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Dolby’s latest campaign is a ticket to a life-like experience.

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Dolby ke naye ad ke baare mein “suna kya”? (Have you heard about the new ad for Dolby). Dolby has come up with an innovative campaign to showcase their life-like experience with the catchy line “Suna Kya?” (Have you heard). The campaign revolves around the magic of Dolby and how it transports you to another world, with its life-like audio where you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action

Created and conceptualized by Tonic Worldwide, the film highlights that if you haven’t watched it or listened to it in Dolby, you’re missing out on a whole world of fun and dynamic experiences.

The campaign focuses on real-life families and how they can use Dolby for the greatest experience of audio like never before. From TV shows on-the-go, to mobile gaming, streaming music, or movie nights in the living room – Dolby brings it all to life with a “wow” factor you won’t want to miss.

Sameer Seth, director of marketing, at Dolby said, “The campaign is inspired by this colloquial reference we often make to a big revelation. For example, you are discussing something with your friend and there is something big you could reveal, and you say, “Aye tune suna kya, dekha kya”, so that’s the core creative idea we have taken.

“As strategic partners, together we aim to provide the most spectacular experiences to our consumers and prove that when two-like minded brands come together, they can create magic,” Sharma added.

Tao Zhang, chief marketing officer, of Realme, said, “Consumers today are aware of their needs. They desire better experiences that not only cater to their five senses but also transport them to the moments they are watching on the screen or hearing on their on-the-go devices. “We are delighted that we share the same vision as Dolby to give an immersive experience to our consumers on real devices with Dolby technology. We congratulate Dolby on the Suna Kya Dekha Kya campaign and wish many more successful years to one of our most trusted partners,”.

This campaign has road down to social media, online and offline marketing. Dolby’s official Instagram page kept a trail of suspense of release this campaign for 4 days by posting mysterious clips from the ad films. This marketing strategy knotted the audience in a thread of excitement and suspense.

“The ‘Dolby Main Suna Aur Dekha Kya’ campaign is a co-marketing powerhouse, where like-minded brands join forces to create value and build brand recognition. This strategic partnership allows for a wider reach, higher engagement, and increased brand awareness. By leveraging each other’s strengths, the partners can amplify their message and bring their collective might to the forefront, making co-marketing a delightful tool for marketers everywhere.”

Through this campaign, the brand claim that users can unleash their senses and dive into a world of pure entertainment with Dolby, where seeing and hearing is just the tip of the iceberg. With Dolby, they unfold the magic of life like an audio journey. This campaign runs with the motive #BuyInDolby.

Campaign Credits

Director – Shaizaad Bharucha

Cinematographer- Varun Sud

Editor – Yaser Abbas

VFX – Sajeel Shukla

Music Director – Shivam Sengupta and Anuj Danait

Production Designer- Diya Mukerjea

Production House – Pippip Media

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