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NIC Ice Creams Introduces ‘Gehri Dosti ke Gehre Flavours’

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In a country like India where ice cream is loved by many, NIC Ice Creams stands out with its rich and delicious flavors. However, despite the love for ice cream, consumption often remains impulsive rather than intentional. NIC aims to change this perception and become the top choice for dessert lovers across the country. Partnering with Sideways, they have launched an exciting new campaign called ‘Gehri Dosti ke Gehre Flavours’, featuring the popular Rashmika Mandana. This campaign emphasizes the joy of sharing NIC ice creams with close friends and loved ones.

NIC Ice Creams Campaign Concept:

The campaign revolves around the theme of true friendship, highlighting the importance of cherishing moments with dear friends. Rashmika Mandana rushes through a thank you speech to attend her friend’s birthday party, showcasing the urgency and excitement of spending time with loved ones. The real fun begins at the after-party, where she enjoys NIC ice creams with her closest friends. The message is clear: NIC ice creams are best enjoyed with those who share deep bonds of friendship.

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Multi-Language Approach:

Recognizing India’s diverse cultural landscape, the campaign is launched in five languages – Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. This ensures that people from various regions can connect with the message of friendship and indulgence in NIC ice creams.

Jeetendra Bhandari’s Vision on NIC Campaign:

Jeetendra Bhandari founder NIC said, “Crafting communication that strikes a flavour just as deep, honest and memorable like NIC Ice Creams, was the primary goal of this campaign. Team Sideways, skillfully brought this concept to life. Indulge in the rich flavors of deep friendships! It’s time to enjoy a tub of NIC with those with whom you share this bond.”

Abhijit Awasthi’s views:

Abhijit Awasthi founder Sideways said, “Nic makes the most awesome ice creams in the country, by far. The flavors are deep and are made with a sense of honesty. We wanted to bring this aspect alive in an endearing manner.

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NIC Ice Creams:

A Redefinition of Ice Cream Experience NIC Ice Creams is not just about taste; it’s about redefining the entire ice cream experience for Indian consumers. With a presence in over 120 cities, NIC aims to reach out to ice cream lovers across the nation. They pride themselves on offering flavors made from nature-sourced ingredients without adding any preservatives. Moreover, NIC is adapting to new-age consumption patterns by being available on various platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, and Blinkit, as well as at airports, corporate campuses, and large supermarkets.


As NIC Ice Creams continues to spread joy and delight across India, the ‘Gehri Dosti ke Gehre Flavours’ campaign serves as a reminder to cherish moments with close friends and loved ones over a tub of delicious NIC ice cream. With its deep flavors and commitment to quality, NIC aims to become not just a dessert but a symbol of shared happiness and lasting friendships. So, grab a tub of NIC ice cream, and indulge in the richness of true friendship!

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