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Exide’s New campaign calls every day “Sunday”.

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“Sunday is the Lord’s Day”

This quotation is well suited to Exide’s New campaign where they have shown Sunday as the king of all days, in the week and want us all to celebrate every day like Sunday.

Exide and Wunderman Thompson Kolkata have come up with a new campaign to introduce their latest offering “Exide Sunday” from Exide Industries. The motive of this campaign is to show how easily one can switch to sustainable living by the easy installation of solar panels on your rooftop with Exide Industries and make every day as stress-free as a Blissful Sunday.

The whole campaign was designed on the stage of Sunday’s mood, which is chill, lazy, relaxed, and stress-free. They came up with 4 ads and each of them is satirically set on real-life situations.

The first ad film shows how a family is making their every day a “Sunday” by switching to Exide and enjoying every day as relaxed and free as a Sunday. Whereas the other 3 films show how people have been naming every day as Sunday and having a relaxed and chill mood throughout the weekly schedule. They use relatable scenarios like electricity bills, work from home, school, and office.

With the creative minds of Arjun Mukherjee, Diptanshu Roy, Anurag Acharya, Sourish Mitra, and Saumendu Mahata this ad was created on the platform of humor and sarcasm. The fourth film depicts the whole procedure of how you can get solar panels installed through Exide in a very comical and catchy way, where they are using the consumer’s favorite term “aaram se” (unhurried).

The film is set in a relatable and light-heart context, with an emphasis on the audio track to add to the comedic tone. The film highlights the different stages of adopting solar energy and emphasizes how easy the process can be. The campaign will be primarily focused on digital platforms, with additional on-ground events and executions to further promote the message.

Vijay Jacob, SVP and Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson Kolkata commented “We at WT Kolkata are thrilled to partner with Exide Industries to launch Exide Sunday. We are sure that this memorable campaign will be a wonderful launch pad for Exide Sunday”.

Arjun Mukherjee, VP, and Senior ECD, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, added further “When a solar solution provider has an interesting name like ‘Exide Sunday’, we made sure to play up the branding with a series of fun, easy films that drive in the ‘every day becomes a Sunday’ feeling along with the promise of a hassle-free experience. The idea was to make the branding stick and the concept sticks out.”

Here are all the films Wunderman Thompson Kolkata came up with:-

1. Aaram se film

2. Work from Home Film

3. School Film

4. Office Film

People Involved

Agency: Wunderman Thompson (Vijay P. Jacob, Sr. VP & Managing Partner)


  1. Arjun Mukherjee: Vice President & Senior Executive Creative Director
  2. Diptanshu Roy: Senior Creative Director
  3. Anurag Acharya: Creative Director Sourish Mitra: Creative Director
  4. Saumendu Mahata: Creative Supervisor

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