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Crompton Latest Campaign Redefines Interactivity with Light

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Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals unveils an innovative multimedia campaign for its newest Trio lights range. Set in familiar everyday environments, the spotlight shines on Trio Ceiling Lights, featuring captivating indirect lighting.

Crompton New Campaign

Campaign Announcement:

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals introduces a comprehensive multimedia campaign for its latest Trio lights range. Set in familiar settings, the campaign spotlights Trio Ceiling Lights, featuring captivating indirect lighting.

Technology Description:

This innovative indirect lighting technology eliminates glare on TV screens, creating the desired ‘Mood Jaisa Lighting Waisa’ ambiance. Crompton’s new TV commercial showcases how Trio lights enhance daily routines, especially impacting home lighting.

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Product Benefits:

Crompton’s Trio lights with ‘Theatre Mode’ offer indirect lighting, ensuring an immersive viewing experience without screen glare. Say goodbye to adjusting lights or battling glare while watching TV, as Trio lights create a cinematic atmosphere at home.

TVC Concept:

The TV commercial by Crompton, conceptualized by BBDO, follows the story of a cricket-loving couple whose game night is disrupted by harsh overhead light. Trio Lights transform their experience, offering three distinct modes tailored to different activities.

Modes Illustration:

The film transitions between warm Theatre Mode for cozy movie nights, sharp clarity of Work Mode for focused tasks, and vibrant energy of Party Mode for lively gatherings. Trio Lights adapt seamlessly, enhancing every moment and crafting cherished memories.

Beyond Illumination:

Crompton’s Trio Lights become an integral part of everyday experiences, enriching moments and turning ordinary situations into memorable ones. It’s not just about enhancing ambiance; it’s about elevating experiences and creating lasting memories with every switch.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Crompton Latest Campaign Redefines Interactivity with Light
Pragya Bijalwan

Speaking about the company’s latest campaign, Pragya Bijalwan, CMO, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals said, “In our latest campaign, we’re thrilled to introduce Crompton’s innovative Trio Lights, redefining the way consumers interact with lighting in their homes. Our aim with this campaign is to showcase that Crompton is not just a provider of lighting solutions, but a leader in revolutionising how people experience and interact with light in their homes.”

Hemant Shringy, chief creative officer, BBDO India adds, “Being the category leader, Crompton products are intuitively innovative. As consumers, we tend to live with or make peace with small irritants. But as a brand that puts its consumers first, Crompton constantly challenges the status quo. Why should you have to move the angle of the TV or give up on your favourite spot or make huge architectural adjustments to your room just because of the light that throws glare on the TV? Every innovation from Crompton is towards enhancing the user’s everyday experience.”

Crompton Latest Campaign Redefines Interactivity with Light
Hemant Shringy

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In conclusion, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals’ latest multimedia campaign for its Trio lights range marks a significant step in revolutionizing home lighting experiences. With innovative technology eliminating screen glare and offering tailored modes for various activities, Trio lights transcend mere illumination, enriching daily routines and creating memorable moments. Through relatable storytelling and versatile lighting options, Crompton’s campaign not only showcases the product’s features but also highlights its potential to enhance lifestyles and elevate the overall home entertainment experience.

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