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Flipkart Launches Star-Studded Campaign to Retain Top Spot

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Flipkart, the homegrown e-commerce marketplace, has launched an exciting new campaign that underscores its position as India’s leading shopping destination. This campaign, characterized by its star-studded cast, features a series of four humorous and nostalgic films that bring Flipkart’s most valued traits to life. With beloved entertainment icons delivering memorable dialogues, the campaign is designed to remind audiences why Flipkart is the go-to choice for millions of Indian shoppers.

Flipkart Campaign: A Trip Down Memory Lane with Beloved Icons

The campaign features a series of four short films that bring Flipkart’s most valued strengths to life in a humorous way. The films star popular celebrities like Shehnaaz Gill, Boman Irani (known for his character Virus), Rupali Ganguly, and Ratna Pathak Shah (famous for their characters Monisha and Maya), along with Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman.

Bringing Flipkart’s Promises to Life

Great Value & Trendy Selection:

Shehnaaz Gill uses her popular dialogue “Twada style, mera style, Flipkart!” to remind viewers about Flipkart’s commitment to trendy selections and great value from popular brands.

Speedy Deliveries:

Boman Irani reprises his iconic Virus character to assure customers that “all is well” with Flipkart’s fast delivery services.

Unbeatable Deals & Grocery Shopping: Rupali Ganguly and Ratna Pathak Shah bring their characters Monisha and Maya to life in a hilarious shopping spree that highlights Flipkart Grocery’s unbeatable deals and quick deliveries.

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Top-Notch Customer Service: Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman play the role of “Customer is God” officers, emphasizing Flipkart’s dedication to prioritizing customer needs and ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

Flipkart’s Commitment to Customer Delight

Pratik Shetty, Senior Director – Marketing and Media at Flipkart, speaks about the new campaign: “Our latest campaign reaffirms Flipkart’s commitment to customer delight by offering great value on original brands, exceptional savings on monthly grocery, same-day delivery through our ‘Dawn to Dusk store’ and our promise of being the single point of contact for a speedy resolution for all consumer concerns. This promise is reinforced with beloved characters like Virus, Maya, and Monisha, alongside celebrities such as Shehnaaz Gill, Raghu, and Rajiv, who join us as Flipkart officers for each of these promises.”

Creative Process and Execution

Sachin Kamble, Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett India, shares insights into the creative process: “We thoroughly enjoyed bringing together some of the most iconic audience-favorite characters and the creative process of bringing their signature dialogues into play with real characters resulting in a series of humorous yet very reliable brand promises for Flipkart. We have woven a series of 4 films with quirky characters and each film reiterates an important attribute about Flipkart while keeping it fun and humorous.”


Flipkart’s new campaign, with its blend of humor, nostalgia, and star power, successfully highlights the brand’s key attributes: trendy selections, unbeatable deals, quick delivery, and exceptional customer service. Through this innovative approach, Flipkart continues to solidify its status as India’s top shopping destination, bringing joy and value to millions of customers across the country.

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