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Feel active, and look good with Nestlé RESOURCE ACTIV new campaign

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Nestle Health Science introduces a campaign spotlighting their latest offering, Resource Activ – a versatile, high-protein beverage designed to cater to various needs. The initiative draws inspiration from everyday experiences of millennials, urging them to prioritize their nutritional requirements for maintaining an active “real age.”

Nestlé RESOURCE ACTIV new campaign

Campaign Launch:

Nestle Health Science unveils its latest initiative promoting Resource Activ, a newly launched multi-benefit, high-protein drink. This campaign taps into relatable moments from millennials’ daily lives, urging them to prioritize their nutritional requirements to maintain an active “real age.”

Creative Approach:

Crafted by Ogilvy India, the campaign features two commercials infused with humor. Resource Activ, boasting its innovative ‘New Edge Formula,’ offers high-quality proteins for muscle health, fortified calcium and vitamin D for bone strength, and hyaluronate for skin vitality, catering to various nutritional needs of individuals over 30.

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Distribution Strategy:

The video campaign will be disseminated across prominent social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, along with select OTT platforms, ensuring widespread reach among the target audience.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Mansi Khanna

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Mansi Khanna, director, Nestle Health Science India said, “Various research suggest that after 30 years of age, an individual’s muscle mass and bone density begins to reduce. Our new campaign for Resource Activ seeks to communicate this situation and highlights that with the New Edge formula, one can keep their real age active!”

Talking about the treatment, Sujoy Roy, senior executive creative director, Ogilvy, said, “We often ignore the warning signs our bodies give us after a certain age. The creative idea was to hold a mirror and show what could happen if one didn’t take care of their health right now. The product comes in as a welcome suggestion that will support one’s body in staying active. Something that helps put a stop to the debate of biological age versus chronological age.”

Sujoy Roy

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In conclusion, Nestle Health Science’s campaign for Resource Activ embodies a holistic approach to wellness, resonating with millennials by addressing their nutritional needs in a humorous and relatable manner. With its focus on maintaining an active “real age,” this initiative not only promotes a high-protein beverage but also emphasizes the importance of overall health and well-being. Through strategic distribution across various digital platforms, Nestle Health Science aims to empower individuals to take charge of their health and embrace a lifestyle that supports their vitality and longevity.

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