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Lifree launches new ad with new brand ambassador Rupali Ganguly

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Lifree, a Japanese adult diaper brand, enlisted television star Rupali Ganguly as its ambassador. The choice reflects her character Anupamaa’s deep resonance with viewers, aligning well with Lifree’s commitment to empathetically addressing health concerns. This collaboration seeks to enhance consumer trust and connection by leveraging relatability.

Lifree new ad film with brand ambassador Rupali Ganguli

Collaboration Announcement

Lifree, a Japanese adult diaper brand, has appointed television actress Rupali Ganguly as its brand ambassador. This partnership was inspired by the significant impact of her character, Anupamaa, on audiences, making her a fitting representative for a brand dedicated to addressing sensitive health issues with empathy and understanding. Through this alliance, Lifree aims to enhance relatability and trust among consumers.

Campaign Launch

The brand also introduced its new DVC campaign, “Leakage ka no dar, jiyo khul kar,” designed to raise awareness about adult incontinence and the benefits of using adult diapers. In the video, Rupali Ganguly shares a personal story about her mother’s struggles with urinary incontinence.

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Product Benefits

The video highlights how Lifree Adult Diapers, with their 12-hour absorption capacity, helped her mother regain her confidence, enabling her to live independently. The product empowers older adults to enjoy life to the fullest, utilizing advanced technology to create a powerful absorption core that can hold up to six glasses of liquid. It serves as a reliable partner, providing comfort, confidence, and renewed vitality.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Rupali Ganguly,

Rupali Ganguly, said, “Brands like Lifree are trying to solve a problem that needs to be more widely discussed, and this made me join the initiative and spread awareness. This DVC communicates that battles of old age are not fought alone. I want my audience to know that they have partners who will support them while dealing with such medical conditions. And with Lifree, older adults can now live a life full of confidence and independence.”

Speaking about their commitment to providing effective solutions, Yuji Ikeda, the MD at Lifree, said, “As a brand, our primary objective has always been providing an ease of life to the adults with urinary incontinence. Lifree Adult Diapers are designed to offer unparalleled protection that ensures our consumers can go about their daily activities, hence fostering a sense of empowerment. We are delighted to join hands with Rupali Ganguly and spread awareness of sensitive health-related concerns with dignity.”

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In conclusion, Lifree’s collaboration with Rupali Ganguly as their brand ambassador and the launch of the “Leakage ka no dar, jiyo khul kar” campaign underscore the brand’s commitment to addressing adult incontinence with empathy and advanced technology. By sharing personal stories and showcasing the benefits of their products, Lifree aims to build trust and relatability among consumers, empowering older adults to live confidently and independently.

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