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Converse collaborated with rappers for their “Connect with the Unexpected” campaign

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Converse India, a subsidiary of NIKE, unveils its “Connect with the Unexpected” campaign, igniting creativity nationwide. It seeks to build a grassroots network of emerging creatives, paying homage to India’s diverse music scene and embracing culture and self-expression.

Converse new campaign “Connect with the Unexpected”

Campaign Launch:

Converse India, a subsidiary of NIKE, debuts “Connect with the Unexpected,” sparking creativity nationwide. It aims to cultivate a grassroots network of emerging creatives, paying homage to India’s diverse music scene and embracing culture and self-expression.

Music Fusion:

At the heart of this initiative lies a fusion of varied music genres: Hindustani Classical, Multilingual Rap, Funk, R&B, Jazz, Blues, along with touches of Pop, Beatboxing, Desi Hip Hop, and Indie. This blend of sounds creates a unique musical tapestry, birthing unexpected and entirely original compositions.

Emerging Artists:

Diving into the depths of India’s musical landscape, the campaign calls upon creators who epitomize raw, unfiltered artistry. These emerging talents, brimming with potential, collaborate to craft four original tracks, each carrying personal narratives of resilience and fearlessness.

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Boundless Creativity:

The campaign’s message resounds: creativity knows no bounds. Welcoming artists from diverse backgrounds, reflective of Converse’s ethos of free-spirited expression and uninhibited ambition, the brand propels emerging talent onto the global stage, introducing their music to audiences worldwide.

Brand Vision:

With a finger on the pulse of cultural trends, Converse highlights its commitment to uncovering untapped potential and staying connected to the zeitgeist. Through “Connect with the Unexpected,” the brand champions innovation and originality, amplifying the voices of emerging artists and celebrating the power of collaboration.

Ad Films

Karun X Nanku

Pho X Bagi Munda

The Siege X Aksomaniac

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In essence, Converse India’ “Connect with the Unexpected” campaign represents far more than a mere musical endeavor; it’s a testament to the transformative power of creativity and collaboration. By embracing a diverse array of musical genres and championing emerging artists, Converse not only celebrates the rich tapestry of Indian culture but also reaffirms its commitment to fostering innovation and self-expression. As these fresh voices resonate with audiences worldwide, Converse continues to pave the way for untold stories, unexpected connections, and limitless artistic possibilities.

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