, and commitment to evolving with its customers, making it a powerful ode to life, family, and the perpetual journey of renewal.

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