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Domino’s introduces their new look with a fun Campaign

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Domino’s India reveals an energetic new look alongside its innovative brand initiative, ‘It Happens Only with Pizza’ (IHOP). Skillfully connecting with India’s vibrant youth, Domino’s recognizes that amid life’s various moments—be it challenges or celebrations—a delightful meal elevates the mood universally across the diverse tapestry of Indian cultures.

Domino’s New Look with ‘It Happens Only with Pizza’ campaign

Domino’s India has introduced a vibrant new look with the ‘It Happens Only with Pizza’ (IHOP) campaign, strategically connecting with the pulse of India’s youth. Across diverse Indian cultures, young people universally acknowledge the mood elevation that comes with enjoying a good meal amidst life’s tensions or celebrations.

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Imagine if that meal happens to be a slice of delicious pizza? This insight has inspired Domino’s relaunch, embodying a fresh, youthful persona that aligns with the trends and insights of today’s generation.

At the core of this revitalization is the IHOP campaign, designed to inject Domino’s with an energetic and dynamic flair, particularly appealing to Gen Z and young millennials. It serves as a pivotal element of Domino’s “Brand Relaunch” initiative, encompassing a redesigned packaging and a comprehensive brand overhaul.

The goal is clear: to position Domino’s as the ultimate choice for creating memorable experiences and fostering connections, all centered around the shared love for pizza. Consumers can be reassured that the Domino’s Pizza they know and love remains unchanged – the same magical recipe, now wrapped in a more vibrant and youthful presentation.

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In a groundbreaking move for the QSR industry, Domino’s has unveiled 3D anamorphic billboards in Delhi. These visual spectacles showcase larger-than-life representations of key IHOP moments, mirroring the new packaging design to enhance brand recognition.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Domino's introduces their new look with a fun Campaign
Sameer Khetarpal

Sameer Khetarpal, MD & CEO of Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, said“While Domino’s is a leader in pizza category, through ‘It Happens Only with Pizza’, we intend to target consumers’ mindshare to gain and grow share of pizza occasions. Out of 1000 meal occasions in a year, pizza is consumed only thrice. A 360-degree communication, including stores and delivery boxes, brings the experience in an integrated manner, allowing Domino’s to gain share of occasions in a $51 billion foodservice market, where pizza is just $1 billion.”


In conclusion, Domino’s India’s bold step in unveiling its vibrant new look through the ‘It Happens Only with Pizza’ campaign marks a dynamic shift that resonates with the ever-changing preferences of today’s youth. This strategic initiative not only captures the essence of shared moments and celebrations but also positions Domino’s as the go-to choice for creating unforgettable experiences. The brand’s commitment to maintaining the beloved pizza recipe, now presented in a more youthful packaging, ensures a seamless transition for loyal customers. With the innovative introduction of 3D anamorphic billboards in Delhi, Domino’s solidifies its commitment to visual excellence and brand recognition, paving the way for an exciting chapter in the QSR industry.

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