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Dettol Unveils New Campaign Celebrating Indian Dreams

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Dettol, a trusted name in hygiene and wellness, has embarked on a new journey to celebrate the spirit of India’s success story. With a fresh campaign, Dettol aims to not only protect its consumers but also fuel their aspirations, allowing them to reach for the stars unhindered by the fear of germs.

Dettol Championing Hygiene, Empowering Dreams

For decades, Dettol has been synonymous with protection against germs, enabling individuals to pursue their dreams with confidence. Through its latest campaign, Dettol reinforces its commitment to supporting Indian consumers in their pursuit of success. By introducing the larger 100g Dettol Bar Soap (multi-pack), the brand emphasizes its dedication to promoting hygiene among all segments of society, thereby fostering an environment where dreams can thrive.

Dettol Campaign Celebrating Indian Dreams

The campaign, conceptualized by McCann Worldgroup, unfolds through three compelling ad films that offer a glimpse into the dreams of young, talented individuals. Through the lens of their mothers and teachers, we witness the unwavering belief in these aspiring astronauts, engineers, cricketers, and more. Dettol’s promise to protect from illness-causing germs serves as a beacon of support, allowing these dreams to flourish without the fear of setbacks due to health concerns.

Film 1:

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Film 2:

Film 3:

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A Commitment to Health and Wellness

Dettol spokesperson said, “For decades, Dettol has been championing the cause of providing protection to consumers from disease-causing germs across India. We constantly strive to address evolving consumer needs and provide efficient solutions that are backed by science, aligning with Reckitt’s mission to ensure health and hygiene as a fundamental right. With the new campaign and a larger 100g Dettol Bar Soap (multi-pack), we aim to reach a wider consumer base, encouraging them to pursue their dreams without the hindrance of illness causing germs by making germ protection more accessible. We remain committed to enabling consumers to place hygiene and cleanliness at the forefront for a brighter tomorrow.”

Prasoon Joshi Crafting Narratives of Hope and Aspiration

Commenting on the campaign, Prasoon Joshi, chairman McCann Worldgroup, Asia Pacific, CEO and CCO McCann Worldgroup, India said, “In crafting the campaign for Dettol, the team has delved deep into the heart of India’s progress story, where aspirations soar higher than ever. By weaving narratives of astronauts, cricketers, and engineers, the campaign illustrates how big dreams hinge on the fundamental need for protection. This campaign champions Dettol’s commitment to nurturing a healthier, dream-enabling nation.”


As Dettol unveils its latest campaign, it not only reaffirms its commitment to protecting consumers but also celebrates the indomitable spirit of India’s success story. By providing the assurance of germ protection, Dettol empowers individuals to dream big and chase their aspirations with vigor. In championing the cause of hygiene and wellness, Dettol continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing a healthier, more prosperous nation where every dream has the opportunity to take flight.

Campaign Credits

Agency Credits: McCann Worldgroup

Production house: Picture Perfect

Director:  Milind Dhaimade

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